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  1. Hello Every One,   After a long time in PT, 3 surgeries and other life things, I am back to where I should be able to play some FS17, No Not FS19 yet as there is so much to relearn in 17 it seems, if anyone can sum-up for me how/what/changes that would be of help, please do so as I am in need of something to do, I am still doing/trying to get my right side and brain to work after a stroke, which after that I had to have surgeries on my Lower-Back, L5 down to end of Tail Bone, also Neck, C5 to T2,  which is the hardest thing to recover from, deal with, right now,


    TY for any/all help,  if I have placed this in the wrong location or area,  Please let me know and how to get this in support of some kind,    PoppaRob

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