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  1. mereman

    W.I.P. FS19 Newbie Farm

    Quick heads up Roy has removed the Garden centre and added a field in it's place. This was recorded on the previous version I'll be using the new version in the challenge.
  2. mereman

    W.I.P. FS19 Newbie Farm

    A quick look at Newbie 19
  3. mereman

    W.I.P. FS19 Newbie Farm

    Having played a bit more I think you have it about right. A wee bit easier then FS15 but mainly because there isn't the awful New Holland T4😉 I'm changing my plans and intend to use this version for my fun with my subscribers. If only to get away from the T4😁 For anyone interested I will ask "what to do" and then try it. But not forestry. With only a few mods and only ingame and DLC equipment with one exception and that is the SOB weight.
  4. mereman

    W.I.P. FS19 Newbie Farm

    I can confirm that it's a great map. I'm playing it at the moment😀 and it's certainly a challenge. I hope to have a video up in a couple of weeks. Together with some fun on the very hard FS15 version.
  5. mereman

    G29 Profiler quit working

    Not had that, but I use a G27 with the now very old profiler. The problem I had was that it took a few attempts to get win10 that I don't have 5+1 speakers.
  6. mereman

    Sosnovka Not Extreme

    Just updated my game. As you say the fix to use your old save game is easy😀 Thanks Johnny
  7. mereman

    GrizzlyBearSimsGBS Beast v 5 is alive

    I like my NZXT Shark case, Good job as it's to tall to fit under my computer desk and stands on the desk😁
  8. Love the Norwich City FC badge, Another canary fan😉

  9. mereman

    GrizzlyBearSimsMore PC Issues

    I'm another of the lucky ones no self built PC has gone bang.............yet. I think I've built 7 so far (for myself and my wife). The shop built which numbers about four, two went bang. One was very pretty as the bright sparks and smoke came out of the grills.
  10. mereman

    Sosnovka Not Extreme

    I didn't notice as I only have Sheep so far to busy making money with the grass into silage to fuel
  11. mereman

    GrizzlyBearSimsWindows 10 Updates

    My personal grief with the win10 updater is the way it's tells me it wants to restart using a splash screen BEHIND the screen I'm using which ends up with a locked PC.... time to hit the reset again. I remember win 3.11 which was a waste of time better, and quicker, to use DOS 6.2 what a relief when win 95 landed
  12. mereman

    Johnny Vee You Tube

    Great start mate. I learnt a few things about Motorsport Manager and I've been playing since launch ?
  13. mereman

    GrizzlyBearSimsGetting Started with YouTube

    Nice guide Jerry.
  14. mereman

    12 Hour Live stream on Saturday

    Mad completely stark staring bonkers?
  15. BJ er I seem to remember 'im..... I've now remember oh dear he's back...... seriously welcome back mate.

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