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  1. Congrats on Willow River taking the number 1 spot as PC-SG's most download mod. Well deserved and an excellent example of taking map making to the next level. 

    1. Darin Cassell

      Darin Cassell

      Thanks chaseydog, I did not even know it was even close to your fine map in downloads. But to be honest it is from Farmer Klein's latest youtube exposure I'm sure....Thanks again!

  2. chaseydog

    FS19 What are you hoping to see?

    My wish list is more about improvements I’d like to see in the next version of Giants Editor but some of them apply to the game as well. · Multiple navMeshes for a given animal type. Presently we are limited to a single navMesh per animal. I’d like to be able to create several navMeshes and link them in such a way that the animals could be transferred between navMeshes. In this way we could move cows from the barn navMesh to a pasture navMesh and then latter on move them to a different pasture navMesh and then finally back to the barn navMesh. · A rethink of you field dimensions are defined. The current system of defining field definitions as a parallelogram, or series of parallelograms is adequate for rectangular fields but quickly becomes inflexible as field shapes become more complex. I’d prefer a system of defining field edge path similar to how it’s done in Course Play. · Multiple elevations for water planes. As its stands we can implement multiple water planes at differing elevations but only water plane at the lowest elevation can be used as a water fill point. I’d like to be able to create lakes and ponds at different elevations while still being able to use each as a refill point, or at least have the option to do so. · Ability to paint more than 4 terrainLayerPaint layers in a single grid area. Bumping this up to 5 or 6 would make a huge difference allowing for more variation in scenery · The ability to click and drag transform groups and objects in the scenegraph Changes that I’d like to see that would not require changes to GE but may require changes to the game engine · No rain through the roofs of structures · A rethink of the way cows and sheep are feed grass. Seems a bit redundant to feed them grass when they are on a pasture. · Better AI traffic. At present I find the AI physics and behavior to be immersion breaking, so much so that I rarely turn it on. · I’d have no objection to incorporating Seasons in game though I’d be perfectly happy with its continued development as a mod instead. · A more complex fertilization system along the lines of soil mod. Again I’d be just as happy if this came out as a mod, or got incorporated into Seasons as I would if they were incorporated into the game. · Contracts. Rather than selling when the price is the best I’d like to see an option to agree to sell at specific amount at a given price at a set time. The contract price could be better than the market price but would entail penalties if you fail to deliver. There are a few other popular wishes that I’ve seen here and elsewhere that I’m not convinced would be good additions to the game. · Dynamic ground. Now I love playing Spintires, but that’s a game about getting stuck in the mud, I’d hate to see it taken to that extreme in FS. Dynamic terrain could be toned down from Spintires levels to be more in keeping with the farming focus of FS but as Meremen alluded to the implementation in C&C hasn’t won me over. An additional consideration, from what I understand is that it would require a new game engine. There’s been some clamor for Giants to move to a new engine but I think these people seriously underestimate the difficulty in moving to a new engine. The devs would need to learn to use the new engine which might prove to be a significant learning curve. Secondly I doubt that any of the engines available would offer all of FS’s current functionality out of the box, which would mean the team would need to learn the new engine and then spend time modifying it to suit FS. Very doubtful that Giants could pull this off in the span of a 2 year dev cycle. The only option that I could see would be to have two separate teams working, one on FS19 using the current engine, and a second team developing a future iteration of FS (21 or possibly latter) on the new engine. Dovetail had promised to move Train Simulator over to a new engine a goal that slipped year after year. Eventually they released the new engine as a new game rather than an iteration of the existing game. · Used vehicles. I like the idea in principal but I’d be concerned about how it effects game balance. Unless maintenance costs are higher than new, and remain so even after repair, then I don’t see why you would ever not buy used. If it is implemented I’d like to see it done so in a way that only a very limited selection of equipment is available as used at any one time and that this selection would change over time with some equipment being sold off to the NPC’s and some other equipment becoming available.
  3. chaseydog

    Skrs Shifter Knob For "american Truck Simulator"

    I'd ordered mine just after they announced the Fanatec mount and it took them about three months to get it to me. I'd tried contacting during that time as it was well beyond what I'd been led to believe would be the ship date and while I eventually got in touch with them they were pretty vague about when my unit might ship. Once I got it I had to reattach one of the wires. It hasn't given me any trouble since but I'd be hesitant to recommend CSIO to anyone if the are now other options.
  4. chaseydog

    Game Speed

    Farmer Klein has a YouTube series on getting the most out of Seasons, one of the covers game speed. My own take is that best varies based on season length and play style. I happen to like 24 days Seasons at 1x/5x. I’ve managed to get to late spring before I started running out of things todo but I also started with significant average, pigs and sheep,and have yet to use any hired help. In other words best for me probably differs from best for anyone else
  5. chaseydog

    Papa Bear needs help

    Stay focused and stay safe
  6. chaseydog

    Blog FeedDaft Logic

    I’m playing around with the idea of starting on a new map. As with Nagce Valley it will be a fictitious map catering to large equipment, though this one will be set in North Carolina / West Virginia rather than the Midwest. The idea at the moment is to start with a 4x base map and utilize about 70% of the available area for my map with the remainder being left over for possible expansion. One of the key features that I’m interested in pursuing, and which certainly fits with the NC/WV theme, is the use of complex field shapes. If you are at all familiar with No Creek or Tazwell County you will have a good idea of where I’m headed, though this map will be much hillier than either those excellent maps. I used Google Earth quite a lot when I was conceptualizing Nagce Valley to get a feel for field and yard layouts and have started doing the same with the new map. The one shortcoming of Google Earth in this regard is that judging field size was largely guess work. This time around I’ve found an online tool that takes the guess work pot of the process. The Google Maps Area Calculator Tool from Daft Logic allows you to plot points on a map and then calculates the area enclosed by those points. Here are some fields that caught my attention By clicking along the edge of the field I can define the shape of the area that I'm interested in. The field edge is now fully defined The tool calculates the enclosed area as well as the length of the perimeter View the full article
  7. Easiest way to use seperate mod folders would be to rename your existing mod folder and then create a new mod folder for this map. When you want to switch back rename the new mod folder and change the original mod folder back to it’s original name
  8. chaseydog

    Papa Bear needs help

    Done via PP. Best wishes
  9. That’s exciting news. While I’m happy to see console players getting this awesome mod as a PC player and map creator I’m ecstatic that Giants is working with the mod community to add functionality to the base game. This could mean wonderful things for FS19
  10. chaseydog

    Willow Creek Farm wip........

    The trees can be tedious, particularly if your trying to achieve a realistic look. I found that taking breaks and working on other aspects of the map helped get me through it.
  11. chaseydog

    Straw Harvest DLC

    I agree with FK that the Add On’s value is largely dependent on your playstyle. I’m still too early in my current play through to put the equipment to the test but judging by the video’s I’ve seen I think I’ll get quite a bit of value from this pack, particularly the pellet baler and the square baler/accumulator. For me this represents a better value than the Platinum expansion , though the Horsch pack is still the winner in my book
  12. chaseydog

    GAINTS engine error

    Are you running the commodity price mod, if so try disabling it.
  13. chaseydog

    GAINTS engine error

    Any errors showing in your log?
  14. Just an update, I worked a bit more with TysonR and it looks like his crashes were not related to the StrawAddOn or the newMaterialHolder.lua. We now believe that one or more of the mods he had installed were conflicting with Seasons
  15. No idea. I have the additionalMapType.lua script installed and I’m not having any issues with the Straw Harvest Addon. Which map are you having issues on? Does it still crash with all mods except the Straw Harvest removed
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