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  1. Sosnovka Extreme

    About time you pulled your finger out @Johnny Vee and finished this map Well done mate looking forward to playing this version.
  2. Rahkiin Joins Giants

    This is a great sign that Giants has taken on board the many voices calling for a more in-depth game play for FS.
  3. Theres a lot of fence sitting on this game release The question @GrizzlyBearSims raises about the controller support is something I missed when I pre-ordered but that said I would still have ordered as I want to see their take on a farming game, we are all familiar with Giants take on the genre and now Farmers dynasty has put another twist in to the Farming sim world. I am looking forward to playing this new game which I hope will offer a different play style, and a new interesting game to steel yet more of my life
  4. As the title asks, are you looking at buying this new Farming sim game? there are some good videos and promotion material to have a good idea of the direction of this new game, due for release 18th of March 2018.
  5. FS19 What are you hoping to see?

    Yea forgot about that, should pop as a text only and fade away with out stoping the action.
  6. FS19 What are you hoping to see?

    Mine would be the following; 1) Better multiplayer networking, the way the game works in multiplayer is terrible 2) Seasons 3) better fertilisation/soil mod 4) Buy and sell fields 5) Used vehicles 6) Dynamic ground 7) More realistic game physics 8) Please stop the rain inside my barns 9) Sort the traffic out, cars do not have a greater mass than my 40 ton tractor trailer unit 10) More realistic economy for all aspects of the game Really don't care that much about brands, I would rather Giants spent the money on hiring more developers to improve the game play than waste money on brand licences.
  7. Passe all exams

    Thanks guys not confident on passing the next one but will give it my best shot.
  8. This is what Daggerwins followers have as their top 10, what do PC-SG members want to see in FS19?
  9. Passe all exams

    I passed all my City & Guilds exams to work as a electrician I do have to go back for another week to take my City & Guilds 2391-52 level 3 Inspecting & testing
  10. MavericksMultifruit

    I have tagged mavericks name for you so he hopefully will drop by soon to help you.
  11. hedge question.jpg

    Hey @Bootsyou are correct in that if you alter a map and want to use it as multiplayer everyone needs to be using the same version, altering a map is fine as long as you either keep it private or get permission from the original author so it can be made public. We have a members only multiplay server you can cut your teeth on and theres no skill level problems like on FPS games and our members are great in help your game knowledge grow.
  12. Sod Farm

    I thought I was going to have to put you on the naughty step with that thread title @Shakey certainly a interesting idea especially if you could tie it in with seasons geo.
  13. Snow Mask Issue

    The first picture looks to me like a dirt area issue, the second one I have nothing to help mate sorry.
  14. .. and exams, passed C&G 2382 BS7176 17th Edition Wiring Reg's and C&G 2393 Building Regs Also did some 3 phase knowledge and testing. 3 Phase boards my tester and test board The torture room sorry classroom Next week is the Testing & Inspecting coarse and exam, then back in a month to take the next level Periodic testing & inspecting.
  15. You are all invited!

    Your more than welcome to create a post in the Members Server area.