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  1. Last live stream :-)

    Someone is going to have to show me how to join in....(How many years have you been doing this Jim?) Old age has crept up on me..I left my youth in Florida, where the heck did I leave my cane?
  2. Pink Tractor

  3. Mavericksfarm V5 update

    Sorry...way past my knowledge...reach out to Maverick...maybe he can help, sorry
  4. Found on YouTube

    Found this video informative on old time forage machine , tractors and trailers. The chopping machines looked really inefficient ...while the forage leveler looked awesome..lol
  5. Mavericksfarm V5 update

    Hi, I was really talking about a mod conflict....not just the one you are using. Sometimes a mod will cause funky play. It doesn't have to be the one you are using at the moment. Try playing it , with no mods in your mods folder....then if there is still a problem..it is the map. Have you added a new mod? have you altered any file in the game?
  6. Mavericksfarm V5 update

    I have had no problem using CP at all on this map.In the old version, the vehicles were blocked coming into the home farm, but that was fixed.....fuel sell point is at the gas station, plus I believe one at the industry center in the North central part of the map....milk pallet are....also, there is a sell trigger mod you can put..I use this often.... There may still be a mod conflict with the CP problem...just because it works on one map, it may conflict in another...I learned this the hard way
  7. New intro video

    dang....do I have to pay you royalties????
  8. New intro video

    I will, get this where to post stuff down...one of these days....don't laugh....you will be old one of these days...lol....here is the new intro video for PCSG
  9. PCSG intro video

    Finally got the new intro video done and up on my YT...tell me what you think
  10. PC-SG.uk video

    My new computer arrives today (supposedly) which means I can get back to editing videos. Besides the Maverick74 correction, is there anything else? changes you would like to see? let me know...
  11. PC-SG.uk video

    Article or Review Author Jim Estep My new computer arrives today (supposedly) which means I can get back to editing videos. Besides the Maverick74 correction, is there anything else? changes you would like to see? let me know... {title } Game version Star rating0 Log Errors Mod or Map Features,/strong> Required mods Suggested mods Pros Cons Summery View full article
  12. Mavericksfarm V5 update

    Is there a trailer to transport the cream Kotte Garant do milk, but not cream...unless there is no trigger at the milk factory, any ideas?
  13. HFW Farm Day

    It isn't very often I get out, let alone drive for 10 hours. But, that is exactly what I did last weekend. I, like many here, follow Ryan Kuster on How Farms Work. I have followed about 3 or 4 years. His older brother Travis has his own channel, The Rest of the Story. Both channels are unique in their own way. Cotontop3 (Tim) and One Lonely Farmer (Wes) were there also ! I live in Newark, Ohio, so I started out early Friday morning , and rolled into Platteville, Wisconsin about 6 their time. Saturday morning came..and I was ready.....Go-Pro on a selfie stick , video camera to get some good footage, and my phone to do Facebook Livestreams. I had everything all planned out what I was going to say...what I was going to film.....it went downhill from there....lol I had trouble with the wheelchair...wet grass and hills do not mix....So, finally, I get up to the farm...and there is Ryan ! I get in line...there were not that many people in line when I got there so....charge on! I shook his hand and said I am so glad to meet you, I have been a fan of yours for a long time. Ryan said...pardon me? I was so flustered by the wheelchair...and to be honest, I was star struck and at a loss of ability to speak right. I flubbed it up, so the line is growing, I try to get my message across and went on my way. (weren't you going to film that?) This area of Wisconsin, is very hilly, so I had to pick my path very careful. I get down to the equipment area...OMFSM, I was in heaven with all the tedders, rakes, tractors and a Terra-Gator....I scooted up to this guy on a 4-wheeler....Travis...and he and I have a great conversation...He knew my name from the comments sections and I guess that put me more at ease. Cameras are still on my lap. So, I went off by myself, finally getting some camera work, did 2 livestreams. I got maybe 1/3 of what I had planned. I am trying to stitch something together, but, nothing is telling a story.... so , still working on it. Now I am really pissed at myself, but glad I came...I was the thirteenth ticket sold...out of maybe 500. I was looking forward to it. Jumped in my car (lol ) turned right instead of left and ended up in Potosi Wi......now everything is looking familiar from their videos...oh yeah, that's where Ryan took his tractors to get washed (school car wash )...lol. So, GPS has me headed the right way...but still out in BFE.....wait...what is that....a Krone BigX with a forage header on it, followed by 2 Case tractors with forage wagons on the back...hey!!! I've driven those!!!! sort of....kinda....maybe? All in all...a great weekend for me...I met the most down-to-earth, friendliest people, you would ever want to meet. I met their Dad...I met Travis' new wife Brittany , their sister Alecia (sp?) and her great husband who got me out of the slippery valley, and helped me get my chair back in my car. It wore me out, and took me a few days to get back to normal....would I do it again? In a heartbeat !! There will be another Farm Day next year, if you get the chance....look me up, I will be the fat ugly dude rolling down that hill!!!
  14. video editing software

    I use PowerDirector also..ease to use top quality adds...plus great support on FB too....great community
  15. PC-SG intro

    it already is https://youtu.be/XHXKqKtP2QE