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    Returning to FSX modding

    I've always loved flight sims, and Flight Simulator was a favorite, especially with mods by Bill Lyons- those mods inspired me to try modding for myself. I made a bit of progress and had a bit of fun doing it. After a few years I got distracted by FS2013 and Blender and ended up doing a few mods for that game instead. Anyway, after a break of about 9 years I thought I might try out the Blender2FSX toolset and see if I could get anything to work. I had a few headaches setting up the SDK but once that was done it's all been good. I'd like to share a link to a video that shows what I've been working on for the last couple of months- I know that it's not a 'real plane' or a realistic setting but it has been a lot of fun, especially after years of endless farming with old tractors...If I can get good enough with the flight modelling I would like to give the S6.b a go...
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