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    I have been extremely busy with personal and work life to have time on FS19, its a mixture of excitement and disappointment. Excited that the rain will no longer break immersion by falling inside buildings and improved field fertilisation/weeding pesticide and nonplussed about horses & John Deer, only time will tell once I get to play and when we get great mod maps to enjoy because for me Giants maps are pants😁
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    I will be out of town next week (why did GIANTS decide to launch this over the US Thanksgiving Holiday week LOL). But I'm wrapping up my FS17 series on GreenRiver and spending some off camera time enjoying the new Mercury Farms. But once I get back to my gaming rig I'll install FS19 and start my cotton growing empire. looking forward to the release as I think it will be fantastic. As for the Giants streams that have been taking place this week. It's easy to "arm-chair quarterback" these things from the sidelines. I've been somewhat frustrated and at times somewhat joyful in what I've seen and the way the info has been presented. I've just about decided to stop watching it all and just wait until I can dive in and experience it all first hand. Jerry
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    I thought this group would be lighting up over the near release of FS19. Why so quiet? Have watched bits and pieces of the pre-release live stream by Giants and will have to say it has been a little difficult to watch (English Version), but there does appear to be a fair amount of enhancements to make it worth while to transition over. Are we just destined to switch over or are there some members out there who will stay on FS17? Trying to hear what players are thinking. Let me know.
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