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  1. Dirtracer00

    Closing down

    Great to hear you have stepped up to continue the site @River. Looking forward to help in any way I can.
  2. Dirtracer00

    GrizzlyBearSimsTaking a YouTube Break

    Jerry I'm so sorry to hear of your loss of your mother. I am presently staying with my mother as she has been put into hospice. So I will be in a similar situation in the coming weeks or months. Will keep you and your family in my prayers. God bless. Greg
  3. Dirtracer00

    FS19 Maypole Farm V2

    Thanks @Cavalier Roy Looking forward to playing the map.
  4. Dirtracer00

    Wheel and Pedals

    Sorry to hear you are having issues with your wheel and pedal setup. I wish I could offer help, I have the T300 wheel and pedal set myself, but I haven't even tried to get them going yet. Please report back if you find a solution as I could use it as well. If I come across a solution I will post it here.
  5. I have signed the petition and encourage everyone to do so as well. This potential law would be devastating to our hobby.
  6. Dirtracer00

    Where's the buzz?

    I didn't even try to use my wheel and pedals. Saved the aggravation. I'll have to admit, the game is so far a little disappointing. I will wait for the modding community to work their magic as they always do.
  7. Dirtracer00


    I didn't see FS as being supported. @Shakey do you plan to make one for FS?
  8. Dirtracer00

    GrizzlyBearSimsOnline Multiplayer Options for Flight Simulation

    Looking forward to your definitive guide to multiplayer using the VATSIM network. Still haven't studied enough to try multiplayer on VATSIM.
  9. Dirtracer00

    GrizzlyBearSimsLearning a Study Level Aircraft

    Very interesting series of articles Jerry. Looking forward to seeing an example of your modified checklists.
  10. Dirtracer00

    GrizzlyBearSimsThe Joy of Study Level Aircraft

    I would like to start with a regional jet, something slightly smaller before I jump up the really big birds. I'm using X-Plane 11 and am not sure what to get as i am just now starting my research. If you have suggestions, I would welcome your advice. Maybe I should start with a study level GA, just not sure.
  11. Dirtracer00

    GrizzlyBearSimsDefault/Freeware Aircraft in P3D v4

    Looking forward to this series.
  12. Dirtracer00

    Passe all exams

    Congrats Wonko.
  13. Dirtracer00

    New Wheel Recommendations

    Thanks @mereman I kind of figured that the G920 is all I need. The lowest price I can find is $326.99. Planning to order tomorrow.
  14. Dirtracer00

    New Wheel Recommendations

    I have finally decided to purchase a wheel as I have started playing more racing titles and my XBox One controller is just not cutting it. Looking to start IRacing and know a wheel is a necessity. I would to hear which wheel everyone is using and what you would recommend for me. I have tried to find a used Logitech G27 but the ones that I find on Craigslist are just ridiculously priced for a used wheel. I've considered the updated G920 and possibly a Thrustmaster T300. The Thrustmaster series wheels are definitely more upgradeable, but realistically will I ever need to upgrade my pedals? Don't really know why the difference between 900 and 1080 degree wheels. Most new wheels are now 1080 degree rotation. So any suggestions or recommendations are appreciated.
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