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  1. PC-SG Dedicated Members Server https://t.co/cGy7NLgF9S #Farming Simulator #ETS2 #ATS https://t.co/Z3tQ02lIPx

  2. PC-SG Logo

    just updated it for you as well,
  3. Updated logo

    Version 1.0.0

    1 download

    Updated logo created by @Toranion
  4. Website News

    We have added a "New Posts" button on the forum page, also the members server has it's own information page with a button to link it next to the "new posts" button.
  5. Don't disable the Kuhn DLC if you have square silage bales https://t.co/nUPkc4Tpxd

  6. Snettertons Farm by Stevie.

    Was there a production in particular you are having difficulties with?
  7. Struggling with food poisoning, feeling better but still  not greatVomit)

    1. Wonko


      Tummy jiggling in the right way to day Woot)

  8. Horsch seeder

    Your both probably right, it's almost certainly Giants for the reasons above I was just curious if any body knew for sure, it also shows a certain amount of desperation or fear of what c&c might do to their market share to try and sabotage c&c like this.
  9. Horsch seeder

    Do we have any information that it was Giants yet? because there are a couple of other company's trying to get into the farming sim arena possibly Pure Farming or even Farm Expert
  10. Have a good time mate:)

  11. Horsch seeder

    A few days ago we received information that the manufacturing company Horsch teamed up with another farming game’s producer for an exclusive cooperation for the agricultural trade show Agritechnica. As part of this, Horsch cancels the collaboration with all other agricultural gaming companies. Therefore, we are obligated to remove all products and parts of the brand such as logos etc. and are not allowed to use any vehicles that we have built any longer. This circumstance unfortunately prevents us from delivering the seeding feature with the next update. Given this, we’ve decided to integrate the slurry tank wagon Stapel VT 18000 and make it available to you in the course of the week. We are in the process of building a new seed drill, which we’ll deliver as part of the seeding update as soon as it’s finished. No worries, we will keep you posted. We regret this decision very much, but nonetheless want to say thank you for the good cooperation and wish Horsch much success for the future. We hope to be working together again someday, we’d be looking forward to it. -------------------------------------------- [de] Vor einigen Tagen haben wir die Information bekommen, dass die Firma Horsch sich exklusiv für eine Kooperation mit einem anderen landwirtschaftlichen Spiel zur Landwirtschaftsmesse Agritechnica zusammengeschlossen hat. Somit beendet Horsch die Zusammenarbeit mit allen anderen Agrar-Gaming-Firmen. Dies hat für uns zur Folge, dass wir alle Produkte und Markenbestandteile wie Logos etc. entfernen müssen und die gebauten Maschinen nicht mehr verwenden können. Dieser Umstand hat dazu geführt, dass wir euch leider nicht wie geplant die das Saat-Update mit dem nächsten Update ausliefern können. Als Alternative werden wir das Gülleverteilfass Stapel VT 18000 integrieren und euch im Laufe der Woche zur Verfügung stellen. Für die Sätechnik läuft gerade die Konstruktion einer neuen Maschine. Sobald dies abgeschlossen ist, können wir das Saat-Update veröffentlichen. Wir halten euch dazu auf dem Laufenden. Wir bedauern diese Entscheidung sehr, bedanken uns aber für die gute Zusammenarbeit in der Vergangenheit und wünschen der Firma Horsch weiterhin viel Erfolg. Vielleicht finden wir in der Zukunft wieder offiziell zusammen, wir würden uns freuen.
  12. turning off auto emojicons

    All sorted a few days ago
  13. Bipolar Prophet Gaming https://t.co/FRQ8d1vERQ #Farming Simulator #ETS2 #ATS #Flight Simulator https://t.co/EzOeChM55o

  14. Reefy1952 https://t.co/OUualdo1qR #Farming Simulator #ETS2 #ATS #Flight Simulator https://t.co/d6KAxcDULM

  15. New Channel Listings Page

    This applies to all Youtubers, Twitchers and Mixers who have their channels listed on the forum, we have a new listings page to better display your channels and make it easier to find channels. You just put in your details in the forms including your channel link, you still can promote your channel through the forums as well with updates and news, this will be linked to your listing on the channels page. Looking forward to seeing all of you listed on the channels page, I have set @mereman up already to show everyone what they look like. Channels added will get a twitter card created and posted on twitter automatically as a bonus.

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