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  1. What a great response to this insane idea

    @FarmerKlein While you may not have thought of this concept, you have worked very hard to organize it, promote it and create some enthusiasm about it here at PC-SG. I'm very much appreciative to you for doing this. Jerry
  2. Grizzlybearsims Youtube Channel

    Howdy everyone from Snetterton Farm. Here's my first episode of this loooooooooonnnnggg 96 game day series. I hope you enjoy. Thanks for watching.
  3. Official listing of those doing 24 day seasons

    Hi @Grandthumb Certainly not cheating in respect to the context of the challenge. Of course, if the structure were different, if there were more guidelines then it would be different. But I think the nature of this challenge in playing 24 day seasons is difficult enough and FUN should always be the #1 goal. Playing at 15x speed isn't easy. Some of us had exposure to it and when I first started playing 15x speed and 6 game days per season i was like a fish out of water for the first few days. Then I started to settle into a rhythm and most likely you will too. Just have fun with it.
  4. Grizzlybearsims Youtube Channel

    Here's my introduction video for the 24 Day Seasons Challenge. I'm still trying to figure out how best to showcase the daily work. Meaning if I'll produce a total of 96 videos for the series or only do a video every few days just to try to keep the content fresh. I'll figure it out in time....Meanwhile....here's episode 0 (Introduction)
  5. video editing software

    I use PowerDirector by Cyberlink. It's around $80 USD can be purchased on Amazon (download) or direct from the Cyberlink website. Does all I need it to do. Of course there are many other options which I'm sure others will share and provide feedback But I started with PowerDirector and have not had a need to change. Link if interested http://www.cyberlink.com/stat/edms/ppc/video-editing-software/powerdirector/15/30-40-45P_EOL/us/index_adr_bot_q8h4h4h_phd-wdl-50-extra_but.jsp?affid=2581_-1_80_PDR-B_PDR-B_Button&gclid=CjwKCAjww9_MBRAWEiwAlaMJZpcn8DRvAd2cuvpb8iQVtVOtLsHor969A2WSNNpw-cLmYH48j4u7JBoCHfsQAvD_BwE
  6. Starting/Joining the Seasons 24 Club

    @JrBrown1871 I guess that depends on who your neighbor is LOL Some neighbors stop by only to steal your Big M and your Soybean crops.
  7. Strategies in playing long season length

    Actually @FarmerKlein mentions this very point in the information he posted at the top of this thread in the lease/buy section.
  8. Strategies in playing long season length

    Hi @Jack I've only ever leased a few times. I leased in the previous challenge I had participated in and I'll be honest I wasn't watching the clock nor was I watching the checkbook that closely either. But I had two other people tell me that if you leased a piece of equipment and used that equipment the time was based on real game play time and not simulated time. So in other words, if I used a combine and I spent one hour of my time playing...yet at 15x speed 12 hours passed by, the rate I was charged was for 1 hour of usage at the leasing rate. Perhaps said another way, the way I understand leasing is the price per hour is based on 1x speed even though you are playing at 15x speed. I could be wrong, but I'm pretty sure this is how by @FarmerKlein and @MarcDupont both explained it.
  9. Official listing of those doing 24 day seasons

    Hi @Jack Yes...creating one thread which you post your progress in is perfectly fine. Jerry
  10. Strategies in playing long season length

    hi @Jack there may be some mods which would lower the cost of the potato/beet harvesting. But why not lease when it comes time to harvest? Leasing costs are based on real world time and not game time. So playing at 15x speed is not going to break the bank. Most equipment I plan to own from the start (including my combines). But I do plan to plant at least sugar beets on my challenge map but most likely will just lease the big harvester (a Stevie mod) when it comes time to harvest them.
  11. Why play 24 day seasons. Are you crazy?

    Thank you @FarmerKlein It's spreadsheet time
  12. Why play 24 day seasons. Are you crazy?

    Does anyone have a formula (based on 24 game day seasons) for animal feeding quantities?
  13. Official listing of those doing 24 day seasons

    GrizzlyBearSims checking in from Snettertons Farm and ready to give the 24 Day Seasons Challenge a solid try. Similar to @Duckzorly I've pretty much sold all the starting equipment and have replaced it with my own fleet. In typical GBS fashion and to quote my famous line of "There is no right or wrong way to play Farm Sim", I'm setting things up as if this is just another year on an already existing farm. Meaning, we worked really hard to stockpile all the elements to sustain our animals through the Spring/Summer time frame so our silos have materials to hopefully last until we can begin mowing and harvesting down the line. In addition, daily maintenance costs will not be something I focus on in this series. With exception to perhaps a few pieces of equipment we may lease down the road, GBS Snettertons Farm will have most of the equipment in place at the beginning to handle all our needs for the year. While I stated that I didn't think I would do any logging in FS17 after cutting down all the trees in previous videos, I will do some logging during this challenge in order to keep the sawmill production running from time to time. For those who have missed Billy Bob, well Billy Bob will once again be returning to my FS17 "Let's Play" Snettertons series. He's on his way to the farm as I type this and is looking forward to helping me on the farm. In addition to Billy Bob, Jack will also rejoin us and perhaps others will as needed. Thanks for reading and I wish everyone involved much success on their virtual farm. Jerry
  14. Club Blogs

    @Duckzorly What is your blog address? Perhaps @Wonko can add the RSS feed and PC-SG will scrape your site for updated blog postings as it does with mine.
  15. Why play 24 day seasons. Are you crazy?

    Obviously a whole lot of love for @Stevie

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