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So this week I took the time and the opportunity to take the family and visit AgQuip 2018.  After a 5hr drive there and back, there are many things to discuss both relating to Farming Simulator and not.

The Parched and Sunburnt Country

It must be said the Farmers in Australia are going through a monstrous period, endless drought and Farms going to the wall, and unfortunately to the point of many Farmers not being able to take it any longer.

sunburnt08.png?w=150&h=113 sunburnt06.png?w=150&h=113 sunburnt03.png?w=150&h=113 sunburnt05.png?w=150&h=113
Many of our Farmers are at the point where they are selling (or shooting) their breeding stocks, some of which they have been breeding and dealing with for many generations.

Finally the country (moreover the media and some politicians) are starting to move and assist many that have been working hard to try and sustain our farmers and their stocks.

What is AGQuip?

So glad you asked, continue reading for the first blog on this great event….


So Tuesday afternoon saw us pack the car after school/work and we drove North from Sydney the township of Muswelbrook towards our destination which was 5 hrs drive away.  This was effectively the half way point (and closest place to our destination where we could get accommodation!) leaving us with around 2 hrs to drive to our eventual destination, Gunnedah, and the AgQuip grounds.


After an early awakening, we proceeded the last 2 hrs to Gunnedah, mind you the traffic coming into Gunnedah was horrendous, I think Sydney peak hour moved – although you could tell it was a very different crowd.. most of them even very courteous!

We arrive at the grounds, and to say the place is huge is an understatement. It is actually hard to believe that the entire area in use is explicitly for AgQuip, an event that happens only annually, and for 3 days at that!

As we wandered into the entrance and Gate 1, we were meet with not the big brand overseas equipment I had expected, but some great Australian Brands with their equipment purpose built to deal with Australia’s harsh unforgiving climate and soil.

midwest_02.png?w=150&h=113 midwest01.png?w=150&h=113

Midwest was not a brand unfamiliar to me, through Farming Simulator 17 I have been using a Midwest Combine Header for quite some time, and with the header trailer enjoyed using this great piece of Australian Engineering. Midwest make a number of headers, with the Durus as pictured having a width of 11.2m through 15m (36ft through 50ft), whilst its Premium is available up to 18m (60ft)

Midwest also produce the Quantum a cutting unit that can be attached to a Combine, Windrow Harvester or a front linkage equipped tractor. This enables the farmer to harvest and windrow crops like canola, grass and cereal crops – when mounted on a front linkage tractor to swath, condition, bale and load with the same tractor. Would be a great addition to the FS17/FS19 stable…. any modders interested should check out Midwests website for more information.

We then found our way to Ajust-A-Bar – another Australian company, but instead of my rattling, lets take a look at what they say from their website:

Ajust-a-bar® is a secondary tillage implement designed to help the innovative farmer tailor make their cultivation and stubble management to suit their farm. This adjustable disc chain alternative allows for depth, angle and pressure to be altered – optimising the results achievable from the tractor seat and opening up options for different soil types across a farming enterprise. 

Ajust-a-bar®, is  used in agriculture to as an alternative to disc chains and stubble cutters.  It is used for secondary tillage and presents an innovative new look at cultivation technology.

Ajust-a-bar® opens and closes in a different fashion to conventional tillage equipment, this is what sets it apart (see our video gallery for how it opens). This adjustable nature allows alteration of the aggression, this giving full control to the operator for the level of cultivation. This control can assist with erosion and soil management which are critical in Australia’s arid climate and marginal farming areas.

Using an Ajust-a-bar® light stubble in one paddock can be chopped one way and the heavy stubble just through the gate can be cut differently all with the same machine. Ajust-a-bar® can cut as deep as 75mm (3”) or can be set to just skim the surface, effectively just tickling the soil or incorporating chemicals.

Now this seemed very interesting, and even more interesting to the young ones… I mean it was Big and Yellow… my were they in for a shock later!  Anyways, in getting back home I looked up the company and their product, and it seems very interesting – although I am no farmer!

output_7nxnze.gif?w=150&h=113 adjust-a-bar.png?w=150&h=113

The next Australian Company and product we came across was AgrowPlow and Davimac. AgroPlow who make plows and seed drills were bought out by Davimac in 2013. Agrowplow has been in operation since 1977, and Davimac with its Chaser Bins, or Overloaders) has been in operation since 1982, starting, like many Australian rural businesses, out in an old shed on a farm west of Molong in NSW.

davimac02.png?w=150&h=113 davimac01.png?w=150&h=113 davimac03.png?w=150&h=113 davimac04.png?w=150&h=112

Well that’s it for our first little (hmm little?) Blog on our day at AgQuip 2018.

Come back and join us for more in the series where we will get more than the first 50 metres into the event, and see some more great equipment including Farming Simulator favourites Claas, Massey Ferguson, Fendt, New Holland, Amazone, and perhaps a John Deere or two along with many many more.

Note: I am under no commercial arrangement for any items in this blog. All copyright and trademarks are attributed to their owners and are not intended to be infringed in anyway.

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