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  1. mereman

    FS19 Maypole Farm V2

    A quick video on Maypole Farm v2
  2. mereman

    W.I.P. Riverview V2

    Take your time Roy and after you have done take some time out to play😉
  3. mereman

    FS19 Riverview

    I'll add I would always have the Place anywhere mod in my mods folder. For anyone that wants this mod get it from here only https://github.com/napalm00/FS19PlaceAnywhere/releases
  4. mereman

    W.I.P. Riverview V2

    I've now done a few hours on v2 now and I love the new buildings. The Port looks amazing now. Also the new bridge to the town means I have more chance of getting to the fuel station without crashing, well not as often I used too😉 Still have to remember where everything is and more important how to get there😁 I see a very long series with Family Farm even if, for the story I have in mind, I have started with good(ish) equipment and almost all the building I need. One mod I've mentioned a few times for which i have to thank @FarmerKleinfor finding it and doing a review on it is Place anywhere. This allows far better placement of buildings.
  5. mereman

    W.I.P. Riverview V2

    Pity I have no space in my schedule for another series. You will just have to watch me struggle in my own style @Cavalier Roy😉
  6. mereman

    W.I.P. Riverview V2

    Been playing (should have been testing) v2 for a week now and it's a great improvement. I'm about to record episode 3 of Family Farm which will now be using v2. This episode is due for release Monday the 7th Jan. I will be looking at the work thus far on v2.
  7. mereman

    FS19 What do you think

    I'm enjoying it. Like both 15 &17 there are problems and like 15 & 17 it needs mods. I've found the best mod so far is the place anywhere mod allows far better placement then the Giants base system. https://github.com/napalm00/FS19PlaceAnywhere/releases Please don't download from anywhere else this is the modders own GitHub
  8. mereman

    Petition to Giants

    Done mate very easy with your "how to"
  9. mereman

    FS19 Riverview

    You must remember Roy always tries to make his maps a wee bit harder😉
  10. mereman

    FS19 Riverview

    To get over many of the problems with Giants placing use this mod https://github.com/napalm00/FS19PlaceAnywhere/releases Please don't download from elsewhere this is from the modder.
  11. mereman

    FS19 Riverview

    I found the same when put a lime tank on the map. Not the map but bad programming by Giants
  12. mereman

    FS19 Riverview

    Another video on Riverview
  13. mereman

    FS19 Riverview

    I'll do a video tomorrow to show the map off. But Farmer Klein has his review up
  14. mereman

    Popping Xmas Lights

    Guilty I just played breaking the bulbs as they switched off. I guess I will never grow up..... I hope😁
  15. mereman

    FS19 Maypole Farm V2

    Like BP I've been playing this map a while both on 17 and 19. Very well made no problems and for me with my liking for smaller equipment perfect. Update I've been playing the finished version for over 6 hours now and it looks much better then version 1. I have found no issues at all. Great work Roy.

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