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    Well, I have always dreamed of farming and agriculture. After looking for many, many long months I finally found a great spread in the black mountain area of Montana! I have always liked the views in Montana, and now I can look at the mountain as I am drinking my coffee in the morning! I came by this property thanks to a gentleman named Farmer Klein. He did a great real estate video on the area and the farm, and so I decided to inquire. After taking out an Ag loan and conducted a successful Gofundme campaign (people will give to anything on the internet! Thanks Al Gore!) I was able to purchase the main farm plus some fields. The main farm comes equipped with outbuildings and cross fencing for cows and pigs! Plus, the property also comes with a sheep pen, although it is some distance from the main farm. I have had a chance to meet a few of the locals, they are quite nice indeed. The moving truck should be coming soon with my belongings, once I settle in I will make sure to create a video on my first day of real work! Of course, I will need to purchase some equipment first, as the farm only came with a truck for vehicles. At least I don't have to walk to the shop! I will have to get a GoPro so I can do some videos on youtube. People love farming videos!
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    Hello PC-SG members, For those that do not follow us on Facebook, GTX MODS is happy to finally give you an update to the Custom Road Train pack today.. The pack is available directly at ModHoster or via our website. For PS-SG member we have also added the 2.0 version here in the forums file base so you can have an add free experience. Updates: The Custom Road Train Pack Version 2.0 Pack Includes the following updates and fixes: Texture improvements to all vehicles in the pack and overlay images. This will now improve system performance in some cases.. Thankyou to GtX @ LS - MODCOMPANY for taking the time to help us get this update together and edit the scripts as needed.. Thanks champ! 1) Twinstar Duo - Automatic Rain Sensor Wipers added, Support for Gearbox mod by Mogli, stopped movement of cab camera at high speed, small cosmetic changes, script updates from GtX, remove animated Gear Leaver and added option to add/remove RoadTrain Signs at front of truck. 2) Tri-Axle 1100 - Automatic Rain Sensor Wipers added, Support for Gearbox mod by Mogli, stopped movement of cab camera at high speed, small cosmetic changes, script updates from GtX, dash changes and remove animated Gear Leaver. 3) Animal Trailers - Script changes (Fans now turn off if trailer is detached). Chickens added for future use, trailers will now work on all fill triggers. (Kastor Food Inc - Supported). 4) Flatbed Trailers - Added latest UAL Script from Hot Online Team, adjusted all bales to correct positions,added BigBales, added new Flatbed Style Schemas, added new strap hooks and added more straps. 5) Tanker Trailers - Added emptyMe Script by Blacky_BPG to allow dumping of liquid if needed, small fixes to overloading pipe, adjusted tipping trigger on rear tanker. Added updated OverloadPipe script for use with Milk Trigger by Kevink98 (This a fix for the Hose in MP) 6) Tipper Trailers - Small corrections to the shop description. We at GTX MODS hope you enjoy this update... Regards, Rob
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    Version 1.0.5


    This is the Multifruit edition off mavericksFarm NOT seasons ready It’s actually a multifruit and production 4x map. Additional field fruits Oat , rye,spelt,triticale,millet Onion,hops,lettuce,redcabbage,carrot,hemp,cotton,cabbage Orchards Plum , pear , orange , apple , cherry,coffeebeans Factory’s The factory’s are not working with palletcollectors anymore so they can’t get bugged eather , you will need a special designed trailer to pick up the end products off all pallet based factory’s. 1 trailer made by bdbssb is build in the map ,you can find it in the shop to buy. Another one called producttrailer will be included in the zipfile. No other trailer will be able to pick up the products. I added allot new factory’s , also builded in the nice factoryPack from BDBSSB With over 50 products a list off the factory’s will be included in the zipfile aswell will this explanation. Also replaced the fertilizer and seeds factory’s with a updated model, you will be able to fill your seeders directly at the factory’s aswell. Needed mods in the zipfile Holmer pack for rootcrops 12m header sugarbeet/potato 12m header onion/carrot 12m header cabbage,redcabbage,lettuce Producttrailer to load factory products Graintrailer PallettrailerBD to load factory products build in the mapfile can be found with the tippers Liquidtrailerpack , 1 trailer for all kind off liquids , willn’t load fuel from ingame gasstations , will load own produced fuel or from the fuelstorages , 1 trailer loads only fuel to be find in misc category Hops and hemp has to be cut with a maizeheader I hope you all enjoy the multifruit edition off this map. To support my work , it will be appreciated but not necessary https://www.paypal.me/Maverick74 For map support and updates go to my Fb page or pc-sg forum https://www.facebook.com/MaverickDesigns-849500818533102/ 1: make sure you don't have another map in you modfolder 2: make sure you don't have the kastor placeable's in your modfolder they will conflict with the ones that are build in. 3: you do not need UPK or any other script for the map , all you need is build in the map.
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    Are you sure you actually sent it in for certification? When a non-used mod is untouched for 2 weeks it is removed.
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    Been working on my own g.c.v. convert..........this I will share.........no time frame yet.
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    Well it looks like I did not hit the submit button :-( So I re submitted it and now we will see Thanks! Rockhound
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    Well I can't say I have heard anyone report files being deleted and no explanation.. Even when a mod fails it will not be deleted by Giants, as it allows you to make changes and update again without redoing your images and it also gives them a history of your fixes and errors. They are not a bad bunch of testers to be honest Now in regards to a mod being accepted this will depend on if it meets the current guidelines. One thing not listed but is a big deal to Giants is making sure you have permission to use parts from other peoples mods or maps and also have the right to release any models used (Example. You can not remove a model from another game like 'American Truck Sim' and upload it to modhub). Here are the guidelines that are current. These will be updated soon i am sure due to the recent 1.5.1 update. Have fun.. modHubGuidelinesENv23.pdf
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    View File Placeable Fruit Trees It is time to start your own orchard. These placeable Orange and Apple trees will produce an hourly income when water is added.By adding Manure you will double your income by producing a better yield. Fruit is sold automatically every hour.Fruit is only visible when water level is greater than 0.Income per hour: These numbers will double when manure is added.Easy Mode = 60Normal Mode = 40Hard Mode = 20 Submitter GtX Submitted 29/10/17 Category Ls Modcompany Credits Mod Author GtX (LS - MODCOMPANY) Mod/Map Credits LS-MODCOMPANY - GtX "de" Translation: CHaWo Features  
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    Starting to look like east coast farmland..........there is even a old ridge farm replica where marys farm was as a historical society site......bi-Polar Express Christmas tree farm......... not looking forward to placing all the hardwood trees but they are more common here in Pennsylvania around farm ground.
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    If you are interested, I could provide an updated version of UAL with 3 additional fixpoints for fillable pallets (mostly for HofBergmann but other maps will have a use of it too)
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    I’ve often commented on how much I enjoy the Steam gaming platform update process. Of the Steam games I enjoy (Farm Sim, Truck Sim etc.) when a patch or update becomes available, the Steam client seamlessly (for the most part) installs that update and I don’t need to worry about anything. Likewise, both ATS and ETS2 have even simplified a portion of their mod update abilities via the Stream Workshop. While some gamers might not understand just how wonderful this concept is (for Steam games), it’s only recently made it’s way into the flight sim world. Historically speaking, anytime we’ve needed to update something in the flight sim arena (FSX and early versions of P3D) it’s been somewhat of an arduous task. Many times applying a service pack or updating scenery would/could lead to issues downstream. I would often forgo taking updates until such time I felt I really either had no choice or perhaps it was time to do a complete and full re-install of everything including Microsoft Windows. But as the title suggests, things have become much, much easier with regards to updating certain elements within Prepar3D v4 and yes….it’s the way it should be. Prepar3D v4 The P3D update process really couldn’t be any easier than how Lockheed Martin have made it for us. Unless you are absolutely brand new to P3D and only purchased v4 AFTER the latest update (4.1) became available then you probably already know just how easy it is to apply updates. By the way, this same update process existed within v3 (perhaps earlier but I just can’t remember). Essentially you can update P3D by uninstalling only the component you desire to update, then simply install the new updated component. Typically this would be the “Client” component. Complete and easy to follow instructions are available on the P3D website and YouTube also offers dozens (if not more) tutorials on how to safely update the P3D platform. How we do things yesterday, is not always how we’ll do things tomorrow Change can be a really good thing! And this is really why I decided to write this article. Upon initial release of P3D v4 some folks began to lose their mind regarding how developers began to change the way add-ons would get installed. Since the dawn of time (as it relates to flight sim) add-ons would get installed in the same directory structure of the sim. This concept worked fine (I suppose), but did present its own set of challenges when it came time to applying updates to the sim. Starting with P3D v4, add-on developers began to utilize the “Documents” method of installing add-ons. For years the philosophy behind how to build the perfect sim PC consisted of at the very least two hard drives. One HDD which contained the Windows operating system and other applications not related to flight sim. Then a second HDD (preferably SSD) for the sim software. The idea behind this was one could get away with a smaller HDD for Windows and invest their money on a larger/faster and preferably SSD drive to contain the sim and all things related to the sim (scenery, aircraft etc.) When I built my current gaming machine, I took it one step further and even included a third SSD drive for my Steam games to run on so I could truly keep flight sim separate on its own SSD drive. But with more and more developers moving to the “Documents” method of installing software, things started to get a little tight on my main HDD. Thankfully, if you are also experiencing (or starting to experience) congestion on your main HDD due to more and more add-ons being installed into the “Documents” folder, there is hope for you. You can simply relocate the Documents folder to another drive. As I’m a fan of giving credit where credit is due, I’ll just simply direct you to an already existing YouTube Video which discusses just how to safely accomplish this task. Now back to the update process discussion…. But it truly gets better… Oh yes it does! I can’t remember who did it first…perhaps it was PMDG or perhaps it was Orbx, but these were the first two I noticed including a control panel update process for installing incremental updates to their products. Since that time, other developers such as FSDreamTeam and FlightBeam have also moved to this concept and it’s truly amazing. Specifically speaking about Orbx, I own a lot of Orbx scenery. When I say a lot, I mean….A LOT! Thankfully, Orbx has never charged a fee to upgrade any of their scenery from FSX up to P3D (including P3D v4). Because Orbx has a really large catalog of wonderful scenery, it was somewhat of a daunting task to constantly venture out to their forum site to check when a particular scenery title had made its way to being updated. But through their updated FTX Central client, it knows every piece of Orbx software I own and tells me when that particular title has been updated for V4 or includes an incremental update. As you might have guessed, it really is just as simple as point and click to install scenery or scenery updates. As I mentioned, both FSDreamTeam and FlightBeam have also developed a similar control panel and it couldn’t be easier to keep everything updated. Thank you to all who have moved to this process. One can only hope… that others will follow. I’d love to see developers like Carenado, FlyTampa and others follow suit. Maybe they will….maybe they won’t, but I do feel the developers who have moved in this direction have set the bar which others will be measured against. Until next time… Happy Simming! J The post The Way It Should Be…. appeared first on PLANES, TRAINS AND AUTOMOBILES - And Farming Too!. View the original article...........
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    View File 2017 Big M500 The Big M 500 - 2017 Edition. Some people will remember this fantastic piece of equipment from Farming Simulator 2013. The 2017 edition has a brand new cabin design, improved parts including operating blades and components. One of the largest mowers available with a cutting width of 13.2 meters and the ability to create a windrow this mower is the perfect choice for any large field work. Price: €280000 Upkeep: €320 / day. PLEASE NOTE: WideSpread has been disabled until this feature is fixed in the next Giants update.. This is a known issue. Submitter GtX Submitted 08/11/17 Category Ls Modcompany Credits GtX (LS-Modcompany) 'DE' Translation - CHaWo Original Model: Giants Software (FS2013) Mod Author GtX Mod/Map Credits Features 13.2 Meter cutting width. Windrow as you mow.  
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    More Realistic (MR) affects nearly everything in the game around implements and the things that pull them. Tractors have realistic traction and engine power and transmissions. Trailers have different weights for different loads. Bales have different weights so a straw bale is much lighter than a silage bale. Here is an excerpt from the FS-UK thread. All standard in game equipment is converted via the mod. But modded implements, trailers, tractors, trucks need to have MR code added to the mod. There is some base MR code to give the mod a base MR level of realisum but you can go far beyond that by plugging in specific data about that particular implement or tractor. so, what's different in this version compared to the base game ?- you are driving farming equipment, not pretenting to - real masses for vehicles and content- rolling resistance (takes into account ground type and wheel type, and wheel width and wheel radius)- air resistance- transmission efficiency- real engine torque curve (even if this is not really useful with CVT transmission, we have the correct rpm like IRL)- real acceleration (no more rocket launch start)- new CVT transmission that manages the engine rpm according to power demand (less power = less rpm, engine brake needed = more rpm)- no more "glue" tyre with more than 2 times what we can expect IRL (in the base game, with a 5T tractor, you can expect having as more tractive power as a 10T tractor IRL... if not more)- duals, weight, wide tyre do have an incidence in game now (for example : larger tyre = better in field, but not on the road)- you have to choose "carefully" your implement/tractor set (especially if you have "sloppy" fields)- realistic fuel consumption based on power delivered (and rpm at which the power is delivered) (base game = fuel only depends on "rpm" = you consume more fuel on the road, empty, at full speed than in a field with a bigcultivator)- engine power is now useful on combine (no more "smart" to use a bigger header on a smaller combine). The lesser the yield, the easier for the combine (limits are set by the combine "max capacity", the speed limit of the header and the engine power)- when unloading, a combine does use power too !- real brake force applied to the correct wheels (no more combines braking with all the wheels like a car)- beware : like IRL, don't trust what is written on the hood of a tractor (example : a nh T6.160 is not at the same level as a "160Hp" tractor)- pretty realistic tyre slipping (I had to make concessions to get this one right, and so, the vehicles can slide easily laterally. Indeed, the tractive power is defined by the longitudinal and lateral caracteristic of the tyre. This is a limitation of the game engine)- Balancing of "fruit" yields and prices (potatoes and beet are more rewarding, there is no more a greater yield for barley than corn, ... modification take into account real figures + equipment needed + manual/automated work needed, seeds needed and refilling time, time lost emptying harvester and carting the product)- Close to real figures for seeding densities (less liter of seeds needed to sow one hectare of rape than one hectare of wheat)- Base game converted vehicles should have better "off road" capabilities than in the base game (especially true for wider equipment = combine harvester or tractors with wide implement) -> extended use of "component spring joint"- No more infinite engine braking force (you can't "over speed" an engine with the base game) -> with "mr", the transmission and engine will try to retains the vehicle, but like IRL, if you don't use your brakes, you have to drive down in low gear to avoid accident - Real weight and weight distribution for converted base game vehicles
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    View File Broad Acres 16x Australian Map (Official Version) Welcome to Broad Acres – The first Australian 16x Map for FS17 Broad Acres is a fictional map based around Australia. Australia is known for is vast open places and large Broad Acre cropping. The FS17 map was designed to replicate this to some extent and give players the opportunity to play large fields with large equipment and even bigger demands. The map is based around a family living on a large scaled farm named Broad Acres. The father who resides in the north/western corner is slowing down so he looks after the animals and the BGA. The son on the other hand is trying to prove his worth. He has the responsibility of taking control of the all the cropping aspects of the farm, and I must tell you it’s a big job. The son must prove that he can run the farm and make money to make sure he inherits the farm. Please visit our facebook page to ensure you have a supported version (we have had the map leaked on some sites). We offer support through github. Please see links in the downloadable package on this site. Please read the Readme and the manual included. Map is not to be edited or reuploaded. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1201506563300768/ Enjoy large scaled farming. Submitter Broad Acres Submitted 30/10/17 Category Maps Credits Full Credits in manual Provided Mod Author Broad Acres Features 16x Map, extremely large fields. Large factory areas in the town.  
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    Thanks to all who have sent their good wishes. I have been posting mainly on my YouTube channel and in my YouTube thread on here. So for those with taste who haven't seen what's been happening About a week ago Jackie (my wife) had a fall in the bath room. At first didn't think it was too serious but went to A&E for a check over. At that time not to much seemed wrong. Just a lot of pain, which was under control. Fast forward two days to Wednesday lunch time we had just sat down when Jackie was in great pain in the chest region. My first thought was a heart attack so on to the 999 service which was quick a first responder in 10 minutes (lucky we still have one stationed in the town. Not a heart attack but didn't look good anyway. Off to A&E by ambulance again (we were getting our moneys worth from the NHS) where they decided to keep her in. She had broken at least two ribs and one had made a small hole in the left lung After checking the X-rays they also found a blood clot in the lung. A drain was inserted which cleared the loose blood but the clot was still there if a bit smaller. They kept her under observation for the next few days, the clot was getting smaller but not quickly enough. So they decided if the clot was still there this morning (Monday) they would operate. Now the excellent bit, this morning when they X-rayed the clot had gone So I should be collecting her this afternoon. Still have to do all the work but without the hour and a half round trip everyday.
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    Thank you fore this @Wonko @Toranion and @Johnny Vee I love you
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    Day 1 of Late Autumn I woke up early and decided to go for an actual run… well, jog. I didn’t make that decision because I wanted to increase my cardiovascular workout, I did it because I forgot about my greenhouses. I was also thinking about how long it would take to drive over all the chaff so that I could cover the silo. So off I went, carrying a flashlight with me as I ran. Some folks around here call it a torch, but I think of Olympians running in skirts with torches, just not me… certainly not an Olympian. The animals were good, I made one of my mental notes to cut some fresh grass for the girls. When I returned I decided to wash the tractor first. It seems when I was driving the forage harvester I may have missed the trailer and I wanted to get the chaff that was stuck to the tractor off before it became a topic of conversation. Once that was done I filled all the greenhouses with some manure, I’m getting quite good at that task. The water could wait a day or two so I headed back to the house so we could get ready to go out to the field and finish off the corn chopping. A breakfast of melons and biscuits was ready for me, melons cold and biscuits warm… they smelled delicious. Although there was still a lingering manure smell on me. Maybe that’s why my wife said she would meet me down at the field. I was told that I was driving the harvester again, she said that I was really good at going straight. Another job I’m getting good at doing. After a couple of loads, I started to worry a bit. I would watch her drive off and then just before she reached the bunker she would increase the throttle and up on the chaff pile she would go, it wasn’t level and I was terrified that she was going to turn over the tractor and trailer. She would stabilize and open the tipper up, dumping the load throughout the bunker before coming back down and heading back out to the field. I then heard a very loud engine roaring from behind. An oversized, monster of a tractor was heading down the road on the outside of the field. It had eight tires and was carrying what looked like a box on the back. The boy blew the horn and smiled when he saw me gawking. I headed up to the silage bunker. My wife and I were both impressed with this machine. It was a Claas Xerion 5000. The boy explained that he was just borrowing it from a friend for the afternoon and that it would be very helpful since I was apparently trying to break my tractor or my wife the way we were currently carrying on. The box turned out not to be a box. It was a silage pusher/leveler. It unfolded and worked much like a front end loader bucket, but without the ability to hold stuff in it, it was just a blade. We were anxious to see how it worked so the boy climbed back up in the Claas and backed up to one end of the silo and stopped. My wife grabbed my arm with excitement when the cab of the Xerion lifted up and slowly spun itself around and placed itself back down. Apparently, she really likes tractors that can drive both ways, the Valtra that the brochure was open to happens to have that reverse drive option. Though, I don’t think it is that dramatic when you put it in reverse driving mode. The boy spent some time and leveled up the bunker, once it was fairly level, he would drop off the attachment and just drive over it. He stopped and said a bunch of words while we were gawking at him and my wife grabbed me and said we needed to finish bringing in the chaff… I knew that. We finished up the field and as if we were being watched, some folks showed up to take the forage harvester back to the shop. That was convenient. We dumped the last load of chaff and then played follow the leader with the Claas and the Massey rolling it down. It was all finished just before dark, which is getting earlier and earlier! We covered the silo, the boy estimated 700,000 l of chaff, I think that should be enough. He climbed back up into the monster, spun the cab around, picked up the attachment and headed out the back… headed to wherever he goes. My wife and I climbed in the Massey and headed home. She was pretty excited about driving the Xerion, I was just tired. I think I’ll aim for walking in the morning.
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    Should be able to complete my map on my new overpriced mid life crisis CPU..............LOL Alienware USB Optical Mouse Alienware Standard USB 2.0 Keyboard (English) US Power Cord Intel Core i7 Aurora R7 Killer Wireless 1535 Driver Killer 1535 802.11ac 2x2 WiFi and Bluetooth 4.2 Tray load DVD Drive (Reads and Writes to DVD/CD) 1TB 7200RPM SATA 6Gb/s (Storage) 512GB M.2 PCIe Solid State Drive 32GB Dual Channel DDR4 at 2667MHz (2X16GB) NVIDIA(R) GeForce(R) GTX 1080 Ti with 11GB GDDR5X 850W EPA Bronze PSU Air Cooled Chassis Windows 10 Home (64bit) English Intel(R) Core(TM) i7 8700 (6-Core/12-Thread, 12MB Cache, up to 4.6GHz with Intel(R) Turbo Boost Technology) Forza Motorsport 7 Included in Purchase
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    Problem solved, i changed some density channels and made a new fruitdensity . It's working now.
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    View File Exclusive Content FS17 Agrovation 143208267411 After a long-term partnership with GIANTS, the innovative developer of the Farming Simulator 2017, we decided to make it an exclusive one. The result of this co-operation is a so far unparalleled complex and sustainable project – the HORSCH AgroVation expansion pack. Thus, the users of the farming simulator can play on the original 3,000-ha-farm HORSCH AgroVation in Knežmost in the Czech Republic (near Prague). For HORSCH the project is much more than just a game. In the first step HORSCH will use the Mod Pack to train the own employees on the farm. But new employees, too, will be able to become familiar with the farming processes on the farm more quickly. The next steps will be to import real GPS data from the tractors and the HORSCH machines into the game to simulate in the future how for example the plant will develop with different sowing periods. Everyone can get the exclusive HORSCH expansion pack at the Agritechnica in the HORSCH Shop free of charge. A limited quantity will be available at the show. For those who will not manage to go to the show, the expansion pack will be available as a download in 2018 Here is the key to allow the download 143208267411 Submitter Prom Submitted 14/11/17 Category Maps Credits https://forum.giants-software.com/viewtopic.php?f=893&t=118765&hilit=horsch&start=75 You could use this key: 143208267411 here https://www.farming-simulator.com/extraContent.php and should get it. Mod Author Giants Features  
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    Several seem to be enjoying the challenge. Hope you find it fun yourself.
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    sounds like a nice but long series. i like the idea and see it as a challenge for myself. keep it up
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    To be honest you can not do anymore with it in widespread mode then you can with it doing a windrow.. I guess some users just want it to be able to do exactly what it did the first time they used it and others just like to complain no matter the mod or problem .
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    Hello to all. Life has been quite busy for me the past few months. I must apologize to my readers as in typical fashion, my busy schedule has had an impact on my blogging. It’s been several months since I posted an article to my blog and for that I must apologize. I had the best intentions of writing more and of course writing about flight simulation. After all, it was flight sim which caused me to create this blog site over 10 years ago. As I write this, I’m sitting in my hotel room in Orlando, Florida where I’m on my third business trip in the past five weeks. I just got back from dinner (I’m stuffed), turned on the TV (boring) and decided to check my email. One of my long time readers messaged me asking if I had spent any time with the newly released QualityWings 787 Dreamliner and what my impressions were. Well…unfortunately, I had to answer his question with a short answer of no, followed by some additional comments I’m going to share here. I believe the last time I wrote about the QualityWings 787 was back in June of this year. At that time I had read a Facebook message stating the aircraft was expected to be released in the Summer of 2017. Unfortunately, QualityWings missed their mark slightly. The season of summer came to an end on Friday, September 22nd and the QW Dreamliner was released in early October. Now I realize I’m being a bit cheeky with pointing this out….but details matter right? OK….perhaps not. The good news is the much anticipated QualityWings 787 Dreamliner is available, but the bad news…it’s only available for FSX! Of course, we knew this would be the case and I even touched on that in my previously mentioned June blog post. QW explains this decision is due to the fact the 787 has been in development longer than Prepar3D v4 (or even v3 or v2) had been in existence. While I understand this fact, I must also mention that I’m of the opinion that QualityWings really have never fully embraced the Prepar3d P3D platform. While it is true they did FINALLY update their Boeing 757 for P3D v2.5…but their treatment of P3D could be likened to that of a “red headed step-child”. While I fully realize many flight sim enthusiasts still fly FSX and FSX Steam Edition, surprisingly there appears to still be a large number of FS9 users….but I’m of the opinion that FSX (in all forms) is just simply dead. But I must again say that I don’t blame or fault QualityWings for releasing the Dreamliner for FSX. But I’m curious how long it will take them to bring this wonderful aircraft to P3D v4? I know some might say, “but the QW development team is small” and “these things take time”. I get all that. But I will remind everyone that PMDG was able to update their older Boeing 737 NGX which was released in the 2011 timeframe (if I’m not mistaken). So in theory, the same can be said of PMDG that they began development on an aircraft prior to Prepar3D, but was still able to update/release the NGX for P3D v4 within a few weeks of release. So….to answer my readers question. Unfortunately, when Prepar3D v4 was released earlier this year I made the decision to embrace it as my flight sim platform and I’ve not looked back to earlier P3D versions or FSX since and I don’t plan to. But having said that. Just as soon as this beautiful aircraft is released for P3D v4.x, I will purchase it and I’m sure I’ll have more than a few things to say about it here. I’m exhausted after a long day and ready to turn in. I’ll post this sometime on Wednesday or Thursday. So until next time….Happy Simming! JT The post QualityWings 787 and P3D v4.x appeared first on PLANES, TRAINS AND AUTOMOBILES - And Farming Too!. View the original article...........
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    Congrads on making the mod hub at Giants.
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    Sorry Phil Spencer, The "discerning connoisseur of gaming" as you put it own a PC and only use consoles for something different...
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    @Duckzorly, if your dead serious then I would suggest joining the seasons slack discussion group. If that's the correct term to give a slack area. They are very responsive to questions and ideas. I think a 90 day season at 1X so you could play real time like @bipolarprophet I sure as double hockey sticks would not do that but hey if your insane in the membrane go ahead.
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    frka - you should take the time to download the 1.1 version (which is the newly released version and is available here) as it contains a number of fixes etc. I would also recommend you open and read their 38 page manual as it does detail locations of sell points etc of everything. There are no ground markers for load/unload and sell points - but they are pretty common sense. If not sure on something, post a question on their Facebook page, and you will get a quick answer by those that are far more experience on this map than me.
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    To help generate a few more players to the pc-sg multi-play server I have been busy setting up equipment and animals on the server ready to issue this challenge. The Challenge Make a 6 million $ profit between now and 31st December 2017 Sound easy?....Maybe maybe not. No new equipment can be brought and there is no starting money and no crops in storage. There is plenty of equipment but this has to be shared around the 5 farms and BGA. Animals have feed for a few days. Each farm owns a few fields around the farm or BGA, if as a team you decide you need more fields then post in the worksheet thread and we will deduct the cost of the field from the running total. There is seed and fertilizer at the shop and once that runs out you will have to wait until you have cash to buy more. No Forestry Return vehicles and equipment at the end of your session and clean them. I will be creating a work sheet page for players to post their progress and what jobs still need doing, you will need to work as a team to stand a chance on completing this challenge. Above all this is about have fun & meeting members, any one is welcome to stream their game play, just give a mention to pc-sg. Some details may be changed to make it more playable or interesting. Main crop Farm Fields:-1,2,3,4,15,14,13 Pig Farm Fields :-7,8,9,10 Cows Fields :-24,25,27,22 Sheep Farm Fields :-24,25,27,22 BGA Fields:- 17,18,19
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    Hey Mike, been a busy few weeks for me. But glad to here Jackie is home. Now I just need to try to scrub the image of you in stockings out of my head.
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    I'm definitely in for this. I've been hanging out for Blacksheep Modding's new map The Valley The Old Farm which is due to be released soon. It's quite big so I think it will be perfect for a 24 day seasons.
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    Your a tease @Darin Cassell just one picture we are greedy here we need to see more
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    Take your time and enjoy yourself champ :-) It is good fun.
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    It is time to start your own orchard. These placeable Orange and Apple trees will produce an hourly income when water is added.By adding Manure you will double your income by producing a better yield. Fruit is sold automatically every hour.Fruit is only visible when water level is greater than 0.Income per hour: These numbers will double when manure is added.Easy Mode = 60Normal Mode = 40Hard Mode = 20
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    For quite a while now @Toranion @Johnny Vee and myself have been working on 3 new maps, this is the first map W.I.P that will be posted. This map is for our friend @Icelandic Farmer and is based on his farthers farm back in Iceland, the landscape is acurate as Ian did a proper Dem map for us to work from, 90% of the ditches are in the map so you will have to be carefull as you drive around as there are no fences to stop any unexpected swims There will be Cows, pigs, sheep and possibly some production, we will only be using the crops that are farmered in Iceland, all our maps will be as close to life as we can make them while still making them enjoyable to play, so here are a few images of Hjaltastadhur (please dont ask me to pronounce it, thats a job for ice)
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    Stumbled on this great video from 1991
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    Day 3 of Late Autumn I did not feel like getting out of bed this morning. It rained most of the night and was still dripping when I forced myself outside. My wife was just returning from a run, she was cheery, I was not… but I managed not to take it out on her. By the time I returned, I was feeling much better, a light breakfast made everything good again. We talked about the day, we wanted to bring in the corn. I hoped it would dry before we lost light. The phone rang. I quickly replayed last night's events, yep… I remember buying a tractor. I wasn’t exactly talked into it, but the timeline was moved up considerably. Realizing that we would be waiting most of the day for the crop to dry I coaxed my wife outside to get things set up. We got the corn header attached and moved to the field and it was about time for an early lunch. I was getting a little bit excited. I managed to get her in the truck without too much manipulation and we headed to the shop. When we pulled into the lot, two things surprised me. First of all my wife seemed to somehow know that the shiny new tractor sitting in the lot was for her and showed jubilation that rivaled a championship win. Secondly, it was pink. I tried to focus on my wife’s joy, but it was pink. I’m going to have to be prepared for the friendly gibes. We accepted delivery and got some pointers, she seemed to know how everything worked… I really thought the reverse driving was an interesting feature. I was assured that it would mow my fancy grass like a dream. I was impressed with its 400 horsepower, this was going to pull the plow quite nicely. I’ll have to talk to Mr. Harris soon so we can try that out. When we arrived back home she pulled right up to the tipper and we hooked it up and headed out to the field. We managed to harvest all the corn in the afternoon, just three tippers worth, but it will be plenty for the pigs. I did notice that she took a very long time to unload, I have a feeling that she did a little extra driving in her new pink tractor.
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    Day 8 of Mid Autumn As I was heading out for my morning walk I caught glimpse of a huge machine outside. Walking past the table I noticed the brochure open to a page describing the Valtra S, I took note. Once I got outside, my wife and the boy were standing by the machine, which turned out to be a forage harvester. The ground was still too wet to get started with this early, so I excused myself from what looked to be a class and made my rounds. I took care of the girls when I got down there, instead of walking home and riding back down, I wasn’t cutting my walk short… I did after all have to walk back once I was done. I made it back up to the house and I topped off the pigs and made a mental note that I needed to tend to the greenhouses but it looked like class was over and my wife was ready to head down to the field. I was sure that the boy was going to go down and at least supervise, but off he went. I talked my wife into lunch before we started, I had a feeling supper would be late. With full bellies and a thermos of coffee, we headed down to the cornfield by the girls with the Rostselmash and the Massey, a red equipment day. It was very similar to offloading a regular combine, except you do it continually with no stopping. She drove the harvester around the outside of the field while I collected and dumped in the clamp, I’m glad it was right next to the field. We made about three headlands and she decided we should change jobs. She mumbled something about my driving and “RostelSmash”. It didn’t take me long to realize why she wanted to switch, she did a great job on positioning herself next to me and I see how I must have been making it difficult for her. I didn’t have the class. We worked until late afternoon, I didn’t want to be caught in the dark and it was getting difficult to drive over the mound. We needed to take some time to compact it. Tomorrow we should be able to finish the field and roll the clamp, though I think it’s going to take some time driving back and forth to get compacted enough. I think I should probably get started early, I may have to skip my walk.
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    Version 1.0.0


    Placeable that started with the request of DeafGamer. This mod started out as the coffee pack. With the request of a few people I decided to add a few more toys. Unfortunately I had to start the coffee pack over from scratch. I was concerned with some filltype conflicts. This factory pack has 3 separate files to download if you want to utilize its full potential. The master pack/trailer sell is a must or you will not be able to move or sell products. This is fabrik based so you will need tanks to support the liquid triggers. FS17 Kotte Unversal Pack By Farmer Andy Nc Raiders AR Pack Packs Master Pack/Trailer and Sell This pack is needed to sell and transport your goods in the doughnut and coffee pack. At the coffee house placeable/sell point you are able to sell any product made from any factory. The doughnuts and coffee sell at a higher price. Sell: Coffee beans Coffee Flour Sugar Eggs (made at egg production, not from chickens in game) Vetable Oil Doughnut Milk (you can sell milk from the in game cows if you have milk stop sales, and from the milk mill) BD Pallet Trailer BD Pallet TDK 1600 Either trailer will work, however you have to use one of these trailers because of the type of trigger and filltype in the script. Coffee Pack Coffee bean orchard Input Seed, water, manure Output Coffee beans Coffee roaster Input Fuel, coffee beans Output Coffee Sell products at the coffee house found in the Master Pack/BD Trailer and Sell Point Doughnut Pack Flour Mill Input: wheat barley Output: flour Sugar Mill Input: sugarbeet corn Ouput: sugar Milk Mill Input: barley soybean sunflower Ouput: milk Vegetable Oil Mill Input: canola sunflower soybean Output: vegetable oil Egg Production Input: wheat barley maize water Ouput: eggs manure Doughnut Production Input: flour sugar eggs water milk vegetable oil Ouput: doughnuts
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    Version 2.0


    Trailer and Truck Pack. - Designed for use in B-Double and Road Train form. Selected Original Models by Giants Software Mods and selected scripts and Mod Design in current form - GTX MODS 2017
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    Hi Guys... It's been a while since i posted here as i have only just found channel again since site was updated lol... Trying out a new angle for my YouTube channel... Let me know what you guys think...
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    Mike that is awesome news.. glad to hear.... more importantly it means I can drive like normal now instead of emulating you.... I figured the internet needed some laughing at poor driving skills in your absence! So happy to hear Jackie is on the mend, and looking forward to seeing you back up and running mate.
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    With my personal problems nearing the end I hope to restart my 24day series soon.
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    Compared to that a calm night. Would have loved to watch this event on @mereman channel.
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    I seriously get a kick every time I see that @MarcDuponthas commented on @MarcDupont
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    Day 7 of Mid Autumn We invited the pastor out to breakfast this morning, and anyone he wanted to bring along. My wife made some phone calls and realized that we would need to start cooking early. It was a simple fair. Scrambled eggs with homemade biscuits and sausage gravy, some bacon on the side with some fresh melons from our magic greenhouse. Orange juice, coffee, and fresh milk. The prayer meeting went well. I was pushed out of the house after everyone left and we started cleaning, I was told I needed to take care of the girls. A day of rest was my excuse to skip the walk and I did as I was told. Besides making a milk run, the only other thing I needed to do today was to take off some pallets from the new business to sell, simple enough. I found when I returned home that the Deere was hitched up to the trailer and the boy was waiting. We took off and mostly chatted about how it was about to rain, not easy to hold a conversation while going down the road in the tractor, well… I have a tough time understanding even in the quiet. Once we got the pallets sold we walked over to the shop where hot coffee was being sold, the boy said we should join them. The rain started to come down. We spent about four hours telling stories and drinking too much caffeine. I passed on the “flavoring” because I had to drive back home, pulling a trailer, on the wrong side of the road. But I did make a couple of decisions. The boy told me we should chop the corn soon, we could do it while it was green and we probably had a couple of days without rain. I wondered how much that would cost me, he assured me he could get me a deal on a harvester, that I didn’t have to purchase one since I just had the one field to do. So I decided to do what he said, he’s been right on so far. I then found out my wife likes Valtra tractors. I had no idea! I knew she has helped out on a couple of neighboring farms with some work, but I didn’t realize she’d driven enough tractors to have a “favorite”. I’ve heard her mention them here and there. Apparently, she’s made it known what she prefers to drive. I wonder if it has anything to do with a birthday coming up. I was handed a brochure on the way out. The boy stayed behind and we said our goodbyes, I made it home just after the rain cleared and just before it got dark. We worked on the books and sure enough, the sales today brought us back to the black with some wiggle room. I left the brochure out and we spent the evening talking outside, we talked about everything from our kids and grandkids to our plans here on the farm. I came up with an idea that I really thought she would like.
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    Version v1.1


    Snettertons Farm by Stevie. Fields to suite everyone small to large, boxed to shaped with multiple elevation changes. Seasons mod ready, chopped straw, edited textures, multifruit, some production, forestry, larger storage silo and mill storage. Unique map layout and installed mods and scripts from some of the best mod makers around. Stevie Credits: Map Design, build and new texturing by Stevie. Special thanks to Alex and Luke_BK for helping with the GPS mod fix for the map which jman found in server testing. Installed Mods: KevinK98, Farmer_Andy, Marhu, Eisberg, Blacksheep - RC Devil, Kastor, Ifkonator, Luke_BK, Stop Milk sale and Farmer_Andy's Universal Tanker mod pack. All at Realisimus for the seasons mod, Scripts used by: Marhu, KevinK98, Blacksheep - RC Devil, igor29381, Blacky_BPG, Xentro, Ifkonator and Decker_MMIV. Server Testing: Jman8798.