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    This is the custom farm silo system from the Emerald Coast USA map... first in the FS 2017 version, now redone for the upcoming FS 2019 version of the map. Now made available as a placeable for those who would like a realistic American style farm silo system for their farms. The capacity is set to a realistic figure, calculated from the volumes of the bins used in the system. The capacity per type is 1925400 Liters and the purchase price is a more realistic $1,185,000.00... although IRL this system would likely cost even more. This silo system holds all the default game grains: wheat, barley, oat, canola, corn, soybean and sunflower... since grain silo systems IRL cannot store cotton or root crops like sugarbeets and potatoes, this one does NOT store those either. Have fun with it and enjoy, and remember NOT to upload this to other scraper sites please... Credits: Giants - concepts and triggers ccs101 - configuration and texture fixes LWM - bin, dryer and building models Rand0mSprks - grain leg model
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    GIANTS is requesting feedback regarding user experiences related to the sounds in FS19. I would encourage you to go vote in this poll as it appears (hopefully) GIANTS is finally starting to listen to the feedback of the user base. https://forum.giants-software.com/viewtopic.php?f=963&t=141650
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    So far 42% say it's bad and 25% say it's not good i think the motor sounds of the tractors sound more like coffee grinders.
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