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  1. Wonko

    12 Hour Live stream on Saturday

    We are now trucking if anyone wants to join us
  2. Wonko

    12 Hour Live stream on Saturday

    You are all welcome to join myself and @Icelandic Farmer as we attempt a 12 hour live stream trucking around Europe yes we probably are slightly mad. We are meeting at Osnabrück, Germanyat 7.45pm Uk time for a start at 8 hopefully, we will use the pc-sg discord for those that are joining us.
  3. Wonko

    Farmer Klein

    Well done @FarmerKlein
  4. Wonko

    What Are You Listening Too

    Thanks @BigJohnnyD never would have found this if not listening to your bit of UB40, found it a couple of tracks further on, enjoy....
  5. Wonko

    PC SG Convoy

    Updated the start time above^^
  6. Wonko

    FarmingSimulator2017Game 2018-04-02 14-58-50-880.jpg

    Early winter on Oakfield Farm
  7. Wonko

    Wonko's Album

    Just some random images
  8. Wonko

    PC SG Convoy

    All members are welcome to join a convoy tonight on ETS2 starting at 20.00 UK time, bring a sense of humor and plenty of cash for those oopps moments 😁 Please let us know by visiting this link if you are joining us http://ets2c.com/view/73558/pc-sg-wonko-osnabruck-hotel
  9. Wonko

    What Are You Listening Too

    Thanks @Johnny Vee great to hear bagpipes in a rock & roll song
  10. Wonko

    Willow River Farm Today 3/30/18

    Happy birthday mate
  11. Wonko


    Hi @ChrisWebb you need to open the truck in GE then go to the door to find the logo then delete the logo, if you can not click on the logo you may have open the transform groups until you find the logo, save then rezip the folder make a copy before you start just encase of woopsssies
  12. Wonko

    What Are You Listening Too

    Blast from the past
  13. Wonko

    State Of The Mod

    I dont remember having this issue in 15.
  14. Wonko

    Upcoming games

    some interesting games on their way especially liked the look of the space engineers sim.