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  1. Days 4 and 5

    IIRC there were two Bob Newhart shows. The Daryl's were in the second
  2. Apples for all SEASONS

    To be honest I was feeling a bit lazy on Sunday and didn't feel like messing about in Notepad++ so I just imported from BRA. Now that I understand the mod a bit better I'll most likely copy your folder structure rather than come up with my own solution. Ill check with papabear, I've been meaning to check out Hof Bergman anyway. Thanks again for the help
  3. Apples for all SEASONS

    I had an issue importing the i3d, got an error about missing textures. In the end I imported the apple trees from the Blue Ridge Acres map and after a bit got them working. Still need to get a sell point setup. Once that's done I'll go back and implement your Seasons fixes. Thanks for sharing your work, I've been wanting to implement the aple trees on Nagce Valley but didn't want to do so without a seasons update. If I release this version I'll credit you for the seasons fix, would you know who should be credited for the apple trees?
  4. Days 4 and 5

  5. Station Wash Kaercher

    Yes they would. If your interested in converting the placeable to use in GE bdbssb and ShyWizard have YouTube videos on doing conversions. Not specifically for the washer but the concepts should be the same. Incorporating a placeable in this way is somewhat of a gray area as the original mod author may not want their mod incorporated into someone else's mod. You're probably ok as long as you credit the original mod author but it couldn't hurt to ask
  6. Station Wash Kaercher

    Optionally place it as a placeable, save the game, open the save games vehicles.xml, copy the element related to the washer and paste the element in the maps defaultVehicles.xml
  7. I'd say it's far more important to have a good time than it is to observe any specific rules regarding game speed. If your having fun keep at it, if you're getting stressed out or bored change things up
  8. Apples for all SEASONS

    Thanks, is ORF17 a WIP or has it been released?
  9. Apples for all SEASONS

    Much appreciated. Which map is ORF, I'm drawing a blank?
  10. Apples for all SEASONS

    Nice work. Will you be releasing the apple tree textures?
  11. Got Milk?

    Yes, place the milk fill and milk sell triggers as well as the stop milk sales placeable. There is a way to get it to work without the stop milk sales placeable but it involves some editing in GE. The Kotte Universal pack includes tanks which work with milk. There is also a milk specific tanker on the in game modhub
  12. Blog FeedDay 0

    Day 0 the problem with piggy’s Disclaimer – torn between the ideal that piggy’s get sold to the Petting Zoo and my love of bacon (#baconForTheWin, #lovesBacon, #baconUberAlles) The seasons devs simplified animal feed requirement by aggregating feed over the course of a year rather than making it dependent on season length. So end of the day it doesn’t matter if you are playing 6, 12 or 24 day seasons the piggy’s are going to woof down 2160 liters per piggy per year. For the 24-day season we can break this down as I padded the numbers a bit to ensure that I didn’t come up short but the ideal is that if I’ve got this in my coffers it should get the piggy’s through the year. So, 54k liters of corn, 27k liters of barley, 7200 liters each of canola, sunflower, and soybean and another 5400 liters of sugar beets should see the piggy’s through the year. Just to keep things interesting these crops will be located at the Nagce Valley Coop rather than at the farm silo, which means resources will need to be moved to ensure that the piggies don’t go hungry. Day 0 I’ll stack he larders to ensure no piggy’s goes unfed. Replaced most of the starting equipment with John Deere, with the exception of the big dog tractor which will be Class Xerion 50000. John Deere brings it up with a 8030, a 6210 and a 5150. New Holland convers the harvesting side of things with a CR 10.90 and a FR 850, though the 10.90 will be using a MacDon 45’ header and a Capello corn header rather than the NH kit. Some support equipment such as a milk truck, a diesel tanker and a digestate tanker have also been added. View the full article
  13. Blog Feed24 day challenge

    So, I’m sitting here drinking a Stone Ruination double IPA, I’ve just finished tweaking Nagce Valley in preparation for the 24-day Season challenge, perfect time to blog a bit before firing up FS17 and giving this challenge a go. The prevailing line of reasoning in the 24 days Seasons club that Farm Klein Kicked off on PC-SG is that the 24-hour challenge should be played at 15x speed. I’ve never played FS at anything other than 1X and while the guys in the club offer some compelling reasons of going 15x I’m going to stick with 1x at least off the bat. Keep in mind that a 24-day season works out to a 96-day year, so to avoid immeasurable spans of boredom I’ve tweaked things a bit to ensure that I’ll keep busy. All fields will be player owned with the intent is that I plant and harvest all 225ha of arable field in addition to working all 44ha to grass pasture land. Sugar beets and poplar suck up a bit of time so I’ll be throwing them into the year one mix. Animals, the conventional wisdom is to hold off in year one, start with sheep and avoid pigs at all possible costs. So, we will start with pigs. Minimal use of Course Play or the helper AI. My play styles always tended towards do the work yourself which should help to fill out a 1x day. Removed the seed and fert triggers from the farm. Both will now need to be supplied through the use of pallets or by hitting the triggers at the PC-SG sell point I’m guessing that this should keep me busy at 1x but I guess time will tell. Blog RSSView the full article
  14. Starting/Joining the Seasons 24 Club

    Jack, is there a link to your blog? I share your trepidation with doing video, maybe some days good enough for now
  15. Buying manure

    I'm in the process of setting up my 24 play, and I'm looking to use manure as the first stage fert. I'll be starting with pigs, so I guess I could edit in some manure from them to start with but I was wondering what the options for buying manure are. Can anyone recommend a good mod?

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