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  1. Willow Creek Farm wip........

    There are times when Mrs M wishes I'd loose my story telling
  2. Willow Creek Farm wip........

    I'm now very Jealous
  3. I'm a bit more of a cheapskate and I use a Blue Snowball
  4. Why play 24 day seasons. Are you crazy?

    It's great fun.
  5. Farming Simulator 17 Update 1.5.1 live

    As @Wonkosays MR is More Realistic. The folder is where the shaders are stored for each map. What is happening to some people is they are getting a lot of stuttering when they start after patching the game engine. This make no difference if it's MR or not. They how to is to remake the shader files. If you have no problems no need to do anything. The fix will not destroy the saves
  6. Farming Simulator 17 Update 1.5.1 live

    The whole lot it makes a new folder. Means you have to run round all maps you have but it works. As for the Animated gates I don't know what is wrong non of the maps I'm using has that script just the standard Giants script which works.
  7. Farming Simulator 17 Update 1.5.1 live

    I seemed to have fixed mine after Dural put up a new version of MR and I deleted the shader_cache. then I reloaded the game and run the roads again to remake the shader_cache. shader_cache is found in "C\Users\"name"\Documents\My Games\FarmingSimulator2017. This for PCs only no idea about Macs.
  8. MR and patch 1.5.1

    Dural has an update out for MR which seems to work with 1.5.1. This is in the MR forums on FS-UK https://www.fs-uk.com/forum/index.php?topic=195659.0
  9. Farming Simulator 17 Update 1.5.1 live

    Be aware the patch will not work with More Realistic
  10. MR and patch 1.5.1

    Do not update if you are using MR until the MR engine is updated. I just did and have reverted back to 1.4.4. Tractors I can't get out off IC not working on some equipment. This has put a stop to recording for today.
  11. Update on my wife

    You wait Ducky I'll get you
  12. Update on my wife

    She says thanks to all who wished her well it means a lot to her. Still be about a week before I feel safe to leave her for more then an hour. Some other good news I may be able to make a video tomorrow, be a while before I'm back to 5 a week. It will be a Blickling as I have made a number of changes including adding MR. So even more crashes.
  13. Placeable Fruit Trees

    Hard to believe but there's still a road and a couple of fields I've not seen yet
  14. Placeable Fruit Trees

    Nice to know. I always had areas I never go (or find)
  15. Why play 24 day seasons. Are you crazy?

    Realismus are very happy to have feedback. I have found them to be one of the more approachable teams.