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  1. Rahkiin Joins Giants

    Rahkiin posted on the slack chat this Rahkiin [7:51 PM] @Ben yes I plan on continuing development of seasons but there wont be many new features before fs19 release cuz busyy
  2. Rahkiin Joins Giants

    Just saw this in fs-uk Congratulations to one of the FSUK Modding Partners from Realismus Modding. That his great talent has been recognised by Giants & offering him a place in the Giants Dev team as gameplay programmer. link For those that don't know Rahkiin he's one of the team behind Seasons. It was Rahkiin who got me into the promotions team.
  3. Sosnovka Extreme

    Now I thinking how to bring it into the Sos NOT series. I think I have a plan
  4. I've pre-ordered mainly to have another farming games to put onto YT. I may never make a video but the option is there
  5. FS19 What are you hoping to see?

    I have noticed that we as a more mature players don't worry about more brands. I think that the chase for real manufacturers have pushed the standard game towards a equipment simulator and not a farm simulator.
  6. Sosnovka Extreme

    Great news Johnny
  7. Willow Creek Farm wip........

    It certainly is test with More Realistic
  8. Silo Display

    Just recorded a Sosnovka NOT for week starting the 19th where I'm showing this and the square bale storage off. The display will find it self on most of my saves. Great work.
  9. FS19 What are you hoping to see?

    Forgot one which as a YouTuber. Stop the flaming pop-ups stopping the action. The times I'm going well and the great demand pops up and breaks immersion.
  10. Bale Storage

    I'm using this on a off screen map. It's great highly recommended. Means my very bad bale stacking in not now an issue. Trying to find a flat spot on Blickling and it might well go into Sosnovka NOT.
  11. Passe all exams

    Show off........ ... err I mean well done mate
  12. FS19 What are you hoping to see?

    My wants. Seasons, More Realistic, Soil mod, expandable farms all which can be switch on or off. I'm not worried about brands over much. What I have seen on dynamic ground at the moment I'm not a fan. Moveable animals would be great, I'd love to be able to go one stage further on my organic farming:-)
  13. Sod Farm

    That's a good idea.
  14. Game Speed

    I mainly play at times 5 but depends on the story and map. On Newbie I'm playing 24day seasons at times 15, blame farmer Klein
  15. Papa Bear needs help

    Great news @PapaBear Good luck with your training.