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  1. Letting everybody know about littlemissbugs youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvcJA4jahEL_1rhD_zVeVgQ I have been doing some multiplayer farming with her in FS17 on the great Mercury Farms map. Fairly unique to have a female farm simmer out there, but she has been active in FarmSim since FS13. She also does some other PC games and as the name implies has some rather interesting pets that appear in some of her videos. Please check out her channel and if anybody is interested in some multiplayer, please send her an email at littlemissbugs@gmail.com and let her know your availability. She is trying to expand her online farming family and you will find the experience laid back, low pressure and easy going fun. Hope to see you in game soon.
  2. farmerbernie

    FS19 What do you think

    Ok. I will add another 2 cents (American) worth. Take for example the GPS mod. That should have been incorporated by Giants by now as GPS is a staple to American farming operations. Sure you can hire workers, but that's totally different than using GPS to work a field. I understand that the modder who created this is not planning on updating for FS19. Which I appreciate given the amount of effort they have put in so far to update through FS17. Giants should have simply reached out to the developer and purchased the rights or offered some type of royalty to assure it is included. For that matter where are Seasons? That should be baked in by now also, but instead we are left waiting for someone else to do the heavy lifting. And since I'm on a roll. Will someone please respond and in simple terms, that I can grasp, explain why FS19 is so much better graphically than FS17? I keep hearing this comment and I don't know what it is that stands out to make the graphical experience better, other than cutting my fps in half on a good graphics card. Anybody who has seen my posts in the past, know that I will eventually drink the Kool Aid and be on board with FS19 because it is still a great game; but just taking a little longer for me to warm up this go around.
  3. farmerbernie

    FS19 What do you think

    Anybody else put out by the way Giants is trickling out their own pieces of equipment? I understand the submission, testing, and final release of mods created by 3rd parties, but I feel that they should have had more of their own produced implements ready to go day one. It seems like a conscious decision to just release one or two here or there to keep interest up. Personally, it is kinda turning me off to the whole thing. Glad to see the modding community is still providing good products but I expect a little better out of Giants itself.
  4. farmerbernie

    Modding Central

    Was sad to see their announcement that they are closing down their forum: http://modcentral.co.uk/threads/modding-central-closing.2033/
  5. farmerbernie

    FS19 Trial instructions.

    Wish I could post a good rebuttal to this, but really can't come up with one yet. Maybe in time.
  6. farmerbernie

    Where's the buzz?

    It is just first impressions, but sadly I am underwhelmed. First impressions matter and with the history of game creation Giants has, the expectations for quality out of the gate are higher. Won't go the refund route, but surprising to find these "glitches" when as far as I know the engine didn't change that much from FS17 to FS19, so why would they start glitching now? The physics even seem a little wonky while simply driving around and initially the combine got stuck even though I saw that occur in some pre-release streams and would have thought they would have jumped on to fix before release. Also experienced some interface issues with even the keyboard and mouse and have seen lots of comments about controllers and wheel setup not working for players similar to @shakey posting. Equally sad to see some equipment brands disappear from the base. I'm sure Deere cost them "Deerely" to include in the game, but the variety in the past allowed for more realistic farm setups that fit the map location. Modders will, without a doubt, fill the void, but shouldn't have to rely on their efforts to complete a game. Will be tweaking graphic settings to see if I can improve the look, but so far it feels more like "Pure Farming" than Farming Simulator in terms of the visual. I know, I know....I will get feedback that says, it's early give it time. Easy to go negative. And no, I am not uninstalling FS19 and reinstalling FS15, but did expect somewhat better than I am receiving to this point.
  7. farmerbernie

    Where's the buzz?

    I thought this group would be lighting up over the near release of FS19. Why so quiet? Have watched bits and pieces of the pre-release live stream by Giants and will have to say it has been a little difficult to watch (English Version), but there does appear to be a fair amount of enhancements to make it worth while to transition over. Are we just destined to switch over or are there some members out there who will stay on FS17? Trying to hear what players are thinking. Let me know.
  8. farmerbernie

    Closing Days of FS17

    Counting down the days to the release of FS19, but have been spending my closing days in FS17 back on Goldcrest. Even held off on picking up the final nugget until just the other day. Then treated myself to the Big Bud and associated implements. It is fun preparing a field in 3-4 passes. Also I know am late to this complement but went ahead and downloaded the GTX Mods - Fermenting silos and pig ration mixer placeables from this site. What great mods. For us silo bunker inept it is a great solution. Enjoying the youtube streams of GBS, Farmerklein, Reefy, Multimikey and Arthur Chapman too. Appreciate the amount of effort and work that goes into preparing that content. They make it look easy and I know it isn't. Thanks. See you soon in FS19. Might give that multiplayer a try.
  9. farmerbernie

    FS 19

    Game changer. At least here state side. This will draw in some new farmers.
  10. Article referenced on FS forum, but worth reposting link here. A little bit of propaganda, but good history and interesting they turned down offer from ubisoft. (good choice) https://www.gamesindustry.biz/articles/2018-04-06-how-a-games-forum-made-farming-simulator-real
  11. farmerbernie

    Passe all exams

  12. farmerbernie

    Another two intense weeks of learning

    Well that certainly looks like something I could mess up big time. Glad it's you.
  13. farmerbernie

    Papa Bear needs help

    Done via PP. Best of luck in your training.
  14. farmerbernie

    Early Access Game Farmer's Dynasty

    Agree with the previous positive posts. Found myself quickly engaged in the game and ended up spending a lot of time just wanting to fix that one more thing to get going. It's different from other farm simulators thus far which makes for a nice diversion. I did however spend quite a bit of time trapped in the barn as I had put scaffolding all around the building which blocked the doors out, and then proceeded to fall through the roof I was fixing and couldn't exit. I won't spoil it for others who may be as clumsy, by saying how I finally got out. As with any release, it's all about the long-term support and commitment by the devs to fix and improve. But so far I am willing to invest into this title to see where it goes. After all who doesn't want to be known as a "Dynasty".
  15. farmerbernie

    Simagri Update

    Yes. SimAgri is still alive and well and yes I'm still actively engaged. Just started Season 57 this week. As much as I enjoyed the financial statements (and I'm sure you did too), the amount of transactions over the course of a year became excessive to edit down to a summary. I actually do have a real life job outside of farm simulations, although it is sometimes difficult to squeeze real work in. Still have positive SimAgri cash flow, although my balance hasn't really grown that much. Find too many new things to try out or invest in, so the bank balance takes a hit all the time. Have made a big effort to reach out to new farmers in my region and channel resources to them through contract work and purchasing livestock, crops and daily labor from them. The more farmers I can keep interested in staying in the better it is for the whole SA economy. So far I think it is helping to grow the base. The SimAgri developers have rolled out their Pro Farm Manager for early access on Steam http://store.steampowered.com/app/517270/Pro_Farm_Manager/Unfortunately this is in the face of other offerings like Farm Manager 2018 (Farm Expert Devs) http://store.steampowered.com/app/495560/Farm_Manager_2018/and unfortunately PFM is French only atm, which puts me at a decided disadvantage to try it out. Would like to see more farmers join me in SimAgri. Feel free to give it a try and see if it's to your liking. I have certainly enjoyed it.
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