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    Wright I did add it to a few of my 17 maps and people drove me crazy telling me my map made the workers not work so maybe one day i will put it on a map but for now i am just going to leave it alone
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    do not add this as it makes the hired workers worse than bloody useless
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    Farming Simulator 19 - B.O.B. Lookaround - Southern Farming - https://youtu.be/-ZMp5zn8op4
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    First field harvested, the map is nice I recommend it. in mod discovery thanks to the mapper
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    Found out through Farmer Klein youtube review, This map looks awesome cant wait to start farming on it. Thanks
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    just downloaded the map after seeing a Farmer Klein first look. It looks fantastic . Thank you for all the work.
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    Great map plenty to do and not just the boring square fields will enjoy playing this one 🚜🚜
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    Map fantastique ! La meilleure map que j'ai downloadée sur fs 19. Beaucoup de points de vente. Graphisme extraordinaire. Vous avez fait de l'excellent travail, merci.
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    Thanks! Looks good!
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