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  1. Wonko

    FS19 Maypole Farm

    Well done @Cavalier Roy for getting the first map uploaded here on PCSG for FS19 I look forward to playing it.
  2. Wonko

    More PC problems

    I have a very strange issue that is proving difficult to solve, basically my pc either wont start or will sometimes if I leave it for approx 10-15 mins, but once its going I can do a restart and it boots no problem. I have run antiviruse scans all clear, run a memory test all clear what else should I be looking at as the cause of this? No post screen either.
  3. Wonko

    Landscaping in FS19

    Apparently only admins can landscape in multiplayer
  4. Wonko

    Landscaping in FS19

    Very much needed in my opinion, currently trying to find a clear level space is almost impossible and it looks pretty rubbish when you do manage to place anything.
  5. Wonko

    GE8 and Textures

    @Johnny Vee ^^^
  6. Wonko

    I won

    At the beginning of the year a company I had started working for tried to rip me by not paying a invoice simply because they did not want to(and they could not really afford it), so after a bit I sent a debit recover firm in to collect on my behalf and as soon as they did this the company said if the debit collectors continued they would sue me. I got the money owed and then the court papers arrived, fast forward to today, we go to the court to defend against this malicious case and the company could not even be bothered to show up and present their case at all so we won be default which is ok but it would have been nice to have the judge rule against them after hearing evidence, trouble is they never had a real case in the first place so we were not surprised they never showed, they now owe me money again as the judge awarded costs to us for wasting our time. Some people......
  7. I have been aware for a while about this nasty proposed legislation and have just signed the partition it takes barley a minute to do and you can share the petition at the same time to help make your friends aware of this attack on their internet freedoms. The E.U is a undemocratic power centric organisation with a ideological vision thats pretends to be accountable to the European population with it MEP's but the direction and important decisions are made by unelected people who then pass their ideas to the European parliament to be made law, this is why you get bad laws that impact vast amounts of people like Article 13. So its vitally important that you and everyone you know gets the message about Article 13 before it destroys much of what we all enjoy about the internet and social media, sign the petition so that the MEP's understand just how bad this proposed law is and how damaging it will be to everyone all around the world in some small or large way. For us here in our small part of the interweb I would have to ban a lot of the avatars, all images of the game companies that produce the games we love to play would have to go simply because PC-SG's hosting service will have to protect themselves from financial harm by restricting what we do here just incase there is a infringement of copyright somewhere on PC-SG, just like this article from the CEO of YouTube explains here After this Article 13 is law I would have to seek permission to link the above The Verg page ! Please make you opposition know to the E.U Article 13 by signing the petition ASAP even if you dont live or work in the E.U because it will effect you in the end and reduce your freedom of choice on the internet.
  8. Wonko

    how do i complete the last 50% of setting up my account

    which mod are you looking for?
  9. Wonko

    Meadow Roller Help

    its in the existing mods already mate in game.
  10. Wonko

    Flikering butons

    Any one else have their buttons flickering between keyboard and gamepad icons? driving me nuts, it disappears if I disconnect my wheel (G27) similar issue with F1 menu it seamed ok after patch but then started again.
  11. Wonko

    Where's the buzz?

    I have had bereavement in my family so have only had a very brief look so far and thought the town looked good but did notice the tractor physics being a bit weird and had to unplug the wheel to stop the flickering on screen so not impressed much yet but will hold a real judgment until I get time to play properly.
  12. Wonko


    Thanks @Shakey will check this out as well, looks good.
  13. Wonko

    Where's the buzz?

    I have been extremely busy with personal and work life to have time on FS19, its a mixture of excitement and disappointment. Excited that the rain will no longer break immersion by falling inside buildings and improved field fertilisation/weeding pesticide and nonplussed about horses & John Deer, only time will tell once I get to play and when we get great mod maps to enjoy because for me Giants maps are pants😁
  14. Wonko

    Please Explain

    Retarders are just another braking system that uses the engine against its self. Pro mods make a great map mod otherwise I steer clear of mods to many can mess your game up, so always make a backup of your profile if using modes otherwise you might lose everything and have to start all over again.
  15. Wonko

    Please Explain

    Engine break is when the exhaust gases are used to slow the engine when the foot is lifted from the accelerator peddle slowing you down faster, the rest should be obvious from this. Trailer break, when you break the trailer also applies breaking reducing the chance of jack knifing. Retarder works much the same way i believe. You lift axels when you not carrying a load and on a truck its also used for additional traction,
  16. Thanks @FarmerKlein please keep us updated on his progress and let him know we are thinking of him and his family.
  17. Thought this might be a interesting game to keep a eye as it develops. From a distance, Seed looks like any other settlement-building game. Tiny villagers shuffle around a colorful, low-poly map, collecting wood, wheat and other important resources. At any time, you can zoom in, check the stats of individual people and cash in items for houses and other important structures. Crucially, though, you're not alone. The game takes place on a single planet that will, eventually, be inhabited by hundreds, possibly thousands of players simultaneously. Everyone will have their own towns and the freedom to choose who they collaborate and compete with. It will also be a shared, online-only experience that runs 24 hours per day, simulating the actions of your villagers whenever you decide to close the application. Players will control their citizens indirectly. You can build houses, which spawn new villagers, and check each person's daily schedule. In the future, you'll be able to tweak this itinerary and also plan their actions for the days, weeks and months ahead. Then, it's a matter of observing the simulation, reacting to the needs of your people, and choosing the best way to coexist with other players who encounter your settlement. It's an ambitious project made possible by SpatialOS, a much-hyped platform built by the secretive startup Improbable. The service uses multiple servers, working in tandem, to help developers create large, persistent worlds and simulations. It's already being used in a vast, massively multiplayer online RPG called Worlds Adrift, developed by British team Bossa Studios. Seed is part of a second wave, including the battle royale-inspired Mavericks: Proving Grounds, that hopes to leverage the technology for fresh and potentially groundbreaking gameplay. At Gamescom 2018, I played an early version of Seed with Mundi Vondi, CEO and co-founder of developer Klang Games. We created a couple of characters each and formed a new settlement, called 'Nickland' (I was tired and lacking imagination, okay?) in an open, grassy area of the map. Immediately, our villagers, decked in simplistic robes and glasses, started to roam and collect precious resources for the group. At any time, I could click on their faces' in the top right-hand corner of the screen and review their Sim-like needs, including sleep, hunger, love and entertainment. Once enough resources had rolled in, I created some simple tents around a small campfire. A few minutes later, I had a couple of houses and four villagers at my disposal. It was a peaceful and relaxing experience that encouraged me to take breaks and simply watch the simulation unfold. In the future, though, many players will be competing for power and influence across the world. You can find a quiet corner and strike out on your own, hoping that others will leave you be, or join an already impressive settlement that can provide resources and security. Players that choose to group up will need to form some kind of government for their own decision-making and that of their virtual citizens. It's a complex idea that, if successful, could match the political and economic pull of games like Eve: Online. To perfect the system, Klang Games is collaborating with Lawrence Lessig, an activist and Harvard Law School professor who ran for the Democratic Party's nomination in the 2016 US election. "We hope people come up with some crazy government systems that don't follow the pace and conventions of real life," Vondi told me. Seed is still early in development. Klang wants to build a hunting system, for instance, that would introduce nasty infections, life-threatening surgery and other tricky health mechanics. The final version will also let you zoom inside buildings and assign villagers useful jobs. These additions, and the challenges associated with SpatialOS, mean the game is "at least three years away" from release, according to Vondi. That's an awfully long time, however the team in Berlin has been thinking about this game for 10 years, and working with Improbable for three. It doesn't seem to be in much of a rush. "There's a long way to go," Vondi chuckled. Source: Seed In this article: art, Gamescom2018, gaming, Improbable, Klang, KlangGames, Seed, SpatialOS By Nick Summers@nisummers Nick is a reporter for Engadget, covering video games, internet culture and anything else that takes his fancy. He has a bachelor's in multimedia journalism and holds an NCTJ certificate. Before joining Oath, he was a staff writer at The Next Web and an investigative journalist at FE Week, an education-focused newspaper in the UK. He lives in Greenwich, London with a stack of half-finished Gundam model kits. A persistent simulation where the player's goal is to take over a vast planet to ensure the survival of humanity. Players must manage multiple characters and create their routines, allowing them to develop their community and progress on their own organically. Every move, thought, or decision made by a player will have a knock-on effect and impact the colonization and overall structure of the planet. As a player's community is constantly under threat, it's important to maintain sanity levels by ensuring the well-being of their physical and mental health. As progression happens organically, characters will grow, breed, and develop their social construct. Seed utilizes Improbable's SpatialOS, which allows Seed to be a persistent, continuously running simulation, with all Seed-Universe game logic running and living on the technology's powerful server. Seed is currently in its early prototype stages. https://seed-project.io/features/
  18. Wonko

    Gameplay from gamescom

    Love the minimal look of the display information and the town looked very good.
  19. Wonko

    Serenity Valley II The Rise of Industry

    which browser was causing a problem @frka ?
  20. Wonko

    Mereman's Youtube Channel

    looks like your slacking to me😂 what about Sunday
  21. Wonko

    Passe all exams

    I passed all my City & Guilds exams to work as a electrician I do have to go back for another week to take my City & Guilds 2391-52 level 3 Inspecting & testing
  22. Wonko

    Rocky Mountain Farms

    Possibly not if your playing seasons the altitude will to high therefor to cold.
  23. Wonko


    Article or Review Author Farmering Simulator Welcome to our second devblog for Farming Simulator 19, due later this year. In this devblog we’ll be talking about the tweaks we’ve made to the missions system to help get you playing the way you want, faster. First of all you no longer need to travel across the map to interact with mission givers. A new contracts menu lists every mission that’s currently available, detailing how much money you will get for completing it, as well as what you’ll be expected to do. This means less time spent going between missions, and more doing what you want to do - farming! There are also no longer time limits on missions and you can save while a mission is in progress, so you can work at your own pace. We’ve also given you the option to complete missions without leasing the equipment. This has two benefits - first, you’ll get more money from the mission, as you won’t have to pay the lease. Second, it allows you to use your own equipment for missions, meaning as you build up a speciality and a garage you can take on more missions and make more money to expand your farm. Leasing is still available for the early game and those that might want to try out new vehicles before buying them. We’ve also added a new mission type, hay and silage baling. This will involve every step of the process, from cutting the grass to turning it into bales and finally delivering it. Weeding missions are now their own category, rather than purely a part of the fertilization process, including using the new sprayer tool on more developed weeds. Transport missions are also returning from Farming Simulator 15, asking you to deliver goods from one place to another throughout the map. Take a serene drive through the new landscapes of our upgraded game engine and make some money while you’re at it. Finally, missions are being added to multiplayer, letting you complete them cooperatively. This gives you more things to do with other players than ever before, and ties into our larger improvements for multiplayer in Farming Simulator 19. We hope you enjoy missions in Farming Simulator 19, either alone or with friends, when it releases later this year. {title }FarmeringSimulator Game versionFS19 Star rating0 Log Errors Mod or Map Features Required mods Suggested mods Pros Cons Summery View full article

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