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  1. mereman

    Migration Completed

    Hi Chris It's great to be back. Also the news on Seasons are making me very happy.
  2. mereman

    Migration Completed

    I have an odd problem I can log in with Chrome (which is my back up browser) but not with my main FireFox I get this error message Sorry, there is a problem Something went wrong. Please try again. Error code: 2S119/1 All good now found the problem a duff Cookie
  3. mereman

    Southern Farming

    Nice to be back😉
  4. mereman

    Southern Farming

    I'm trying to find out why the link is dead and also seeing if @SouthernBoy will let me or pc-sg host direct.
  5. mereman

    Closing down

    Great news new boss😁
  6. mereman

    Closing down

    I'll get you at break mate🤣
  7. mereman

    Closing down

    Now that's good news😊 Welcome the new boss😉 Must get back to putting the links back into my videos😁 Looking forward to working with you.
  8. mereman

    Closing down

    A sad day indeed. I am honoured to have been part of PC-SG. To be part of a site with no flame wars has been great. To be part of a site which everyone takes account of other peoples views is very rare now a days. Take a bow all who are/have been part of PC-SG. Much as I would love to take it on my own and my wife's health won't allow me to.
  9. mereman

    Making a bridge

    I like that😄
  10. mereman

    GrizzlyBearSimsTaking a YouTube Break

    Sorry to hear your news Jerry. I know from recent experience what you are feeling. Will be thinking of you mate.
  11. mereman

    Un petit coin de campagne

    I still play Blickling on FS17 mainly because of Seasons. I even at times go back to 15 and Old Ridge Farm that to be able to use soil mod😉
  12. mereman

    Willow River Farm updated to 2.0.0

    @Terry The link is for v2, just checked😉 Darin just over-writ the old with the new version. I agree 100% about how good the map is, just don't let Darin know I like his map😁
  13. mereman

    Littlemissbugs YouTube Channel

    I'll contact you soon to arrange a time. I well remember playing Alien Jims maps just have to download it.
  14. mereman

    Littlemissbugs YouTube Channel

    I'll try to fit something in but I'm quite busy with my own channel and testing maps, at the moment both Cavalier Roy and Scuderia have calmed down with their updates but you can bet soon they will spring into life again😉
  15. mereman

    Littlemissbugs YouTube Channel

    Sounds a bit like "I know where you live" the threat from many bad guys
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