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  1. Sosnovka Extreme

    This is an edit od Sosnovka Not which was my edit of Sosnovka a Giants default map. What is being done is everything gets bigger, adding production to the map and just a general extreme make over. No finish date yet but I'm trying my hardest to do a much as possible every day.
  2. Bringing home the new harvesters

    4 havesters eat it up fairly quick
  3. Johnny Vee

    Plowing some, send Coffee
  4. Poll has closed and the server is up and running, I hope you all enjoy.
  5. We will be using our standard mods we use in our live streams, there will be a link posted for the map and mods that we use. These mods we use are tried and tested to be fault free and accepted by the dedicated server.
  6. Funny Pictures

  7. Funny Pictures

  8. help with multifruit

    First try converting those png textures to dds format with something like paint.net
  9. Work so far

    Looking good, so much fun placing tree's
  10. Farm Manager 2018

    Thoughts everyone ?
  11. Farm Manager 2018

    Article or Review Author coming to steam Thoughts everyone ? {title } Game version Star rating0 Log Errors Mod or Map Features,/strong> Required mods Suggested mods Pros Cons Summery View full article
  12. Funny Pictures

  13. Funny Pictures

  14. Funny Pictures