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Seasons brings a new life to the game as playing a LONG season length.  No more grind  of plow, plant, harvest, repeat.  This topic will introduce some things to consider when setting out on a long season game play.

Crop planting and field management: Serious planning needs to occur as to what crops you will be putting in what fields.  As once you plant your crops its going to be 48-72 game days before harvest time.  Plant to little of something and the window to plant will pass and your stuck with what you have for a full game year until you can do anything else or plow it under and leave the field dormant.  Look at the seasons planting schedule as to what you can plant and when.   Can you squeeze two harvests out of a field?  With the Mid-West US geo it is possible to plant winter wheat, harvest the wheat in early summer and still have time to plant corn or soybeans for a fall harvest.  if things work out well you can then rotate the field again into wheat/barley or canola for the following spring.  Not all geo mods will let you do this so know your geo and plan around it.  
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Join me for a journey of a life time as I progress through 24 day seasons game play on Churn Farms 2017 from FS-UK.  Look for more blog entries as we progress.  We will be keeping a kind of farmers dairy to keep track of weather field work progress, crop yields ect.


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FS17 Pine Cove - Seasons
Snowing in Summer!!!
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"Don't Feed The Trolls". Everyone has heard that phrase before. It is a undeniable if unpleasant fact that there are people who delight in disliking,trolling and occasionally bullying YouTube creators and Live streamers. This is what I like to call "the dark side of YouTube" It is a topic that no one who does "how to" videos about YouTube ever talks about. Having been a content creator for nearly four years, I thought I would give you some of my thoughts on this subject.


I never understood this particular "ranking" mechanic on YouTube, If you don't like a video don't watch it. It makes not one bit of difference to me if you don't like my videos, I make them firstly for me and for fun. Having said that, I do try to make videos people enjoy, but that is not my sole motivation. Instead of a dislike, I would rather see a comment telling me what it is you disliked. I may listen I may not, but at least you made the effort to tell me what you didn't like. At the end of the day a "like" and a "dislike" are the same thing, a view on the video. Thanks for watching.


It is an unpleasant fact of life on the internet that there are people who derive pleasure from insulting and degrading your work. They have their own motivations, whether it be ignorance, jealousy, insecurity or just the fact that they think they are funny, clever and cool. I don't do well with trolls. I violate the "don't feed the trolls" suggestion constantly and nothing will send me off on a venom filled foul mouthed rant quicker than some idiot who thinks it's cool to tear down my work. I don't mind being called an idiot, in fact most of my channel is built around that very premise, but it is entirely a different matter to be vulgar and insulting. Woe to those who insult my friends as that is something I will NEVER stand for.
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Not to start an argument or anything and please don't take this in wrong way this goes out to all map makers who think they have ownership and who make claims of copyright for everything they do, but I hope you do realize you have to actually file a copyright claim for any and all digital items with proof of creation which is a costly deal to do, plus the second you make a map public and is put on public websites all items contained therin ie: map and map objects unless copyright notice and proof is posted for public viewing all items are public domain and if said map is published on the giants website all item become the property of giants so pleas as a map maker stop making claims of ownership as it is just hot air being blown there is no copyright and if you don't want people using your items then why are you making them public? you should be happy that others find items within your map or maps interesting enough to put in their own maps provided correct credit is given. I understand that some of you work hard and long to create stuff but if you don't want it out there then I suggest you don't put it out. Ok so I am sure someone will now say that this **BadWord** them off and they will quite and never release anything again. Well my answer to that is if your gonna be a cry baby about it then so be it. I create maps also and anything in my maps is created by others. Ether that be giants or the many great moders out there. I know what kind of hours are put into creating a map but I do it for fun and for others to enjoy and never will you hear me cry if someone takes my map and makes it into a map they enjoy playing. They may add some stuff they may remove some stuff I don't really care as long as they are enjoying it and having fun. All I ask is that they maybe try and remember to give me credit for the base map and if they forget or don't so be it I had fun creating the map and have moved on to my next project it's no big deal it's a freaking game and everyone needs to relax and enjoy. Sit back and watch how many people will take your creation and make something new from it. Who know's maybe they will think of something or have an idea that you didn't think of and you could implement in a future update.

Ok enough ranting time to get back to farming. 
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Article or Review Author Bipolar Prophet

Bipolar Prophet Gaming and The Monkey Show are proud to present the First Annual Farming Simulator Olympics. To be held on August 20th 2017 beginning at 2PM EST A fun way to showcase your Farming Simulator skills, have a laugh and maybe win a prize. The Monkey Show has worked very hard to design and test the challenges and we can say that they will be challenging. The Event will be held on a custom map created by The Monkey Show and will feature only 4 mods. As with everything we do, this is meant to be fun and light-hearted.

The Challenges

1. Plowing Plowing in a straight line with connected furrows is indeed a skill and with 64 channels of multi-terrain angle installed on the map it's even more of a challenge.

2. Bale Stacking and Reversing  Stacking bales is also a skill as is reversing a dolly bale trailer. This one is in my opinion the hardest challenge and should make for the most fun.

3. Forestry  Cut down two trees, cut them into logs, load them onto the in-game Stepa log trailer and drive them to an unload point. simple right? Wait and see.....

4. Last Vehicle Standing Race There is a fantastic and slightly insane "race track" around the map. This challenge is really just for fun and it is truly a blast to try and keep your truck on this track....

As I said, this is meant to be fun and light hearted  be prepared to laugh and be laughed at all in good -natured fun. I cannot promise that it will always be "G" rated but I can promise no one will go out of their way to be offensive or vulgar.

Thanks for taking the time to check out The Monkey Show Presents The Farming Simulator Olympics. A overview video of the event along with sign up information can be found HERE

{title }

Game version

Star rating0

Log Errors

Mod or Map Features,/strong>

Required mods

Suggested mods




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Please check out my latest Mod Review. This time we look at three different Claas Tractors, which have become my ingame favourites and will be for some time....I hope you enjoy.


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Three separate pickups that have now been made useful on the farm. All versions have adjustable mirrors, 2 x interior types and option to fit Interactive Controls.    

Interactive Control: doors, windows, lights, inside light, hazard lights and start/stop engine. Door can be open from outside when IC is optioned.

1. Pickup Tipper - Can be used to transport all bulk products. Tipper has built in rams to tip tray and black crop cover. Rear door can be opened by hand.
2. Flatbed - Removable tray sides and rear from outside only, Option to install UAL Script. Can also carry Multi Liquid Tanker (available in store "misc"), sides and rear frames must be hand removed to attach tanker.
3. Flatbed Cage - Designed for use with small logs up to 2.5 meters. Option to install forestry UAL script. Doors can only be opened from outside.
4. Multi liquid tanker - Designed to be fitted to "Flatbed Pickup" only. If UAL is optioned on pickup it will not auto load when tank is attached.



BeifahrerV3.lua: Alex2009 

InteractiveControl.lua:  Manuel Leithner (2017 Version Changes GtX)

InteractiveComponentInterface.lua:  Manuel Leithner (2017 Version Changes  GtX)

InteractiveWindows.lua:  Manuel Leithner (2017 Version Changes  GtX)

InteractiveButtons.lua:  Manuel Leithner (2017 Version Changes  GtX)

InteractiveExternal.lua:  GtX

lockMovingTools.lua:   GtX

realCab.lua:   GtX

AutoLoadWood.lua:  Marhu (FS17 Conversion  -  fcelsa)

coverKotte:  Farmer Andy (Based on scripting by Giants Software)

emptyMe:  Blacky_BPG

motohoursCounter:  agro787

newMaterialHolder:  Ifko[nator]

OverloadPipe:  Kevink98

trailerAnimateDoors:  50keda, Ziuta, (Changes to lock when connected - GtX)

UAL: Hot Online Team

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Tatra Phoenix AR Truck
This Truck is designed to be used with all AR / Frame equipment. Optional Interactive Controls for most cabin features, animated cab including warning lights, windows, doors, wipers.

Support for the Gearbox Addon, option to fit front and rear 3-Point Hitchs and wide mud tyres. Gearbox status is displayed on dash as (D,N,R)

If used with Gearbox Addon then current gear number will be displayed (Forward: 0-12, Reverse: R1,R2).



addStoreCategory.lua:  Ifko[nator]

BeifahrerV3.lua: Alex2009 

InteractiveControl.lua:  Manuel Leithner (2017 Version Changes GtX)

InteractiveComponentInterface.lua:  Manuel Leithner (2017 Version Changes  GtX)

InteractiveWindows.lua:  Manuel Leithner (2017 Version Changes  GtX)

InteractiveButtons.lua:  Manuel Leithner (2017 Version Changes  GtX)

InteractiveExternal.lua:  GtX

lockMovingTools.lua:   GtX

realCab.lua:   GtX

selectable.lua:  ls-for-ever
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PentaDB50 Trailer - Paintable
@Nordvarg has kindly give me permission to release a paintable version of his excellent Penta DB50 trailer here on pc-sg.


You can now customize both the body and the rims



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Watts Farm 17 for Seasons mod
A great farm for small equipment now with seasons snow mask

FSM Chef for his objects he allowed me to use from his Auenbach map greatly appreciated. Marhu for his objects and scripts used. Giants for the game There is a few other objects i used from modhoster i will get those names and update this next map update but to those guys thank you very much.

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Watts Farm 17 for Seasons mod 1
Article or Review AuthorSpecies7

 Watts Farm has progressed from a simple single player map for FS 15 into a very relaxing single player , medium to small gear , or even old school gear experience with excellent storage beyond most maps it's size.

 It has all the features ready for seasons mod as well as the fixes required if you choose to not use seasons.

All of the standard animals are there and in nice close proximity of the main farm buildings.

From the front door of your house you look out over the entire valley with regular contoured fields ranging from flat to quite steep.

When you venture out you will also discover three narrow mountain canyons.One takes you to the pigs with an exit through another canyon to the cows.Another leads you to the main sale point for the map and the final to the forestry area complete with crane  ,log pond and working sawmill.

Lots of vehicle storage, a nice tractor shop and gas station and a clear spot for a placeable just off the main farm yard round out this excellent map.

 Of course the map comes with a generous but well thought out compliment of gear if that is your play style.

Mod AuthorClint

Game versionFS17

Star rating5

Log ErrorsNo

Download Link

Mod or Map Features,/strong>Seasons ready , Chopped straw ready ,Marhus sawmill

Required mods

Suggested modsSeasons , Slobee , all the classic kit you can find

ProsVery relaxing atmosphere in a pleasant ,small valley. Great size for trying older and smaller gear without feeling overwhelmed

Consthe chickens have been looking at me strangely

Summery A great small map with an easy style that will give you many relaxing hours of farm Sim goodness.

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Would one of our many talented Youtubers like to make a 2 minute introduction to PC-SG for both the website and facebook?

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Iceland Live Stream
20.00 UK Time every Friday evening.

This is a members only live stream multiplayer, you have to be a known member in order to join simply because it's a live stream multiplay game and we have to keep it Family rated at all times.

If you would like to join us message either Icelandic farmer or Johnny Vee to get the server password and Discord channel invite, you can watch on Icelandic's Youtube or twitch channel the chaos that happens on a Friday evening.

Message Icelandic or Johnny Vee

Watch live on Youtube or Twitch
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I have been forced to redo our facebook page which is different to the one we previously used, this is the new page link https://www.facebook.com/pcsgwonko/

and the group is now 


Please remove the old links in your Facebook account for pcsg and link to the new ones above.

Please everyone join the page and group so that we can grow on facebook as well.
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Field Service Trailer
Remote Service trailer that enables you to configure vehicles in the field and can also carry fuel if required.

Rear door must be open to activate service menu. Fuel pump must also be started to fuel any vehicle at the trailer.

MP Supported and Fully Tested.


---- repairVehicles - Script is currently not supported. ----
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Description map
Mavericksfarm  is a 4x flat map with 21 large fields and allot of nice flat room for

all these nice placeable mods out there.

The map is made with the bigbud in mind,so it became a map for bigtoys.

5 additional fruits oat , rye , triticale , spelt , millet.

Plenty enough to do on this map.

There is enough grass on the map to cut so you can easely have enough to keep the animals alive during the winter (seasons)

Milk don't sell automaticly, so you will need the kotte universal pack to transport your milk.

Version 2 UPDATE

This is version 2 and the final version of Mavericksfarm  Seasons ready

Unless there appear some problems i will short them out if possible.

I added allot in the second version and improved some things.

- cut down the forestry area,it was to big and i hear it makes the area laggy.

- removed the sawmill for boardpallets and placed 2 woodfactory's in place.

-changed palletfactory's and moved to forestry area

-changed BGA area (siloking under the ground for acces with tipper

-and changed biodiesel area

-removed the little greenhouses and created one big greenhouse that produce 8 different fruits

-removed pallets from greenhouse,compost is needed to produce instead.

-added manure,seeds and fertilizer to farmsilo's

-removed all trees and renewed to work with the seasons mod

-tried to label everything for your comfort.

-the map has 2 placeable area's made snowfree , it's marked on the PDA

ADDED more to do i include an xml with all factory's on it

PS: make sure you don't have other maps in your modfolder because that probably will cause conflicts for this map.

This was my first map and my first steps in map modding, now i know how much work this is i respect all modders even more.

This map was a learning proces , i hope you enjoy the map.

After a few weeks rest i probably gonna make another normal size map so solo players also can enjoy a map of mine.


Modders (sorry if i forget someone)










scripts Kevin98 and Marhu


Urmodder: BaTt3RiE


and all other modders . Allot respect

A special thank you to chaseydog (pc-sg modding ) to help fix some problems

Last but not least 

Shywizard (youtube) for his nice tutorials,learned allot of that

Nick the Hick for his nice placeable reviews , that gives me nice ideas to build in

For support go to my page https://www.facebook.com/MaverickDesigns-849500818533102/

factory's mavsfarm.txt
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Geez…sometimes you have to wonder if all this is really worth it……
It’s been brought to my attention that someone using the name or handle of GrizzlyMan has been doing some pretty despicable things with various Farming Simulator mods (including maps) and re-uploading them to various mod hosting sites including modhub.  One specific example has to do with the Hobbs Farm map.  Grizzlyman made some edits, created lots of errors and then re-uploaded Hobbs Farm (calling it Texas Dedication of Hobbs Farm) to modhub.
One of my viewers contacted me about this and wanted to bring it to my attention.  Note:  My viewer DID NOT accuse me (GrizzlyBearSims) and GrizzlyMan as being one in the same person.  He was simply bringing this to my attention and simply mentioned some could get confused.  Especially since I’m originally from Texas and proud of it.
My internet persona or identity is GrizzlyBearSims.  With exception to just a few forums where where I may go by FarmingSimJT, my YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Twitch, PC-SG, 3DudesGN and of course my own website/blog site are all branded as GrizzlyBearSims.  While I’m not opposed to having my real identity revealed…I prefer to just do everything related to my simulation gaming hobby handled under my branded name of GrizzlyBearSims.
Of course, those who know me…know that I rarely do any modding and again….those who really know the real me, also know that I would never sink to the levels of those who steal from our modding community and violate their wishes by uploading to these dreadful websites.  In addition, while I’ve heard about the Hobbs Farm map, I’ve never downloaded it, never installed it and have never played it.  The only connection I have with the Hobbs Farm map is to be a member of the Hobbs Farm Facebook community.
I don’t know who GrizzlyMan is (also goes by Grandpa Grizzly) and truth be known, I don’t care to know him.  I (Jerry) do not have any sort of trademark or exclusive use to the word “Grizzly”, but I could see where someone might confuse the two of us.
Anyway….I just wanted to write something stating my case and placing it into the interwebz so hopefully there will no confusion going forward.
Until next time….
Happy Simming and thanks for reading!!!
The post A Grizzly Confusion appeared first on PLANES, TRAINS AND AUTOMOBILES - And Farming Too!.
View the original article...........
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Blue Ridge Acres
Map mod for Farming Simulator 17

This map is Seasons ready with Snow masks in place.

I put 3 Industries that fit the region and they are, Dairy, Orchard and Brewery.

The farm has been edited, the cow and pig husbandry were moved to the farm. The sheep are still at the same location from the GCV map. I did'nt move them to the farm because in the region where I live, the farmers don't really raise sheep.

Chopped Straw , Stop milk sales and Farming Tablet mods are in place on this map.

Additional Mods Required:

Farmer_Andy's: Universal Tanker mod pack Slowtide63's: Fliegl platform UAL (apple crates) (platform modeled by: Farmer_Andy)

Map Creator: Giants

Map Editor: MoFoOTY

Map Industry Advice: Farmer Klein

Mods: Farmer Andy, Ls Modcompany Realisimus Seasons Scripters: kevink98, BlackyBPG, Blacksheep - RC Devil, Ifkonator, Decker_MMIV and Marhu

Special thanks to Deceivious and Farmer Klien for play testing the map.

Other Credits: Stevie, Farmer Andy and OldGuyFarmer


BlueRidgeAcres V1.0

© 2017 by MoFoOTY

This mod is only hosted at PC-SG

Other websites are prohibited from the use and distribution of

this material unless authorized by the mod author.
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Hello and Welcome to the Official account of Behind The Hedge Gaming YT, I am a daily YouTube content creator & Live Streamer
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I deleted a hat in a John Deere Gator using GE and after doing so it somehow mesded up my camera if going to 3rd person view. When in 1st person its ok but when going to 3rd it puts the view to the left of the driver looking back at the driver. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
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So,  most of you old time FS folks probably know this already but I got a nice shock this morning.  I had a whole bunch of square silage bales just sitting around waiting on a good time to sell.  I disabled the Kuhn DLC last night to do a special multiplay session with Rockhound on my Serenity Valley youtube series as he does not have the Kuhn DLC.  This morning I was driving through an area that had 60+ silage bales stacked and noticed they where missing.  A quick check of the other places I had the bales stored and they are all gone.    It seems that since square silage bales are not a part of the base game if the Kuhn DLC is turned off of course equipment that is part of the DLC will not be on the map but I never thought about square silage bales.

Oh well,  with over 5 Million in cash a few hundred thousand earned by silage bales isn't gonna make a big impact on the finances.  


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Want a chance to win your very own copy of the Farming Simulator 17 Platinum Expansion Pack DLC coming in November?http://steamcommunity.com/…/anno…/detail/1333478037131149996

Watch my Farming Simulator 17 Livestreams for information on how to enter the GrizzlyBearSims Giveaway contest. I will be livestreaming my game play on the "Old Guy Farming" Challenge which you can learn more about from this link http://www.brtgaming.com/fs-2017.html

During each livestream I'll announce a special code which you will need to provide back to me via email to be registered in the contest. While you can only enter once per each code, each livestream will have a unique code. So you'll be able to enter multiple times between now and 31 October 2017. The more you watch, the more you enter...the better opportunity you'll have to win a copy of the FS17 Platinum Expansion pack.

So go ahead and subscribe to the GrizzlyBearSims YouTube channel today, so you'll be notified when I go live.https://www.youtube.com/c/grizzlybearsims

Thank you and speak to you very soon on YouTube.
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Snettertons Farm by Stevie.
Snettertons Farm by Stevie.
Fields to suite everyone small to large, boxed to shaped with multiple elevation changes.

Seasons mod ready, chopped straw, edited textures, multifruit, some production, forestry, larger storage silo and mill storage.

Unique map layout and installed mods and scripts from some of the best mod makers around.


Map Design, build and new texturing by Stevie.
Special thanks to Alex and Luke_BK for helping with the GPS mod fix for the map which jman found in server testing.
Installed Mods: KevinK98, Farmer_Andy, Marhu, Eisberg, Blacksheep - RC Devil, Kastor, Ifkonator, Luke_BK,
Stop Milk sale and Farmer_Andy's Universal Tanker mod pack.
All at Realisimus for the seasons mod,
Scripts used by: Marhu, KevinK98, Blacksheep - RC Devil, igor29381, Blacky_BPG, Xentro, Ifkonator and Decker_MMIV. Server Testing: Jman8798.
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Join me and Rockhound the creator of Serenity Valley and Serenity Valley II Rise of Industry as we introduce the Seasons mod.  This is a very special opportunity for me to play the map with the map author as well as to dig into the creative mind behind such a wonderful map.

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