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  1. Wonko

    GrizzlyBearSimsTaking a YouTube Break

    Really sorry for your loss Jerry, tough times for you and you family my thoughts are with you and I look forward to more blogs as and when they come.
  2. Wonko

    Southern Farming

    do not add this as it makes the hired workers worse than bloody useless
  3. Wonko

    Un petit coin de campagne

    We have had a problem with some mods getting auto deleted so if @the.geremy can re upload you will be able to download the map.
  4. BY SHABANA ARIF Giants Software have announced a "full-fledged eSports league" for Farming Simulator in Europe with a total prize pool of 250.000€. The new league will be held in the new Farming Simulator 19 and will feature 10 tournaments across Europe. The events have progressed from bale stacking we saw in last year's Farming Simulator Championship to a competitive 3 vs 3 mode. The 250.000€ prize pool will be made up of "big prizes" for each of the 10 tournaments, and 100.000€ in prizes at the finals. "Competitive farming is something people enjoy for years now, but it hasn’t been done in eSports so far," said Christian Ammann, Giants Software CEO and eSports division manager, via Gamasutra. "We have lots of eSports enthusiasts in our company who can’t wait to show the world that farming can indeed be fun and competitive at the same time. We believe we found the right mix of real farming and fun to play game elements to ensure everyone will find it entertaining." Farming Simulator 19 launched at the end of last year for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. The title sold one million copies in 10 days (via eSports Observer), and the newly announced league has already secured a number of sponsors, including Logitech, and Intel. Farming Simulator 19 - Tending to Animals Gameplay Trailer share Share Autoplay setting: On 1:11 More information on the competition and the new 3 vs 3 mode is expected in the near future.
  5. Wonko

    Field Creation Question

    @Johnny Vee might be able to help
  6. Wonko

    PC-SG Trucking

    We are pleased to announce we have set up our own trucking company for both ETS2 and ATS open to all members of PC-SG, please join the company and help make those deliveries 😀 Quite simple process to join, follow the link to Truckbook and register (this can be a little tricky but it will work) once you have registered you will have this screen Next download the desktop client and install then link it to EST and ATS, for better instructions on seeing up watch this video See you all on the road soon 😀 To find us in the company list copy past > PC-SG Trucking PC-SG Company direct link https://trucksbook.eu/company/34361
  7. Wonko

    FS19 What do you think

    We have over 5k members here at PC-SG I would love to gather more opinions about this latest version of Farm Simulator please even if you dont want to make a comment you can still cast your vote so we can get a better idea of what the overall feeling is for this game we enjoy playing.
  8. Wonko

    FS19 What do you think

    So its been out long enough now for a solid opinion on the latest version of our favourite farming game, please vote and make a comment if you wish about why you think its great or otherwise. Just being curious as to the general feeling in our community.
  9. Wonko

    View Distance

    I think its only Google chrome and firefox users that get the breaking glass noise as they smash the lights 😀 To help reduce game lag objects have a draw distance set in GE which governs when a object is made visible depending on how far from it your character is, Giants may have tweaked the draw distance to help players with less powerful PC's.
  10. Wonko

    FS19 Riverview

    Found a whopsey 😁
  11. Wonko

    Flikering butons

    Great explanation mate 😀
  12. Wonko

    FS19 Riverview

    Crop speed is in your settings.
  13. @Johnny Vee or @DirtyTractorDr may have the knowledge to help you out, as well as @Cavalier Roy these guys have been working with FS19 map editing.
  14. Wonko

    FS19 Maypole Farm V2

    Well done @Cavalier Roy for getting the first map uploaded here on PCSG for FS19 I look forward to playing it.
  15. Wonko

    Landscaping in FS19

    Apparently only admins can landscape in multiplayer
  16. Wonko

    Landscaping in FS19

    Very much needed in my opinion, currently trying to find a clear level space is almost impossible and it looks pretty rubbish when you do manage to place anything.
  17. Wonko

    GE8 and Textures

    @Johnny Vee ^^^
  18. I have been aware for a while about this nasty proposed legislation and have just signed the partition it takes barley a minute to do and you can share the petition at the same time to help make your friends aware of this attack on their internet freedoms. The E.U is a undemocratic power centric organisation with a ideological vision thats pretends to be accountable to the European population with it MEP's but the direction and important decisions are made by unelected people who then pass their ideas to the European parliament to be made law, this is why you get bad laws that impact vast amounts of people like Article 13. So its vitally important that you and everyone you know gets the message about Article 13 before it destroys much of what we all enjoy about the internet and social media, sign the petition so that the MEP's understand just how bad this proposed law is and how damaging it will be to everyone all around the world in some small or large way. For us here in our small part of the interweb I would have to ban a lot of the avatars, all images of the game companies that produce the games we love to play would have to go simply because PC-SG's hosting service will have to protect themselves from financial harm by restricting what we do here just incase there is a infringement of copyright somewhere on PC-SG, just like this article from the CEO of YouTube explains here After this Article 13 is law I would have to seek permission to link the above The Verg page ! Please make you opposition know to the E.U Article 13 by signing the petition ASAP even if you dont live or work in the E.U because it will effect you in the end and reduce your freedom of choice on the internet.
  19. Wonko

    how do i complete the last 50% of setting up my account

    which mod are you looking for?
  20. Wonko

    Meadow Roller Help

    its in the existing mods already mate in game.
  21. Wonko

    Flikering butons

    Any one else have their buttons flickering between keyboard and gamepad icons? driving me nuts, it disappears if I disconnect my wheel (G27) similar issue with F1 menu it seamed ok after patch but then started again.
  22. Wonko

    Where's the buzz?

    I have had bereavement in my family so have only had a very brief look so far and thought the town looked good but did notice the tractor physics being a bit weird and had to unplug the wheel to stop the flickering on screen so not impressed much yet but will hold a real judgment until I get time to play properly.
  23. Wonko


    Thanks @Shakey will check this out as well, looks good.
  24. Wonko

    Where's the buzz?

    I have been extremely busy with personal and work life to have time on FS19, its a mixture of excitement and disappointment. Excited that the rain will no longer break immersion by falling inside buildings and improved field fertilisation/weeding pesticide and nonplussed about horses & John Deer, only time will tell once I get to play and when we get great mod maps to enjoy because for me Giants maps are pants😁
  25. Wonko

    Please Explain

    Retarders are just another braking system that uses the engine against its self. Pro mods make a great map mod otherwise I steer clear of mods to many can mess your game up, so always make a backup of your profile if using modes otherwise you might lose everything and have to start all over again.
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