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  1. Real Farm

    Well to have some idea of the price would be a start
  2. Is it really that bloody cold in England?

    I still have to explore Newbie so I have a few episodes just looking round the map and getting lost. Plus with the size of equipment I'm using no chance of getting too far ahead, the fields I'm working now take 2 days plus.
  3. Is it really that bloody cold in England?

    I now sow once into the planting season. If the temperature is reached the crop will grow But Seasons really makes the game less of a sow fert harvest and repeat. I have on one of my series (Blickling) no Geo, everything went so well until coming into Autumn. I'm using 6 day seasons. Autumn day 1 cloudy day 2 wet as is 3, 4 and 5, day 6 is overcast, going to be an interesting harvest I feel Plus I need to do another grass cut. Another Sosnovka NOT the maize only started to grow on the last day of the planting season. Now it's very possible to lose, I like that
  4. Is it really that bloody cold in England?

    Britain for a small island has a lot of different weather. I live in the East (Norfolk) and we are officially almost arid. The West is warmer and a lot wetter.
  5. W.I.P Bjornholm

    Placeables in seasons have a mask from version (the current one). The mod contest version hasn't.
  6. Duckzorly's Youtube Channel

    Always feel nice to reach the ton (100 for people who don't know the slang) Well deserved Duck.
  7. Blickling V3 with Snow Mask for Seasons Mod

    Sounds like a problem with the mods folder. I'm playing with it and making videos. Even with my ham fisted modding of Blickling it still works
  8. I think people watch me for the many crashes and mistakes Everyone left in
  9. I normally play slow so 24 day is right for me. I'm remembering, after watching you on Churn, my time on the FS15 version. I wish I had more time to try the 17 version.
  10. West Coast by Bulletbill

    Don't worry we all do

    Another way of doing the challenge. I know you won't want to hear this Darin but I enjoyed the video
  12. I'm going to wait and see. The best EA brought was Kerbal Space program where the devs kept in contact all the way.
  13. Farm Manager 2018

    May be worth a punt depends on the price.
  14. Help Johnny Vee out

    Thanks BP Getting the word out helps a lot. My little Channel only has a small reach.
  15. Possibly a good Snow removal tool

    I'm in mid spring on Sosnovka NOT and still have snow heaps around. I think they will be around until late spring

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