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  1. Sosnovka Extreme

    Last update for this page, all done editing the map just final testing to go, cleaning up the pda image atm, then clean out the folder
  2. Sosnovka Extreme

    Ready soon pic of the bale sheds
  3. Sosnovka Extreme

    More testing, all going well. Spreading compost on fields
  4. Sosnovka Extreme

    Some more updates, sorry it's taking so long. I should change my name to "The Lazy Modder"
  5. Mp-management by kevink98

    May be good mate, we could try it on oregan springs friday night. We have decided to let you teach us how to use it
  6. Early Access Game Farmer's Dynasty

    To be honest I love the game already and it's nowhere near finished. I agree wheel and peddle controls should have been added but from what I read from the dev's that will come as is many many other things. This is no Farm Expert as I to was ripped of by that game too, but Farmers Dynasty is a real time sink and I feel the closest so far to a real simulation for farmers.. Cant wait for the new update's to come but enjoying what its got so far.
  7. Early Access Game Farmer's Dynasty

    Well that was quick all works now. Glad to know they are on the ball
  8. Early Access Game Farmer's Dynasty

    Well I bought it too, downloaded and installed but it wont run on my PC. I did a little searching on the support forum and low and behold it wont work with windows 7. The developers are trying hard to fix it and bring in a patch so it will work, they have found out why. So for me I have to wait to see what its like :(
  9. Error after adding sugarCane

    Not sure myself mate but it's not that. Stevies latest map has sugercane and 5 other crops added. I'll look around and see if I can find an answer.
  10. Tip Collisions

    Send away mate and let me know where and which walls, or we could do it via shared screens on discord.
  11. Health issue's

    So I don't get your stuff
  12. Health issue's

    I would like to let everyone know that a great friend of mine and yours, Icelandic Farmer, was taken to the hospital 2 days ago for a suspected heart attack. He has been in intensive care since. I have been talking to him daily several times a day and no word yet on his condition or a release date. I am taking to him at the moment and he says he is hungry So that must be good right? I will try to keep you all informed of any progress and when he is removed from intensive care and his release date. I hope you all join me in wishing him the best. Johnny Vee
  13. Sugar Cane

    Did you know..
  14. Johnny Vee

    Plowing some, send Coffee
  15. Sosnovka Extreme

    This is an edit od Sosnovka Not which was my edit of Sosnovka a Giants default map. What is being done is everything gets bigger, adding production to the map and just a general extreme make over. No finish date yet but I'm trying my hardest to do a much as possible every day.