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    If I may add my tuppence worth in here. BulletBill can be extremely helpful to others and his own maps are always incredibly well "fleshed out" and full of character but I have once or twice seen a different side of him when he is talking on forums etc. As much as I hate to put anyone else down, I can to a certain extent agree with @Tim Carter. I don't think it's fair to go into detail as the man has no way to defend himself but lets say none of us are perfect and we can all have our off days. Whatever our personal feelings are about him he does put a huge amount of effort into his contributions to FS and for that we should all be grateful. John.
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    So, as many of you know I've been working on a little side project. This is my first attempt at creating a map of my own since my not so successful map I made in FS15. I've learned a lot of new skills since then though and with @Toranion's push and a little help setting me up I'm off and rolling. The map is based of the location that I grew up in which has given me an added incentive to really get it right. Although the map still has a lot of work to do I figured it's at the point now where I can showcase a few areas. Enjoy the screen shots ....Yes, We Have Stop Signs.
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    I would just like to point out, and remind everyone, that this is no attack on Tim and his views, just a CIVIL discourse on the interpretation of the quote of BB's, and further discussion around this. Tim, like all of us is entitled to his view and stand, and we should all respect everyone for that. Please ensure it does not develop into something we dont want nor like to see at PC-SG.
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    Rats. Figuratively and literally. Went to do a routine inspection of my grain storage pit and withdrew in horror. Evidently the sump pump long gave up the ghost, and there was about 3 feet of black, smelly water down there. The grain dregs provided a lovely spawning place for the ugliest mold you've ever seen, and the local rats found it absolutely yummy. I counted 5 of the little buggers in my brief inspection. Basically, the entire grain collection system is a total loss. i didn't even attempt to go upstairs to inspect the storage partitions. Why bother. So, may I introduce to you, in the photo below, my 30,000 Euro expenditure for a lovely grain bin. It holds 200K, but of only one type of grain. Kind of wished I inspected it before I went out and planted three different crops. I'm going to either have to sell them as I harvest or dump them in the shed and manually load them out before winter hits. Might be cheaper to purchase two more bins instead of grabbing a telehandler...at least I can share the augers between them. Speaking of....the augers are a special order, and the nice chap at the shop (Paddy...at least his name isn't Ian) promised to have them to me before harvest time. Farming i$ lot$ of laugh$. At least I'm all seeded up. Germination has occurred in two of the fields, so I must be doing something right. Just hit everything with round 2 of fertilization. Going to hit the store and grab a weeder soon. I'm up to 15 sheep--a neighbor had a small population explosion and sold me a few really cheap. Not baaaaaad. Sorry. I now have plenty of hay, so the first field that I cut I turned over with the plow and will be planting grass. Ian the father tells me that I might get a really good cut out of it this autumn, as the existing hay fields are kind of worn out. I think I'm going to try to shoot for 50 sheep by summertime, as I will have more than enough hay to get them through the winter. Cows will happen next year if I manage to get good prices for harvest. Then again, I can always borrow from the bank--Ian says I'm not a real farmer until I have debt service up to my chin.
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    Oh, now you are just being too kind. OK....episode #10 will be 30 minutes of power washing all my equipment. Just kidding. Or am I?
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    Giant's field definition system certainly does leave a lot to be desired. Each field definition is made up of three points and lead to the creation of a parallelogram which means that a single set of definitions is only suitable for creating square or rectangular fields. You can approximate irregularly shaped fields by using multiple sets of field definitions on a field to create fields that are not perfect rectangle but Giants recommends not using more than 5 sets on a field some what limiting your ability to get creative fields 1 and 3 on Nagce Valley are each use 5 sets of definitions and while they are not perfect rectangles they are nowhere near as diverse as those on OS or CH. If complex field shapes are part of the author's vision than abandoning field definition and thereby abandoning the mission system is a sound option
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    Let your work stand on as it may. If you read the comments on the forum they make reference to these maps being " ugly." I always told young interns that the best way to not have your work criticized was to let your work stand on merits. By making remarks referencing others work degrades your own. As you all as said, just the opinion of an old man. Thanks for your time.
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    BB helped me out several times while I was building Nagce Valley and his maps served as models for the level of detail I was trying to reach with my map though admittedly I didn't get quite there. My experience with BB has been more on FSUK than the Giants forums in my experience time and again he's answering questions, sharing his experience, giving back to the mod community in a positive way. I didn't take his quote as a slight, merely an expression of opinion, one which I happen to agree with.
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    Day 1 of Late Summer I couldn’t make myself sleep late so I decided to make breakfast for my bride and serve her in bed, she appreciated it and it was nice to sit around and talk for a bit in the morning. I went the extra step and cleaned up once I was done. Off to the shop for coffee and chit-chat. When I arrived, I was pleased to see that my field service trailer has arrived… it’s green and yellow. While I was looking at it the boy appeared from, somewhere. He told me we would be using this today that I should meet him at the grass equipment shed when I was finished with my coffee. He said a lot more words, but I think that’s what he meant. When I arrived with the trailer in tow, the boy had all the equipment pulled out ready for service. I noticed that he put the wheel weights back on the Massey, I’m sure he didn’t see me trying to drive that monster around after he left last night. I’m glad he made the switch, I told him as much but remarked that it fit through the gates much better. He had a grin on his face that told me he knew better than that. We spent the late morning and early afternoon prepping the equipment and he informed me of the plan. He told me after the rain stopped to feed the animals and get some rest, that we would be mowing in the very early morning. Um, it didn’t look like rain to me. He told me we would make silage bales early in the day and once the sun dried out the rest of the grass we would turn it, let dry and then bail it. He hoped to get everything put up by evening, but it was going to be a nice sunny couple of days so he wasn’t too worried. It started to rain. The rain wasn’t too bad and I did as he said, the girls and the pigs were well fed and watered when I headed home for some rest.
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    I will, get this where to post stuff down...one of these days....don't laugh....you will be old one of these days...lol....here is the new intro video for PCSG
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    Version 1.0.0


    Purpose: The purpose of this document is to help the farmer playing seasons to predict how much food to have on hand before diving into animal ownership. Unlike the base game where you can buy animals and never feed them with Seasons if you do not keep your animals feed they will die off. To be good stewards to our virtual animals we should not purchase them until we can care for them. This document will help you plan out the optimal number of animals you can care for based on the amount of crops you have growing or the amount of crop you have in storage. General directions: Reference your season length with the Season day factor table and enter the correct day factor in A3 on any or all of the animal tabs. Then enter on B3 on any or all the tabs the number of animals you wish to reference the feed requirements for. For the cows enter the powerfood/TMR mixing ratio that you use as a decimal value. Note there will be some margin of error on the numbers based upon rounding calculations. Using the data: There are four main sections of data on each tab that may interest you. The first is the amount of materials needed every 3 days to feed your animals. This table breaks down the amount of material that the troughs will accept over a 3 day feeding for a given season based on the season length day factor and the number of animals. For any animal that accepts grass it does not reflect grass during winter as feeding grass is disabled during the winter season. The next section is the total amount of material you will need over the course of each of the four seasons as well as a total for a full game year for the given season length and number of animals. The third section of interest is the approximate amount in hecatres that you should plant of a given crop to sustain a given number of animals over a game year. This calculation is assuming the field is plowed and fertilized three times. The last section is an estimation on the number of bales you will need to feed the select number of animals over a game year. The bale counts are estimates assuming standard in game bale capacity of 4000L. Animal specific information: Cows For cows it assumes that if you feed TMR/Power food you do NOT feed hay/silage independent of the TMR feeding. If you do not feed power food/TMR then the silage/hay column will reflect how much to get that column to 100% every 3 days. There is a power food breakdown that will calculate the amounts of the various power food components that will be needed to prepare the total amount needed every 3 days to fill both the power food and hay/silage columns to 100%. Pigs The table that reflects the estimated crop size that is needed to support a given number of pigs over the course of a game year has all of the potential feed components listed. You may select which cereal, protein and root crop to grow based on these calculations. You do not need to grow both wheat and barley for example you can select one or the other or a combination of the two. Crop yield data was taken from the following document http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=805367551
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    With seasons we all know animals die if you don't keep them fed. For that reason I try to wait until I know I can feed them before I get them. But that leads to the question at what point will I be able to care for a particular number of animals given a particular season duration. You also may not know that with Seasons animals consume a fixed amount over a given season regardless of the day length that you select. This is done to balance out play so someone playing a short season length does not have an advantage over someone running long seasons from the standpoint of the amount of food the animals eat. In fact IMO its quite the opposite. Since the amount the animals eat is fixed over a given season someone playing 3 day seasons for example must feed their animals a full seasons worth of food every 3 days making it very hard to keep up with the food demands for a large heard. Someone playing 24 day seasons would have to feed just 1/8th of the total amount for a given season every 3 days making it far easier to have a larger number of animals for two reasons. One your not feeding huge amounts every 3 days and second you have so much time to produce the food to begin with. To that end i have been working on an excel document that will show you how much food and straw a particular number of animals needs for a particular season length. In the seasons data files they define how much food a single cow, sheep or pig will consume over the course of the given season in a per day value. This per day value is based on a 6 day season so we take the amount the pig will eat per day and multiply by 6 to get the amount they need for an entire season. Since this value is fixed regardless of season length we now have to break down the various components of corn, cereals, protein and root crops. This will now tell you the total amount of food you need on hand to feed X pigs for the entire spring, summer, autumn and winter seasons or you could see the total column for the amount of each you need for an entire year. NOTE: this file does not take into account reproduction at this point. There is another section that then breaks down the total per season amount into what you need every 3 days to maintain the animals. This value simply takes the total season value and divides it by the number of 3 day intervals for your given season length. This is where the day factor comes in. Using the document is very easy as you only need to enter 2 values for sheep and pigs and cows you can also adjust your TMR mixing ratio you use if its different than what I have in the file. 1. On each sheet is an orange box that has a Season Day Factor and the # of animal your targeting. To the right of the orange box will be a table that will list the different season duration that are possible in seasons V1.1 and the associated day factor that you should put in the orange variables area, Cell A3. So for us in 24 day seasons the day factor would be 8. 2. Enter the number of animals you are targeting to see how much they will require. Cell B3 3. For cows adjust the TMR ratios which is also in the orange variables mix to the ratio that you mix your power food to. A huge note to reference. I have no faith that my bale calculations are correct in theory they should be accurate as I just take the total amount of Straw for example that cows need for TMR and bedding for the given year and divide by 4000 but since when you feed TMR some % goes into the hay/silage column and assuming you do not feed hay/silage separate once you start feeding TMR I am not sure at this point what % of the TMR goes into the power food column and what % goes into the hay/silage column. I might be able to narrow down the bale count once I pin down the % split that the TMR has between hay/silage and power food. This is shared from my google drive. you can download it and use it. I have locked all the cells other than the variables that can be changed or you can maybe open it if you have google docs. I can open it that way but it might be cause I own the file. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B6Ysej2b9e2aLWM4eUdyNnJMZms/view?usp=sharing Let me know the accuracy of these numbers please. I have not validated pigs or sheep yet. Also possible additions to this would be the calculation of reproduction assuming 100% productivity to predict food amounts for the year as well as to extrapolate out assuming plowed and 3 times fertilize how many HA of field you need to product the given qty of item. For example how many HA of corn must you plant to produce enough to feed 100 pigs over the year.
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    I woke up to a note this morning, “I’m off to get breakfast and hair done with the girls, I’ll be back after lunch. Don’t get sidetracked, we need to leave for the wedding by one o’clock.” Of course, I knew all that and I don’t get sidetracked… much. I took care of the animals and headed back to the house to get cleaned up. The wedding was very nice, small but very well done. It turns out that my wife knew just about everyone there and could ask all the polite questions about what was going on in their lives. I’m not sure how she does that. I guess I’ve been a little preoccupied with my animals and dirt. I also have a very hard time understanding most of what the folks are saying when they talk to me, I do my best. The boy and his wife seemed very happy. We had a surprise for them that they ended up appreciating very much. When I first met the boy he was selling me my eggs, which in hindsight is a little bit funny. Recently he has been shearing the sheep and packing the wool up for me (I was still holding out for elves but he came clean), I don’t know where he gets all his energy. We decided to offer them the sheep/chicken house for a home. The boy was very quiet when I offered and his wife said a bunch of words with high energy and hugged both my wife and me… in the end, they accepted our offer. It turns out that they were planning to stay with parents and though they loved and cared for them very much a new married couple should really have a chance to begin their life together on their own.
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    Ok so the mod finally made it live. It's officially on modhub. So the invisibility issue with PS4 seemed to be in the texture format. I switched everything that didn't have alpha to dtx1. Rookie mistake on my part. Either way ty for feedback. It was a long wait lol. https://farming-simulator.com/mod.php?mod_id=85598
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    It is 10 meters using the vanilla game. With seasons active you can configure it to be between from 1 to 10 meters.
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    Stevie gave permission for Kristsu to modify his map and issued a statement on Facebook.
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    I bought a dolly trailer once. I couldn't sell it fast enough.
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    Although it's not a major milestone (I'll jump for joy at 1000), today we reached the 500 subscriber mark. I just want to thank everyone for the support along the way.
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    My biggest challenge, one which I've failed at so far is to put together more than a few hours of game play before the compulsion to tweak the map in GE hits me once again. So far 8 hours of gameplay on my 24 day season play through has led to 20 or so hours in GE implementing changes that will require a fresh save effectively zeroing out my play time. I'm a bit over 90 minutes into the new 24 days Seasons play through and holding strong...for now.
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    I think people watch me for the many crashes and mistakes Everyone left in
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    Grizz, Think of all those folks that watched you endlessly cut trees on the SP challenge. find it hard to believe and I was telling Doughboy this same thing earlier. folks do not come for the map or for the game play. they come for you the presenter. I really think folks would watch and comment that they liked the video if all you did was power wash your equipment for 30 minutes while you gave your signature dialog.
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    Hi chaseydog, you can have as many maps as you desire in your mod folder, farming simulator will load only one map, Giants deal perfectly with that and only will load one map. However, you have to be very careful with the other mods you have in your mod folder, farming simulator will load all mods at the starting stage and create a real big time for loading if you have 2gb in mods, ( not maps), the ram will go to a 2.5 3 gab usage. when you then select map and mods to be used, then fs17 will only load the selected mods in the intermediate screen. my recomendation is to use a program to activate deactivate mods. You can use my Modmanager pro for fs15, just point the setting to the fs17 paths. You can use also mod manager5 for syncing servers mods that is very useful to activate deactivate mods. This will allows you to have all mods and maps in the same folder but only actives or selected in profile will be active to be loaded and your initial time to initiate farming simulator will decrease. Prom
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    Hey all, just a quick note to let anyone who might want to know that I have changed my youtube channel to the following: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXQrj-zCRp1DljfnMJbafFQ The name is still the same. Thanks to all who have supported me in the past and I look forward to a great future making content for the simulation community both on yt and twitch. Fyi, twitch channel update to follow.
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    No More Pre anything for me, been burnt so many times, sorry you an a few others have to pay the price of others, I live on SSA and I have to watch every penny to make it by, I'm even looking at what I can do with out to keep my internet and play games, everything goes up but my check which I earned over 50 years of hard work, Ok, I'm starting 2 hate the congress people/men/women for not giving us a good raise like they give themselves,
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    I think that it's great that we can have this discussion with different points of view so well put across with out rancour or abuse, I doff my cap to you all @Tim Carter I have not read the article that BB made his comments, so I can only go on my previous dealings with him and he has been a great help to me on my two attempts at map making, and he is always ready to offer help and advice to others as well which I think says a lot about the man himself, as I am sure you know there are many in the modding community that are not so accommodating in helping others achieve their aims. I too have seen a comment from BB that made me do a double take, but he then apologised for being a bit aggressive and if memory serves me correctly it was simply a miss reading of a post, we are all human and it is all to easy to read more in to a comment than was intended and sometimes when you re read something at a later date it takes on a new meaning that we may have missed the first time. BB is passionate about what he dose with his map creations and really tries to bring the maps to life with limited tools Giants provide so I can certain sympathise with what he is saying. There are a lot of maps released that may be should not have been, and there may be a valid argument for what he is saying but it all depends on what individual is looking for in a map or mod so I would not take to much from his comments apart from he is human just like the rest of us
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    I'm still convinced that early access can be a win / win for both the developer and the gamer, but there's a degree of risk involved ad if you play the ea game sooner or latter you're likely to loose. Games such as Elite Dangerous, Factorio and RimWorld show how EA should be done. For me the the common success factor is that each of these devs has maintained a high level of engagement with their backers through out the development process, provided regular updates, explained changes, listened to feedback while maintaining a clear vision of where the game is headed. I feel that the CnC team has failed in this regard. They may still deliver a quality product but at the moment I don't have confidence that they will do so. One of the other EA's I bought into that's become a disappointment to me is Star Citizen. I'm disappointed with that team on two counts. The first is that in my opinion the teams engagement with the community devolved from something positive into a hype train. I also feel like the Star Citizen devs lost focus and instead of delivering on the game that was promised when it was promised have allowed the scope of the game to creep and the development to slip to such a degree that I lost interest and wrote it off a long time ago.
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    Simply because we are heavily in to farming simulator at pc-sg I feel I need to at least give every new title in the genre a fair go, and I do believe this well be a good addition but of a slightly different flavour so I am quite looking forward to its release.
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    ...and connected the shower as the aroma was getting a little ripe in the house
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    I'm going to wait and see. Like many, I was super-pumped with Cattle & Crops and it's been nothing but a major disappointment (my opinion). As I've said before, I really only need one agricultural based simulation game in my life. That can be Giants Farming Simulator, or it could have been CnC and/or it could be Pure Farming. I will say this. Back when I first learned of Pure Farming, I did feel that between CnC and Pure Farming one or both could/would give Giants a run for their money. But time will tell. Of course, I most likely will cave and buy Pure Farming if I feel it will be a different experience than CnC. Most likely that will be via Steam where I can always pull the ripcord and easily get my money back if it's a flying brick on day one. But I do like what I see with Pure Farming. But I have until March 13th to decide I suppose.
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    I like Stevie's approach.....he provides flat "parking lots" for the player to use as industry sites if the player wants to do so. I like having the industries because it provides a nice progression of activities (especially with Seasons and Winter), but I would prefer to plop down placeables as I see fit, rather than have a map come with 15 industries already in place. When I add them bit by bit it helps me remember where they are....when the map already has a bunch of them, I get confused and forget where they are.
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    I agree with my learned friend @Duckzorly. I think some folks think a map is a few fields and then plop down some other things to keep the virtual farmer busy and they call it a map. I've seen some of these maps, I've even tried some of these maps and they lack the personality of some of the truly great maps. While I'm not a map modder, what I believe BB is making an attempt in doing is coaching, encouraging map designers to don't just stop after throwing a few fields down and fill the rest with industry, but to take it to the next level....to add the personality and the level of detail which we all love about a map from Stevie, BB, OxgyenDavid, Stussey etc. etc. etc. At least this is how I read into that statement.
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    Tim, I actually respectfully disagree with your reading of BulletBill's comments in that post you quoted. He isn't putting down other maps nor the modders, what he is saying though is that in his opinion and based on many Work In Progress (WIP) maps that have been released of late, the map makers have instead of seemingly concentrated on the actual map design in both looks and game-play elements, they rely on putting more and more industries in. I agree with this statement, as there are many maps whereby much attention to detail in the map itself is lacking. BB also is alluding to, and informing that he has taken the time (again his preference) to ensure that the game (in his opinion) is provided to be a more immersive game-play by coding the distance grass textures. So while everyone has their right to express their opinions, I certainly know for a fact that BB would never purposely put down other modders or map makers, but from what I have seen is the exact opposite as he assists and encourages others. BB is essentially in the message you quoted, just by a form of comparison highlighting a very important feature that is included, and I certainly one that I am looking forward to experiencing on West Coast. When we are spoilt with the quality of maps and their details from BB, OxygenDavid and Stevie just to name the most notable I know, it is quite evident the different levels of attention to detail that is provided in some of their maps specifically. In saying all of that, in my opinion, any map that is playable is great - as I certainly do not have the time nor the patience to sit and develop a map, and certainly not to a standard that I would be putting my name to....
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    No not pre-ordering/crowd funding anything anymore.... CC has gone to the hills,,, don't hold much hope, and various other titles of recent past - not going to get burnt anymore...
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    You are right. Farming tablet is a nice tool for this map. Kevin will also make a update within the next weeks. We hope you enjoy the map. There are some "new" features. Take a ride through Stappenbach at night for example. The lights swith nearly evrey hour. Or go to the forest... I think it´s one of the nicest in FS ;)
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    I now sow once into the planting season. If the temperature is reached the crop will grow But Seasons really makes the game less of a sow fert harvest and repeat. I have on one of my series (Blickling) no Geo, everything went so well until coming into Autumn. I'm using 6 day seasons. Autumn day 1 cloudy day 2 wet as is 3, 4 and 5, day 6 is overcast, going to be an interesting harvest I feel Plus I need to do another grass cut. Another Sosnovka NOT the maize only started to grow on the last day of the planting season. Now it's very possible to lose, I like that
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    Before church, animal care… After church, nap. That was my plan, but I couldn’t relax. We went to the first church we visited when we arrived and I believe we will stop looking. After church, my wife informed me she was going to go off with some ladies she had met to… well, I guess do girl stuff. She’s always done that. I’m not sure what they do, but I planned to nap anyway. I had a snack and sat down for about five minutes and realized I had a grass field I could do some work to and possibly get another cutting with a higher yield. I plowed it up without any problems and thought I could get it ready for seeding by tomorrow before my meeting at the bank. I decided to use some of the girls' manure and hold off on the stuff I purchased. I was going to save me some money! I quickly realized that I’m going to need a larger trailer. For some reason, I thought the capacity of my spreader was much larger. Maybe it just seemed like it because I had never done it before and everything was a blur. I used everything that my cattle had produced in two loads and ended up using some of the bought poop. I also spent a bunch of money in my head to cut down on my driving time for next spring. I keep telling myself that I’ve purchased everything I need, the lies! So I thought I was just going to knock out the small grass field in an afternoon, that was the new plan… didn’t happen. Oh! We have another new calf! Next step, cultivation… and patience.
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    When I was getting in my truck this morning I realized that fixing fence was my first job, though I didn’t finish it until the late afternoon. I took care of the animals. Pigs are messy, I knew that from raising them for twelve years. A little misleading, I only helped my kids out when they needed it with their FFA (Future Farmers of America) Project Pigs. It was only one at a time. I also wondered who decided to build the pig enclosure so close to the house. Good thing we both like pigs. I know from experience that if you keep them clean they aren’t too bad, but I’ve only had one at a time, not eighty! I headed to the sheep and chickens next. Both aren’t the smartest animals, but I’m not judging. I think an elf sheared and packed some wool for me. Off to the girls. We have a baby! As soon as I saw it I headed to the house to get my wife. She was pretty excited, newborn calves are fun to watch. She watched it while I cleaned up, it was almost noon. Mr. Harris, the fella that owns the field next to the cattle stopped by, they were talking while I finished up. When I walked over it looked like a decision had been made. So long story short, we’re buying the field next to us, he is looking to sell quickly and we could use the extra crop to feed our new livestock. We agreed on a price and planned to meet Monday to do the paperwork. My wife seemed pretty excited about the whole thing. On the way back to the house, my wife mentioned that the sheds at the sheep house (we actually have houses by the sheep and the cattle) were very cluttered with all the hay equipment. She said she had an idea. She walked me out to a gate to the grass field, just below the sheep house and said we should put up a shed to store it all, out of the way. I made some calls and a crew was out in the afternoon. It’s amazing how fast certain things get done. Once the workers started their work, I headed up to fix the fence that I may have hit with my front weight… in several places. I can see the house from the top of the hill and saw the boy, the young lady that is not his sister and my wife leave the house (I’ll have to ask her about that). My wife walked up and we took a look at our new shed. They did a great job. We had a busy day but it doesn’t seem like much work was done. A new calf, a new field, and a new shed.
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    I'm also doing 9 days on West Coast 5x speed, with the Wales Geo Seasons add-on. Day 1, it snowed! Using the small Massey Ferguson pack, limiting myself to small tractors. Basically takes an entire day to plow a field, which seems about right to me.
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    I'm not close enough to my chickens to wake up to the sound of the **BadWord** crow. I woke up this morning to the sound of a chainsaw. It didn't actually wake me up, it was actually while I was sitting down to a little breakfast. The boy must have been waiting to see me stir. It made me smile and I made sure to have an extra thermos of coffee along with a suitable morning snack. I walked out and saw a basket of eggs sitting on the porch, one less thing for me to do He stopped working long enough to say good morning with a nod as I passed on the way to see the girls. I tried to be as efficient as possible once I got to the girls, but I'm old enough now to know that hurrying up doesn't make the job get done any faster. I haven't been doing this long enough to rush. We were able to clear all the trees from the area that the greenhouses are going, it was a little bit slower going because the workers showed up with the first two. They went in without a hitch, and the workers were gone before we could drop the all the trees that we marked. I spent most of the day in the tractor, the boy would point to where I needed to park and give me hand signals as he attached the wench to different logs. I have to say, that logging wench is a great tool for moving the logs around, just watch out for the stumps! We worked till just about dark and packed it all up. I'm looking forward to getting the logs hauled off and the greenhouses in, hopefully tomorrow.
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    I had a late night phone call last night, actually, it lasted into the early morning. While we've talked several times since my wife departed, this call was the one that I've been waiting for, she is on her way home. Well, preparing to come home. Not all good news, there is a bit of a storm headed to SE Texas. We've had them before, I'm sure it won't be too devastating. The kids are securing their homes and going to take a late spring vacation. Church, another one not for me... I think the first one we visited is where we'll end up. Girls, chickens. I had an idea! I'll have some more magic greenhouses installed for her return. Yep, that's a great idea. My two last fields still aren't ready to be weeded so I have some time. I spent the day, although lazily, clearing some trees so that I can line up the new greenhouses. The boy came by for a couple of hours, he brought fresh iced tea... almost like what I've served him, but he did try. I think he saw that I wasn't going to put him to work, that I was just going to visit... it didn't matter. He pulled some gloves out of his back pocket and kept engaged in conversation while he continued where I'd left off. What a good seed. I chuckled and we ended up getting one trailer loaded including cleaning up the stumps and picking up the wood chips left over. I said my goodbyes, it was getting late and I left for the mill. I returned to the farm and all the equipment was cleaned and put away. I'm still hoping it's an elf, but more likely it's just the boy.
  46. 3 points
    It's still the same, just 1 map to be safe, in fact I have been having more conflicts recently
  47. 3 points
    Well done indeed, looks like your well on your way, I look forward to seeing this map develop.
  48. 3 points
    The PC-SG way of doing things wins again. It's so easy to read something into a post that the OP had no intention of meaning and as we all know this can cause so many problems. What @Wonko and his team have acheived here is singular in it's ability to allow all members of any age/background and/or even country to chat without any flaming or name calling simply by expecting everyone to behave to others how they expect others to behave to themselves, and it works! Yes, of course people have differing opinions and that is encouraged in a friendly and healthy way so that we each have a way of expressing ourselves without fear of it being ridiculed or shouted down by others and I personally can not think of any other forum where that happens. John.
  49. 3 points
    Another way of doing the challenge. I know you won't want to hear this Darin but I enjoyed the video
  50. 3 points
    Anyone else tried out this map? It is well done and have not seen anyone really talking about the map. Thought I might see a howdy do a one of the youtuber channels but decided to give it a go. Spent way too many hours on Cherry Hills and thought this would be a nice aside.

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