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  1. Plain and Simple Download?

    @Stevienormally uploads here about 7 days after fb
  2. This is a two part poll for all members of pc-sg, you need to vote for a map and then if you want to play that map with seasons or not. The pc-sg server is provided for all our members to use by Icelandic farmer and Johnny Vee and is up 24/7 unless any updates are being applied including mods. Please take a few seconds to cast your vote, and if you have not already join and do some multiplayer farming, its a great way to spend some free time with likeminded farming nuts
  3. Way to technical for me mate, perhaps, @Andy (GTX MODS) or @Prom or @Toranion or @Johnny Vee might be able to point you in the right direction.
  4. PCSG intro video

    Great new intro Jim
  5. Flying at 10,000 feet

    Same problem for me on the same map but it happens regardless of mods in my folder or not.
  6. Stappenbach17

    Zero fields but a healthy bank balance to get you started.
  7. Hi @Jachin Have a look here https://www.realismusmodding.com/mods/seasons/manual/modding/info-for-map-makers specifically the Preparing map for release, could be something there causing your problem.
  8. PC-SG Multieplay Server

    Another map for consideration would be West Cost by Bulletbill.
  9. Blue Ridge Acres

    You need to use the replace setting, place the brush on the land that is at the correct height press ctr R, the brush should now be set to the same height move it over the area that you need to flaten press and the area should be at the same height.
  10. Blue Ridge Acres

    You probably already know but just incase you dont, you need to unzip a mod or map in order to work on them in GE, then when you are finished you just rezip.
  11. Project will expire in 4 days and 16 hours

    Thank you for being a part of the PC-SG community, it would be very much appreciated if you could assist with our running costs by donating I personally fund PC-SG with help from some donations from members and a very small amount of google adsense money every 12 months or so I have no desire to try and make a profit but it would be good to be self financing on a monthly basis. The running costs of PC-SG are quite high due to us hosting mods which use both disk space and processing power, our host mattwsercices.co.uk recently upgraded us again to a much bigger VPS running in a container which has access to 6 cpu cores, and 12GB RAM plus double the drive space which will hopefully future proof us for a long while. Once again thank you for any donation you can make, it is appreciated.
  12. Real Farm

    Its dose not seam to be offering anything more than FS17 based on the little we can see from the trailer, I will try it once its released.
  13. 32 County Charity Bale challenge

    That was a cool baler that did the wrapping inside the baler.

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