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  1. mereman

    Spittsenheimer's YT Channel

    Good luck with your channel. I find it's a great hobby😉
  2. mereman

    W.I.P. New Map

    I'm using the modern classic DLC and the Massey pack with a few from the classic pack. I have to use the modern classic for the 2 JCBs 😁 I did my normal sell everything and start with the gear I want.
  3. mereman

    W.I.P. New Map

    I can tell you it's another very good map. Great for small equipment.
  4. mereman

    Mereman's Youtube Channel

    Sorry Boss A lot has been going on in RL and I have almost run out of videos😀
  5. mereman

    Mereman's Youtube Channel

    Time for an update. Old Ridge has now ended after close on 3years (I really must try to do a long series instead of these here today gone tomorrow series 😄) so to take it's place on Fridays will be Newbie Farm v4 challenge. Full week Monday Sosnovka NOT v3.1 Tuesday Blickling Wednesday MotorSport Manager with ICE18 Mod running my own team Thursday Museum on Willow River farm using the Old Ridge museum built into the map Friday Newbie challenge trying to survive for 2 years Weekends for the moment none as I try to build my reserve of videos, Then Newbie normal series using modern classic pack and Massey pack. Plus anything that takes my fancy.
  6. mereman

    FS19 not impressed so far

    The thing I'm looking forward to is the new hard mode. I can see a lot of story lines in that . As a small time YouTuber story is what I look for😉 I for one hope that Seasons comes out early, I'm one of the players that can't play without it, I'm trying one series without and it's not as much fun for me.
  7. mereman

    Banco Island

    If you think you are good at FS play this on hard with seasons and don't look for the nuggets😉
  8. mereman

    W.I.P. New Map

    A pleasure Roy😀
  9. mereman

    W.I.P. New Map

    Must find a hobby for Roy😀 I can't keep up with the maps.
  10. mereman

    Bullet Bill Needs a Hand

    I have donated duck. Thanks for posting I couldn't grab the paypal address from the video. Which is why i asked you to post here. I'm certain that a number of us will want to help Bill. I know I don't use his maps often but I think they are amazing, it's just that i like to give other mappers a platform😉
  11. mereman

    Pre ordered FS19

    Also pre-ordered but I my case via Steam, mainly because I'm too damn lazy to check for updates😉
  12. mereman

    FS19 Question

    It's hard to tell at the moment until Giants release the spec needed for FS19.
  13. In my case @Phil Brown FarmingI make full use of UpsideDowns fast forward mod😎
  14. mereman

    Help me choose a youtube microphone

    I use for YT the Blue Snowball. It seems fine but it will pick up all sounds so you need a quiet room. For YT I record my voice on Audacity and clean the sound before mixing with the output from OBS. More work but it suits me.
  15. mereman

    W.I.P. FS19 Newbie Farm

    Quick heads up Roy has removed the Garden centre and added a field in it's place. This was recorded on the previous version I'll be using the new version in the challenge.

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