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  1. Help Johnny Vee out

    Thank you mereman
  2. Help Johnny Vee out

    Haha. Thank you very much 😊
  3. Help Johnny Vee out

    Project will expire in 2 months and 30 days

    Hello you all I am doing this because my good friend Johhny Vee is in a need of new PC. He is not the man to ask people for help. So now I am doing it for him, I am asking you to help me to help him. The PC and our live stream is kind of his life and if he lose that he don`t have much to do as a hobby. He has a health problem that don`t give him the possibility to do what we all take for granted. So I am not asking you to give all you own just a dollar or what ever you can spare. BRG Ice
  4. ATS/ Logitech G29

    Hello in logitec profiler you can stif it up to. If you go in to logitec program and pres on the wheel it self it shold be seting there
  5. August Server costs

    Ok sorry then mate
  6. August Server costs

    But I did send this week??
  7. August Server costs

    I did donat 10 dollers but it is not showing :-(
  8. More PC problems

    You can test to start it up in safe mode and se if that helps.
  9. Live Stream

    Wonko we will fix that after we have done the move over to the new map
  10. Broxton Map

    Hello me and Johnny Vee do live streams on wedensdays so hope you like it :-) https://youtu.be/eRvBd4JtbDY
  11. Sherwood Park Farm

    Hello I did a new stream to day hope you like it :-) https://youtu.be/66Hztv7br9g
  12. Live Stream

    Hello you all tomorow we are going to move from Sosnovka Not to a new map so you that are joining pless com in on discort 1 hour before the stream BR Ice
  13. Icelandic Farmer

    Farming Simulator Euro Truck Simulator Americam Truck Simulator World Of Tanks View full channel
  14. Icelandic Farmer

    Farming Simulator Euro Truck Simulator Americam Truck Simulator World Of Tanks
  15. PC-SG Dedicated Members Server

    Server sponserIcelandic Farmer Fun multiplayer members only server. Map NamePine Cove by Stevie Server NamePC-SG Multi Matchmaking ServerContinental Europe Map Passwordbeer Map download link https://www.pc-sg.uk/files/file/164-pine-cove-farm-by-stevie/ Mods required Farm ManagerJohnny Vee View full server

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