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  2. There's an epic-quality battle royale here, but it needs a lot more time in the forge. View the full article
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  8. "I've restored the original 1.0 biomes, and tweaked them to look like pre-release footage." View the full article
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  15. Prototype Mansion - Used No Cover aims to take players back to the golden era of PS1 horror with disorienting third person camera angles, shambling zombies, a beret-topped heroine, and a creepy mansion (plus loads of campy humor). Try to survive the night in the mansion and investigate EVERYTHING. Detective Lady Detective (Good start) and her partner need to 'do a thing' and a thing they do. You'll be challenged to survive the mansion plagued with all sorts of terrors and haunting effects, using firearms with limited ammo or dodging skills to get out alive. Solve some puzzles to get your brain working, or eat a potted plant to fix your ailments. Perhaps you walked into a room of monsters so terrifying that you did what any sensible person would do and just... leave! These low poly terrors can be quite terrifying, after all, so sometimes retreat may be the best idea. All of these options are available to you in this hilarious, nostalgic take on classic horror games. You can find Prototype Mansion on Steam and Itch.io. You can also check out the official website and Facebook. View the full article

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