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  1. Final thoughts on 24 day seasons

    Glad your enjoying the map and thanks for taking the time to share you play through with us. Creating the map was a much greater challenge than I had initially thought it would be but knowing that I've given back to the community with something others have enjoyed made it worth the effort
  2. Stappenbach

    I'm not big on industry so hadn't really given the tablet much notice, but now that I've moved the devs version of Nagce Valley to the individual silos from UMRV I'll give it a look to see if I can figure out how to get it working with these silos.
  3. Stappenbach

    @Prom so if I understand correctly, one of the problems with setting up independent silos is that only one of them would display in the Pricing menu. If I understand correctly this map gets around that limitation by having all the silos display as independent silos using the tablet?
  4. Stappenbach

    I'm very interested in seeing how the independent silo system works. Will it be possible/permissible to incorporate the system into new maps? Once again congrats to the team
  5. Crawford Farms

    Looks like the map is really coming along. Bringing the terrain up to the edge of the road as cleanly as you have in the first photo can be time consuming but the effect is well worth the effort.
  6. ATS NM expansion closed beta

    ATS NW expansion in closed beta. Release expected 4Q17 http://blog.scssoft.com/2017/09/new-mexico-landmarks-and-closed-beta.html?m=1 I haven't played ATS since before Arizona released. I'll likely jump back in once NM is out
  7. Stappenbach

    Impressive. Congratulations to the team on the releae
  8. Blog FeedDay 01

    Spent most of the day in the JD 6210. First up was filling the water troughs for the pigs and sheep, before I could feed the pigs though I needed to move some crops I had stored over at Nagce Grain Store to the bunkers on the farm. I set the Farmking auger up at one of the bins and jumped in the JD 8530 leaving the 6210 connected to the Farmking for power. I then spent the next hour or so moving my corn, barley. sunflower and soybeans from NV Grain store down to my bins. With a bit of practice I'm getting more proficient at moving the auger between the bins. The final run to NV Grain was to bring some sugarbeets to one of the root crop sheds. After feeding the pigs I'm back in the JD 6210 to head up to PC-SG Tactor and Grain to buy some hay and straw bales. I'll be the fist to admit I'm a bit out of practice when it comes to stacking bales but in the end I got them loaded up and back down to the animal farm. After that it was a simple matter of feeding the sheep their hay and running a load of straw over to the pigs. The rest of the day was spent mucking fileds 4 and 5 and getting about a third of field 3 done before the sun fell for the day. There's not much solid manure at the pig yard yet so I had to make repeated runs to the manure sell point at PC-SG to get these fields mucked. On my last run up to PC-Sg the owner let me know that my new JD R4050 sprayer was fully preped and ready for pick up. Left the JD 6210 and manure spreader up at PC-SG and drove the new sprayer back to the farm. Fortunately there was no late night traffic to deal with, that 4050 really eats up a lot of the road. View the full article
  9. Help with field textures.

    The minimum working width of the texture tool is about 1 meter which is ok but not great for precision work. It might be helpful if you posted a screenshot or two of the issues your having
  10. Early summer - All about that grass

    Elroy, you are making serious progress in the challenge. Well done! Ask around a bit before plowing the grass field under and replanting. I seem to remember that the grass terrain detail I used on the three grass fields does not get a boost from plowing but cannot remember where I read that. If you do test it out let us know if you saw an increase.
  11. I'm actually having a much tougher time stacking the round bales than I am using the auger. I committed to not using autostack but the manual stockings just not clicking for me. I'll give it another go in the morning. As far as keeping the bins straight I just wrote it down on paper
  12. My first go at the 24 Day Seasons Challenge got a bit side tracked. You see there is a peculiarity of the map maker psyche that compels us to rip our maps apart after a few hours of game play because we just thought of a better way to bring our farms to life. Sometimes we spot something in our own maps that drives us back into GE other times we something in another map makers work that pushes us over the edge. I used to think that the Giants Editor was a way to make Farming Simulator more enjoyable but I’ve come to the realization that for myself, and I’m guessing for other map makers as well, Farming Simulator is merely a justification for all the time we spend in GE. While I’ve spent well over 500 hours building Nagce Valley it’s likely that I’ve spent less than a tenth of that actually playing the map, and I’ve heard enough other map builders make similar comments to come to believe that the modders fate may well be cast in stone. The UMRV map has been gaining a lot of attention as of late. While officially still in beta the map is very well polished and the team has done an outstanding job brining the community a map that really pulls off the look and feel of the Upper Mississippi River Valley. The maps creator has committed to being a positive influence in the mod community and I wish him and his team the best with the maps release. Needless to say UMRV derailed any aspirations I had of focusing on my play through and pushed me right back into the waiting arms of GE. What impressed me most was that the map takes something that I implemented on Nagce Valley and takes it to the next level. One of the early features of Nagce that drove the feel for the map throughout its development was the grain bin auger layout on the main farm. It was one of the first features I incorporated and the one that once it was laid down I knew without a doubt would make it to the final cut. While it delivered the look I wanted functionally it was no different than the farm silo that exists on most FS17 maps, a tip point to dump into, a global store for the crops, and a fill trigger to get your grain back out. UMRV takes this to the next level by utilizing functional augers for adding and removing grain from bins that are unconnected to each other. To fill a bin you first need to maneuver the auger into place, set it up, and connect a tractor to power it. To fill a different bin you need to retract the auger, move it to the next bin and repeat the set up process. There is a second auger for transferring grain from the bin into the tipper which has its own set up process. While it’s still possible to put more than one grain type in a bin a bit of self-control makes it possible to realize a one bin one crop playstyle. The static augers and bins from the release version of Nagce Valley The functional augers and bins that I have in the dev version of Nagce Valley. While they may look the same they are a whole new ball game in game play. If you want to see the augers in action watch the video below from the UMRV team DR Modding DR Modding The augers and bins have been available for some time on American Eagles Modding; in fact the augers already on Nagce Valley use the same visual model but lack the functionality of the AEM mods. While I knew of their existence it wasn’t until I saw a video on the UMRV YouTube channel demonstrating their use that I knew what I was missing. There’s a bit of a learning curve on the augers, they’re not overly complicated but they’re not terribly intuitive either, and the casual player may not find them very engaging, but if you’re looking to run a realistic American farm they are hard to beat. There’s a second change that I’ve been meaning to incorporate on Nagce Valley but held off as it was not seasons ready Seasons. Thanks to some hard work by Darrin Casesell the Apple Orchard is now, at least visually, Seasons ready. Darrin added the necessary textures and xml to allow the Apple tree’s to change appearance with the seasons and was kind enough to allow me to include these changes on Nagce Valley. Unfortunately we were not able to find a way to control apple growth to coincide with the seasons. We both played around with the ProduktPerHour and factor settings but it didn’t lead to the results we were hoping for. It’s not an insurmountable problem though. Apples will only be produced after water and compost or manure have been added to the trees. By using some self-imposed rules about when these inputs can be added, such as July through November, we can keep are apple harvests in season. Neither of us has given up on finding the magic Seasons settings but for now controlling the inputs seems like a viable solution. Nagce Valley apples There were a few more changes, multi angle terrain has been added, I removed the seed and fert fill triggers from the farm, so buying and transporting pallets is somewhat more essential though the fill triggers are still in place at PC-SG Tractor and Seed. View the full article
  13. My biggest challenge, one which I've failed at so far is to put together more than a few hours of game play before the compulsion to tweak the map in GE hits me once again. So far 8 hours of gameplay on my 24 day season play through has led to 20 or so hours in GE implementing changes that will require a fresh save effectively zeroing out my play time. I'm a bit over 90 minutes into the new 24 days Seasons play through and holding strong...for now.
  14. Multiple Maps in Mods Folder?

    It's not usually the maps that are the issue, but scripts within the maps. It's when you have multiple scripted maps in your mods folder that you can start having issues.
  15. ProMods 2.2 Trailer - Coming Soon!

    @BigJohnnyD hopefully this will help https://support.steampowered.com/kb_article.php?ref=2037-QEUH-3335