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Came across this on you tube, worth a look
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Hello you all. So yesterday was the release of Pure Farming 2018. And I decided to give it a go and live stream at the same time. 
For me it did not start wery good the game crashes the first 6 attempt to start it. But I did not give up and we were of playing the game. For me I like the story and some of the features of that game. But I am having a big problem with the key bindings in the game. You can’t make your own key bindings because the game developers decided that we are not going to have that in the game. 
And you can only have the G29 steering wheel program to the game at the moment. 
And a x box controller.  So if you have G27 steering wheel you can’t use it sadly or any other wheels. 
But from all of that I enjoy the game because it has some nice features. Like the machines can brake down on you and you need to fix them.   And the do get dirty so need to be cleaned. You do work for other farmers to but for that you use your own machines to do that. And that is what I like most about it. 
So so that is how far I did get yesterday. I will add more to this as soon I have played the game more and tested the animals and green houses and more. 
Is the game worth buying I cannot answer that for you. Take a look at my live stream and make up your own mind 😊. BR Ice 
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I am uploading this for Shy Wizard, some of you maybe know his YouTube Tutorials. He converted the Potato Washer and Steamer from Farmer Andy(FS15) to FS17 with the new mcompany Script.  He has permission to share this with you from Farmer Andy, so have fun. 
Needed Mods:
mCompany Graphic
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Hi all,
I have to questions:
1, Is there any station for FS17 with solid fertilizer that can put solid fertilizer directly to trailer?
2, How it is possible to add to the traffic non standard vehicles, for example tractor like it is in Oakfield farm?
Thank you. 
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I am very pleased to announce today the final tally is in and during the 24 hour charity live stream we raised 310  USD for Doctors Without Borders.  I would like to take a moment and thank every one for their support. This includes all the live streamers, the support staff, pc-sg staff, donors, players and viewers. I had an absolute blast personally and I think it's safe to say we'll do another drive at some point in time.  Everyone exceeded my expectations, and the finally tally still blows my mind. Thank you all once again, RB.
Lastly I'd like to leave you all with a few shots to remember this occasion. 
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12 hours in all sanity is lost, we have raised 192 dollars so far but still having a laugh, come and join us https://akshatmittal.com/youtube-realtime/#!/UCx8tENid1hh70Hyqpij47ZA
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An edit of Sosnovka Not 3.1 which was an edit of the default map, Sosnovka. The map is seasons ready.
All animals around the main farm, many fields deleted and some fields enlarged, Two placeable area's and room for placeable's at the farm.
Many Industries added to the map all with auto sell function, new chicken mod added so now you can breed or just leave as normal, note you will have to water and feed you chickens.
New watering system added to give the animals a drink, New auto stack bale sheds added and all new root crop shed system as well as storage for loose hay and straw.
Compost maker and the ability to spread compost on the fields, seed , fertilizer and biodiesel makers.
A big thank you to Stevie for letting me use his industries from his maps
A big big thank you to GTX - Andy for all his hard work helping me.
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Hello all now Johnny Vee is done with his map and will be releast on friday 2/3 18 
Here is a first look video fore you all hope you like it 
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So... I've recently uploaded my first map to giants mod hub (Crawford Farms). The initial testing for version was a little frustrating... I think it got kicked back 3, maybe 4 times. But really I was okay with that. With it being my first map, I was expecting it to fail for things that I had overlooked, or things I didn't know they would check for. Thankfully I have other mod friends who have released to modHub, so they gave me a heads up for things like mipMaps (although I still missed a few). And that's okay, because at the end of the day I knew I was putting out a better product. <br style="background-color:#efefef;color:#222222;font-size:14px;"><br style="background-color:#efefef;color:#222222;font-size:14px;">Two things however that really frustrated me about the original upload was that I wasn't able to sign my signature to the bottom of my modDesc. It is in the guidelines that it fails for this but I put in a submission comment a couple of examples where better know modders were granted permission. This is the first example of bias towards new modders. The second example that my mod is listed as BETA. Why? No one has given me a reasonable explanation as to why. <br style="background-color:#efefef;color:#222222;font-size:14px;"><br style="background-color:#efefef;color:#222222;font-size:14px;">Now... move on to version Note the changelog:
Changelog: V1.0.0.1- Fixed seasons mod snow issue- Added trigger markers for fuel station and repair point at main farm- Lowered floating trigger marker at BGA- Removed snow from inside greenhouse- Fixed description. Map does not support sugar cane at this point in time.- Reduced file size- Replaced fuel station at main farm so you no longer need to run the AAA_UPK Mod-ready- Note: if you have stored fuel at this location it is suggested that you put it into a trailer before updating or all fuel will be lost.
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So Neil was not at the shop when I purchased the cultivator, I asked Liam three different times if he was sure this would go with the Massy 7700 I was getting, it looked a little big. Liam said aye three times, but I was a little unsure still, but I had work to do and so I did not want to wait till the next day when I could talk to Neil. Sure Neil was only the mechanic there but so far he has steered me right and I was willing to take his advice, now I have taken this cultivator up to the island to start my work at the main farm. I get all the way there and get into the cow field and drop the cultivator and my tractor will hardly pull it, so I run it a bit and realize that Liam steered me wrong and I have to go clear back to the shop and waste more time with that fool.
I decide to stop by the house and ask Thomas’ advice and he lets me know that Liam is a bit of a langer and only works there since it is his uncles shop, I got the Kuhn DC 401 due to how it was compact and would fit well around the town and on the ferry, I cant go to long or some turns and the ferry are out of the question. Thomas said that there are too many rocks in the ground to go with a single row like that, and that a tiller style will catch and that a disc style will roll over the rocks and can be filed and hammered into shape later. Thomas called up Neil and asked if he could help even if it was his day off, Neil said he has one he had just made up himself he would sell for cheap, he said just to head over to his place not far from the shop and pick it up and I could bring him cash later for it. So even though I am no dwarf nor do I work in a mine the high ho song was in my head as I drove off, sitting there on a few old pallets was my new cultivator Neil even showed me how to stick the pallets in the frame so I could sit it down anytime I wanted.
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As the title asks, are you looking at buying this new Farming sim game? there are some good videos and promotion material to have a good idea of the direction of this new game, due for release 18th of March 2018.
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View File Crawford Farms
Welcome to Crawford Farms (Seasons Mod Ready)... This map is based of the East Coast of Canada. A Google Earth image and correct terrain levels were used to correctly represent the area as close as possible.
- The map includes all Farming Simulator 17 base features and much more...
- Seasons Mod ready with Eastern Canada Geo installed
- Compost Master, Bio Fuel Plant, and Liquid Fertilizer Production
- Free Water
- Animated Objects
- Multi-Terrain and Mud Mod
- 10 Gold Nuggets
- 40 Fields from small to large (Missions on 39 of them)
- Tons of forestry throughout the map
- Chopped Straw
- Fuel, Milk, & Liquid Fertilizer Sell Points 
- Note: AAA_UPK Mod is required for refillable fuel tank on the farm.
I hope you all enjoy the map!          -Rubberburner89
rubberburner89 Submitted 26/01/18 Category Maps Credits Authors: Rubberburner89
Models/Game Engine: Giants
Scripts: Realismusmodding
    Blacksheep - RC-Devil
    kevink98 - Marhu
Models: GTX
    seba j
    Realistic Farmers
    Blacksheep Modding
    CBJ Midwest Modding
    MUK Modding Crew
    kingkalle - Team LTW
If I missed someone in the credits. I did the best I could compiling the list. Feel free to send me a message so I can add you to the list in future versions.
Special thanks to Toranion, Johnny Vee, and Maverik74 for provided tremendous help throughout the project. Also big thanks to all the testers involved, all those from pc-sg.uk and also fs-uk.com.
Mod Author Rubberburner89 Features - The map includes all Farming Simulator 17 base features and much more...

- Seasons Mod ready with Eastern Canada Geo installed

- Compost Master, Bio Fuel Plant, and Liquid Fertilizer Production

- Free Water

- Animated Objects

- Multi-Terrain and Mud Mod

- 10 Gold Nuggets

- 40 Fields from small to large (Missions on 39 of them)

- Tons of forestry throughout the map

- Chopped Straw

- Fuel, Milk, & Liquid Fertilizer Sell Points 

- Note: AAA_UPK Mod is required for refillable fuel tank on the farm.  
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The Volvo FH16 750 Short Wheel Base.

This is the top of the line edition and comes fitted with Twin Axles and interactive indoor hud. Gearbox Addon is full supported.

Can be used with all semi trailers and features adjustable mirrors, movable semi trailer hitch and rain sensing wipers. Interactive Control is also an option for a real vehicle feel.

Front Strobe Lights come installed with the optional beacon lights, these can be removed by hand from the front of the truck if required.

Gearbox status is displayed on dash as (D,N,R) If used with Gearbox Addon then current gear number will be displayed (Forward: 0-12, Reverse: R1,R2).

This Mod is only available on http://ls-modcompany.com or https://www.pc-sg.uk. Any other links will not be supported in anyway.


BeifahrerV3.lua: Alex2009 

InteractiveControl.lua:  Manuel Leithner (2017 Version Changes GtX)

InteractiveComponentInterface.lua:  Manuel Leithner (2017 Version Changes  GtX)

InteractiveWindows.lua:  Manuel Leithner (2017 Version Changes  GtX)

InteractiveButtons.lua:  Manuel Leithner (2017 Version Changes  GtX)

InteractiveExternal.lua:  GtX

lockMovingTools.lua:   GtX

realCab.lua:   GtX

animXML:  Ziuta

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Howdy Ya'all!  I wanted to let you all know I just started a new multiplayer.  This is not an official PCSG multiplayer, hence the reason I posted this under announcements and not pcsg multiplayer.  You can find my multiplayer as "CountryBoy Dedi Server" in the international section.  The map is Mills County, and the password is "mills."  Hope to see you there!
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Hi folks,
Cherry Hills is a fabulous map which I play solo with CoursePlay but I've had a lot of trouble setting up certain aspects.  I'm hoping some more experienced players can give me some hints & tips?
Field 3 is an absolute blighter for pretty much everything, although I've used the Ground Modification mod to straighten the right side.  Because of the L-shape, I can't find an optimal Combine mode starting point
The big BGA complex is a fantastic money-maker, but I can't seem to automate the transfer of digestate to the triggers for digestate input, liquid fertilizer or diesel.
The big containers for seed, diesel and fertilizers on the main farm have triggers that CoursePlay doesn't seem to recognise - eg. my Amazone seeders won't refill from the solid fertilizer trigger.
Is this just because the mods' triggers aren't properly written, or is there a workaround?
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View File FarmingTablet - App: Storage House
This App works only in combination with FarmingTablet.
App functions:
- Lists all buildings marked by StorageHouse-Script
Compatible Mods:
- Placeable StorageHouse
- Maps using the StorageHouse.lua
Value/Purchase Price: $3.000
GtX Submitted 13/01/18 Category Ls Modcompany Credits AUTHOR: (LS-Modcompany) GtX, Kevink98, Eribus
Mod Author GtX, Kevink98, Eribus Mod/Map Credits Features  
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These bale storage buildings are a great way to store a large amount of bales. These storage sheds are the perfect match for Seasons mod.
(Tablet App Coming Soon)

Bales can be respawned on demand by using the built in menu interface. This building is also compatable with the Farming Tablet when using the 'Storage House App'.
Square Bale Storage: Straw, Grass and Hay Square Bales (108 Bales of each type).
Round Bale Storage: Straw, Grass, Silage and Hay Round Bales (120 Bales of each type).
IMPORTANT: Modified bale sizes will be accepted and respawned in the same order as delivered. The physical size/look of the respawned bale will be the same as a defualt bale no matter the size.
Ground markers are linked to the game settings menu.
CAUTION: Large Buildings (Flat ground only)!
NOTE: Smaller Barn style buildings are currently testing and will be released soon.
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##- App for FarmingTablet -##
This App works only in combination with FarmingTablet.
App functions:
  - Lists all Bunker Silos and provides up to date information including fermenting time and fill level information
Value/Purchase Price: 3.000€

This board storage building has room for 27 Board Pallets. This building is designed to be used with the Sawmill by Kevink98 (LS-Modcompany).
(Tablet App Coming Soon)

Pallets can be respawned on demand by using the built in menu interface. This building is also compatable with the Farming Tablet when using the 'Storage House App'.
Modified pallet sizes will be accepted and respawned in the same order as they are delivered.
Ground markers are linked to the game settings menu.

Hello all…
Since late December I’ve really been enjoying playing the early access release of Cattle and Crops (v.  If you haven’t visited my YouTube Channel, please do so and watch my Cattle and Crops video series showcasing the available missions in the game.
While my level of enjoyment has been high, it hasn’t been without frustration.  I’m a really picky simulation gamer and practically refuse to play simulation based games (especially driving type games) without my trusty Logitech G27 steering wheel, pedals and shifter console.  Unfortunately, Cattle and Crops is yet another simulation based game which is available where controller support appears to be somewhat of an after-thought.
After several hours of some trial and a whole lot of error, I have determined the best configuration settings I need to configure my Logitech G27 hardware with Cattle and Crops.  While it’s not exactly the way I would like to have things, it will work until such time that hopefully the CnC Devs will better enhance their controller support for the game.
I’m not sure if these steps will work with older or newer Logitech controllers.  I only own the G27 and only have that model to test with.  In addition, I’m not sure if these steps will work with non-Logitech branded hardware.  But my hope is that you might get an idea from this video which may work with these other setups.  Good luck!
If you have questions regarding any of the steps I’ve outlined in the video, please leave a comment on the video or alternatively you are free to join my Discord server and contact me there.
Watch this video on YouTube.
The post How to setup the Logitech G27 with Cattle and Crops appeared first on PLANES, TRAINS AND AUTOMOBILES - And Farming Too!.
View the original article...........
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Well most of you may have heard of the tv series on discovery channel. Where they show a group of men going to Alaska to find gold. So if you have then you know what this game is all about. 
But if you have not then I will try my best to tell you 🤔
You start with just 200 dollar in your pocket and an old pickup truck in Alaska. 
You need to go to the bank to rent a claim to dig for gold. 
In town you have the bank and supply store and big machine sale where you can buy different brands and kind machines. 
When you get to the claim you have the basic things to dig out gold by hand. 
When you have enough money you can then go and buy machinery to dig the gold out. 
What do I think about this game?  Well I do like it and it is fun. You need to do many things by hand to get things to work. 
But the game is still very buggy and need more work. You can have a steering wheel and joystick to play with. The problem with that is you need to unplug all controls out of the pc before you start the game the plug in 1 of the controls map it then get out of the game unplug it start the game up and repeat that on all your controls. 
The are are going to release a dlc on 19 of January som new machines and what I have seen I like. But the game have not changed much since the released it. 
Hope this is some help for you that have thinking of to buy it is it worth the money? I think so it’s not expensive and if you like sandbox game this is maybe something for you 😊
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Fun multiplayer members only server.
Map Changed to Stevies Beever Creek fully loaded with equipment.
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I have decided that I don't want to shell out £129 for this

Instead I am going to build my own button box with a joystick, it won't look as fancy or have 25 buttons, but it will give me great satisfaction in building it.
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This is awesome, but expensive. $179.00 before tax and shipping. Anyone want to buy me a Christmas present?

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View File Exclusive Content FS17 Agrovation
After a long-term partnership with GIANTS, the innovative developer of the Farming Simulator 2017, we decided to make it an exclusive one. The result of this co-operation is a so far unparalleled complex and sustainable project – the HORSCH AgroVation expansion pack.
  Thus, the users of the farming simulator can play on the original 3,000-ha-farm HORSCH AgroVation in Knežmost in the Czech Republic (near Prague). For HORSCH the project is much more than just a game. In the first step HORSCH will use the Mod Pack to train the own employees on the farm. But new employees, too, will be able to become familiar with the farming processes on the farm more quickly. The next steps will be to import real GPS data from the tractors and the HORSCH machines into the game to simulate in the future how for example the plant will develop with different sowing periods.   Everyone can get the exclusive HORSCH expansion pack at the Agritechnica in the HORSCH Shop free of charge. A limited quantity will be available at the show. For those who will not manage to go to the show, the expansion pack will be available as a download in 2018
Here is the key to allow the download 143208267411
Prom Submitted 14/11/17 Category Maps Credits https://forum.giants-software.com/viewtopic.php?f=893&t=118765&hilit=horsch&start=75
You could use this key: 143208267411 here https://www.farming-simulator.com/extraContent.php and should get it.
Mod Author Giants Features  
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