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Un petit coin de campagne

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Un petit coin de campagne

I like this map so much, that I try to removed all the errors and not good functionalities and I done also some improvements:

- remove error that comes with sliding belts

- add more sliding belts and more space on them

- add option to have  water from lakes and river for free

- change some textures

- change one meadow to place for "placeables"

- move and adjust some objects

- correction of some trigger points, to work more smoothly

- adjust fields size number to be more corresponding to field size on the map, the size number that calculates course-play and also that I calculate from yield

- change some production resources required for some production, for farmer to have a reason to seed also some other crops

- add option to store compost in farm silo to use it latter as fertilizer


Recommended mods:

- you really need drive control!

- Kotte Universal Pack

- Seasons

- tablet mod with Fabric Extension

- Game Extension

- Chopped Straw


Package contains some other mods, that I consider useful for this map.

Tip: Start cherish rabbit and goose as a nice source of money and buy small field near field 12 to extend that field.

More photos in my album Farming.

Please let me know, if you like it or not. Thanks.


v 2.0.1 - find one error at goose farm, when you put them maze, from this version, its ok


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  • Credits

    Map author: Arsenic Modding (version 1.2.3)

    Map post edit: the.geremy (version 2.0.1)

  • Mod Author

    Arsenic Modding

  • Features

    - terrain response and nice variable terrain on some fields to enjoy it

    - mud on some roads and fields

    - various production chains with sliding belts suitable for single player

    - seasons

    - relatively small fields suitable for single player (one player can handle all fields in season without spending hours to play)

    - nice textures

    - free water from lakes and river

    - additional fruit types

    - gold nuggets

  • PC-SG Tested?


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Thanks for sharing this map. I am downloading tonight and am looking forward to having a look.

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I will add I'm also enjoying it plus getting a little more exposure for the map.

link to the last episode to go live


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We have had a problem with some mods getting auto deleted so if @the.geremy can re upload you will be able to download the map.

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