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    Version 1.6


    For: FS19 A cheap alternative to place a spawn point and the the ability to skip night.
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    Version 1.0.0


    Sun The first hall of us is ready +++++ Technical Data ++++ - Self built as well as Textured - Ls19 standard functions (with the mouse buttons are open the gates) - Machines no bigger than the 8r fit in there - To find under halls
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    It is just first impressions, but sadly I am underwhelmed. First impressions matter and with the history of game creation Giants has, the expectations for quality out of the gate are higher. Won't go the refund route, but surprising to find these "glitches" when as far as I know the engine didn't change that much from FS17 to FS19, so why would they start glitching now? The physics even seem a little wonky while simply driving around and initially the combine got stuck even though I saw that occur in some pre-release streams and would have thought they would have jumped on to fix before release. Also experienced some interface issues with even the keyboard and mouse and have seen lots of comments about controllers and wheel setup not working for players similar to @shakey posting. Equally sad to see some equipment brands disappear from the base. I'm sure Deere cost them "Deerely" to include in the game, but the variety in the past allowed for more realistic farm setups that fit the map location. Modders will, without a doubt, fill the void, but shouldn't have to rely on their efforts to complete a game. Will be tweaking graphic settings to see if I can improve the look, but so far it feels more like "Pure Farming" than Farming Simulator in terms of the visual. I know, I know....I will get feedback that says, it's early give it time. Easy to go negative. And no, I am not uninstalling FS19 and reinstalling FS15, but did expect somewhat better than I am receiving to this point.
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    I have been extremely busy with personal and work life to have time on FS19, its a mixture of excitement and disappointment. Excited that the rain will no longer break immersion by falling inside buildings and improved field fertilisation/weeding pesticide and nonplussed about horses & John Deer, only time will tell once I get to play and when we get great mod maps to enjoy because for me Giants maps are pants😁
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    Saw this on you tube it is an app that you can put on your phone or tablet and set up a dash board it's fully customizable with ATS or ETS2. Also with a lot of other games. Here is a link to their web site. https://www.stryder-it.de/simdashboard/
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    Thank you very much for this!
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    Hi guys, I'm downloading the game now. Going to be fun getting back into Farming Sim after a bit of a hiatus. This one looks like it has a lot of potential.
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    I just installed it and am having same issues with controller set up it will accept my buttons on the wheel but will not accept the inputs for the accelerator and brakes steering was accepted but with the force feed back is way to stiff. I stick with 17 till some of the issues are worked out. Not a very good start to a new game launch.
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    For the first time ever, I've gone for a refund from Steam. I'm so gutted, but a line must be drawn. Pressing the brake to go backwards after all these years? Flickering buttons on a PC version, that is obvious after 5 mins? Buttons that can't be mapped without a work round? Bales still go into space, Deformed terrain...stays deformed. Placeables removed. No effort into controller setup improvements. Some of the axis assignments both map to the + axis. For UP and Down? Hows that work? I could go on and on, but I feel a message must be sent to Giants. If we are daft enough to buy the same game again, they will take our money. Left for the modders to fix once more, while doing mutual back slapping on the sales figures. Looks like Cattle and Crops, which scared them into action last time, is clearly no threat
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    I will be out of town next week (why did GIANTS decide to launch this over the US Thanksgiving Holiday week LOL). But I'm wrapping up my FS17 series on GreenRiver and spending some off camera time enjoying the new Mercury Farms. But once I get back to my gaming rig I'll install FS19 and start my cotton growing empire. looking forward to the release as I think it will be fantastic. As for the Giants streams that have been taking place this week. It's easy to "arm-chair quarterback" these things from the sidelines. I've been somewhat frustrated and at times somewhat joyful in what I've seen and the way the info has been presented. I've just about decided to stop watching it all and just wait until I can dive in and experience it all first hand. Jerry
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    Congrats on Willow River taking the number 1 spot as PC-SG's most download mod. Well deserved and an excellent example of taking map making to the next level.
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    I can go into the input settings and change things then when i star the game it changes everything back to default. Also looked in the log and force feed back is disabled and the wheel and pedals are not enabled. But they show in game settings i'll just wait till they get it fixed back to fs 17
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    I didn't even try to use my wheel and pedals. Saved the aggravation. I'll have to admit, the game is so far a little disappointing. I will wait for the modding community to work their magic as they always do.
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    Still have problems with wheel and pedals. Remapped my controls still could not get it to work then this am started the game and checked my controls and the game reset them back to default. There is a saying if it's not broke don't try to fix it. I guess Giants never heard that one before. I'll just wait for the patches i guess.
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    I have had bereavement in my family so have only had a very brief look so far and thought the town looked good but did notice the tractor physics being a bit weird and had to unplug the wheel to stop the flickering on screen so not impressed much yet but will hold a real judgment until I get time to play properly.
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    So very grateful for your help Mereman
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    Got the app have it installed and it was easy to set up and really nice will add a lot of immersion to any game you use to use it with. Nice thing is even if the game you want to use it with is not supported you can make your own .
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    Thanks @Shakey will check this out as well, looks good.
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    Interesting. Looks like it may only be available for Android (fine by me as I'm not an iOS guy). There are a few of these types of apps available in the flight sim space and they work OK and add a little extra immersion. I think I'll check it out. Thanks @Shakey for sharing. Jerry
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    Counting down the days to the release of FS19, but have been spending my closing days in FS17 back on Goldcrest. Even held off on picking up the final nugget until just the other day. Then treated myself to the Big Bud and associated implements. It is fun preparing a field in 3-4 passes. Also I know am late to this complement but went ahead and downloaded the GTX Mods - Fermenting silos and pig ration mixer placeables from this site. What great mods. For us silo bunker inept it is a great solution. Enjoying the youtube streams of GBS, Farmerklein, Reefy, Multimikey and Arthur Chapman too. Appreciate the amount of effort and work that goes into preparing that content. They make it look easy and I know it isn't. Thanks. See you soon in FS19. Might give that multiplayer a try.
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    Be careful with MP. I know some folks that wont do single player anymore as a result of enjoying MP to much. 😉
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    Version 3.0


    Welcome to Serenity Valley. Here you have 36 fields and a good bit of Industry to keep you busy in the winter. Industry is thriving here in Serenity Valley and there are plenty of jobs to go around, take your shoes off and set a spell.
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    Version V 1.4


    SOB Adjustable Weight This is our completely new and rebuilt SOB Adjustable Weight for FS17. It's base weight is 400Kg's and is adjustable in 400Kg's increments (2 x 200Kg's blocks) upto 2800Kg's. Each weight block can be adjusted when the weight is selected with (G) is then increased using (B) and (X) to then reduce the number of weight blocks. This weight can then be adjusted to suite each application or variation needed be that on the front 3 point or on the rear 3 point if working with as a loader.The Weight is located in your Weight section of the shop menu. Features : – Adjustable– Washable– Dye-able Colours– Trailer Hitch Point To install, simply click the download now link, then copy and paste the mod into your mod folder. As with all of SOB Modding mods, They must not be distributed outside of this site without permission obtained Model and In gaming: SOB Modding Script: Jakob Tischler (This Mod is not to go on any other website) This Mod is exclusive only for Modding Central websites ONLY unless for approval has been given by either the modders or the site's admin!!!!!!! If at anytime any approval is given for a description of this mod to be based on another site the mod itself must stay here on Modding Central, without any exceptions. All of our mods are copyright under Copyright Designs and Patent Act 1988 Note: The hash-value of this mod is not to be adjusted or tampered with in anyway and then uploaded anywhere without our prior consent. If we wanted to upload to other sites we can do that ourselves, otherwise these illegal links will be issued with a full DMCA notice and further action may also follow (you have been warned!!!) You may not copy, distribute or transmit the work with out our permission. Permission will be granted on case by case basis. You may not use this work for commercial purposes. You may not alter, transform, or build upon this work. You are welcome to edit the mod for your personal use. You may not edit the model, skin, remove or add things on, and then release it, under any circumstances. This mod is protected by the DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act: http://www.dmca.com/).
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    SOB Modding is a team of modders that join their efforts to have the state of the art of Mods. We do not look for quantity and fame, we look for perfect mods to offer to our followers. SOB Modding aims to be different and is recognized through the years as the most reliable mods. Enjoy our creations and don't forget that you can find us directly in modcentral.co.uk

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