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Wheel and Pedals

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Since day one of the release of FS 19 i have not been able to play as my wheel which worked perfectly fine in 17 is to stiff to turn finally got it fixed had to turn down oy gain ettings in thrust master control panel.

Now to the pedals have not gotten them to work at all. Yhe game recognizes them in the controler menu gut when i go to hap them in the game it will not recognize any of the axis I use a thrustmaster t500 RS wheel and Fanatec Club Sort Elite pedals,

Right now i am stuck playing 17.

I am sure if one of Giants designers bought a new BMW and he could not steer or brake and accelerate he woild be a little upset.

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Sorry to hear you are having issues with your wheel and pedal setup.  I wish I could offer help, I have the T300 wheel and pedal set myself, but I haven't even tried to get them going yet.  Please report back if you find a solution as I could use it as well.  If I come across a solution I will post it here.

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As i said in the above i needed to set my FFB gain settings to zero in the thrustmaster control panel that got my wheel woorking but have not been able to map the pedals yet.

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