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  1. The state of Farming sims

    I agree and I believe @Species7 hit the nail on the head. While we can all "oooh and ahhh" over the other titles and let's face it, the things these other developers said their games would be and what they actually end up being could be two very different things (and I think we're seeing that already). But until someone actually does it, Giants can continue doing what they are doing and most likely will do just that. As we're closely knocking on the one year away door for FS19, my hope is Giants would consider developing into FS19 some of the more popular mods we all know and love. While I understand not all who play FS will want to play with Seasons, Drive Control, Courseplay, GPS etc. etc. These could be options the user could turn on/off to suit their style of play. Much like Giants did with the plowing options. I only suggest this because I'm really not sure how many more versions of FS some of our truly talented modders who we as a user community continue to treat so poorly will be around for a FS19, FS21, FS23 release. Jerry
  2. Animal Feed Requirements spreadsheet for seasons play

    Thanks for all your efforts with this @FarmerKlein. It's much appreciated.
  3. Industry Add in Mod for Lawfolds

    If you have pigs, perhaps the slaughter house mod? That will help make pigs more profitable.
  4. Assign hay to category grass for cows

    Just a quick update for anyone interested. Once I moved into the second day of game play, my overall productivity on the dairy cattle jumped up to 100%. I'm going to continue to run this mod active on Thornton Farm and may eventually activate it on my 24 day challenge Snetterton Farm map just for even more testing considerations. Jerry
  5. Grizzlybearsims Youtube Channel

    Hello All and TGIF. I hope everyone is ready for the weekend. Today, 15 September I kicked off a new "Let's Play" series on what I'm calling an FS17 Classic Map with Thornton Farm by OxygenDavid. Thornton Farm for FS17 has been out since April and while it's been heavily played in the past...I've yet to put my GBS style of play on it and I'm really looking forward to spending time on this map. I'm also going to role play this map as best I can. The storyline I'm working with is I'm an American who for the past few years has been backpacking around the United Kingdom in an effort to find myself. In walking through the Cotswolds region of England I am broke, tired and need to find a more stable job. I'm introduced to Mr. Thornton who is an elderly gentleman who would rather spend his days in his pub versus sitting on the back of a tractor At first I'm just a farm hand, but I've managed to impress Mr. T and he's offered me the position of foreman. Episode one (released today) mainly just introduces you to the map and sort of establishes the storyline. I'm playing 9 day Seasons, but episode one begins in early summer. So I've pre-staged the map to get most of the field prep completed. I hope you enjoy this series as much as I'm certainly enjoying the play-through. Here's episode one.
  6. I've often talked about and questioned why grass is required as an independent food source for our dairy cows. Especially when our dairy cows are out grazing in....yep...you guessed it grass. Perhaps Giants felt that adding grass as an independent food source would give us virtual farmers more challenge. I suppose it does, but in digging back in my young days of working around farms (and a small dairy) I don't recall ever going out, mowing grass then collecting that grass to feed to a cow who is also busy grazing in a grass pasture. From time to time this topic has also been discussed in length here at PC-SG and many have also shared their same experience that really at no time does anyone go out to mow grass then directly feed that back to the cows as grass. I was looking on Giants Modhub tonight and stumbled onto a beta mod which is called "Assign Hay to grass for cows". Basically it changes the feed settings from Hay/Silage to Hay/Grass. This change of course will leave Silage as the independent food item, but that's fine with me as we need Silage anyway for TMR. I'm testing this on my new map series and will let you all know if I run into any issues. The only thing I've noticed right off the bat is my dairy cow productivity doesn't appear to rise above 99% productivity. But actually, I'm OK with that as I believe the immersion (at least for me and my style of game play) far exceeds the 1% loss of productivity. Because again, my dairy cows are happy and content out grazing in the nice grass pasture and enjoy the hay, silage and TMR which I'm happy to continue to provide. Again, this mod is beta and I am not sure what impact it has with Seasons or what impact Seasons has with this mod. If the worse thing that happens is the 1% loss of productivity then again, I'm OK with that as the increased immersion will make up for that. The link to the Assign Hay to category grass for cows is here http://www.farming-simulator.com/mod.php?lang=en&country=us&mod_id=82830&title=fs2017 Should I discover any adverse impact to my game play I'll provide an update to this thread. For now, I'm as happy as my dairy cows are while they are grazing in the pasture full of grass. Perhaps I'll also just include the statement of use this mod at your own risk. But I'm hopeful this test will be successful and I see this as a must have mod for myself at least going forward. Jerry
  7. Animal Feed Requirements spreadsheet for seasons play

    @FarmerKlein Great job with this. I'm going to begin using this to calculate my feeding needs on a new project I'm starting very soon. So I'll let you know if I run into any problems. I do have a suggestion you might consider. For the variable options you might consider using a dropdown menu to select both the season day factor and the TMR options. Now a question. I'm on the cow tab, I've selected season day factor of 3 (9 day seasons) and 100 cows. I'm using your default TMR ratio mix and below it tells me I will need the following: Hay 16 Straw 58 Silage 137 So are these the approx. number of bales I should need based on 100 cows/9 day seasons for not only TMR, but also everything else including bedding? I believe that is the case, but I want to clarify. Of course, I would want to pad my numbers to account for new calves. Again, really great work. This reminds me of the Soilmod worksheet and that was very helpful in calculating out what needed to be done. Jerry
  8. Rubberburner Gaming

    Congratulations @rubberburner89 Best wishes for the next 500 and beyond. Jerry
  9. Making hay with the Krone Big M

    Thank you @Cardos I appreciate you posting the link. I figured others might be interested in trying out your process as you typed up a nice explanation. Jerry
  10. Mountain Valley Farm Xtra Hard Seasons

    Hi @Species7 This mod is no longer available on PC-SG at the mod authors request. Not sure if it's available elsewhere.
  11. Making hay with the Krone Big M

    Hi @Cardos, Care to share the link? Jerry
  12. Enjoying the 24 days or is it becoming a grind?

    Oh, now you are just being too kind. OK....episode #10 will be 30 minutes of power washing all my equipment. Just kidding. Or am I?
  13. Enjoying the 24 days or is it becoming a grind?

    I'll admit that I'm finding it a struggle with 24 season days, compared to what I'm used to. I'm into day 8 or 9 (can't remember) and my soil temps are still cold (too cold to plant anything but grass). But I'll admit, that for much of the time I used the Seasons mod before it was officially released I was playing on 3 game days per season and then moved to 6. So for me, I think the leap from the faster paced 6 game days per season to 24 has been a real shock. In addition, in my attempt to share my game play on my YT channel, I've hit a point where I'm doing more off-camera play just to get through the day, keep the animals alive etc. I initially thought each game day would possibly be an episode, but I've abandoned that idea to avoid boring my viewers with watching the same action over and over. I'm sure once the soil temps rise and I can begin planting then things will shift for a while. Once that occurs then I'll have some update episodes, then it will probably go back to off-camera work until there are more things to do worth showing on video.
  14. ProMods 2.2 Trailer - Coming Soon!

    Easiest way to see if ProMods is working is to check if you have the city of Antwerp in Belgium. Antwerp isn't in the default ETS2 map, but is with ProMods. Of course, you will also see Romania, Iceland those are also not part of the default ETS2 map. If you see those, then all is working.
  15. ProMods 2.2 Trailer - Coming Soon!

    Just to add to what @BigJohnnyD is suggesting.... Sounds like you may have mods installed into ETS2 which are no longer compatible with the newest version of ETS2 (1.28). I've seen the exact thing you are describing @Dirtracer00 before. If ETS2 won't launch far enough in where you can disable mods, then just remove them from the mods folder and then see if ETS2 will launch. In most cases, older versions of ProMods will not work as ETS2 is updated. But I'm currently running ProMods 2.1.8 which works great with ETS2 1.28 until ProMods 2.2 releases.