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  1. Flametamer

    Willow River Farm Today 3/30/18

    Happy Happy Birthday wish yo many more
  2. Flametamer

    Another two intense weeks of learning

    Good Job
  3. Flametamer

    Seasons Mod

    Can you make that another when you can please
  4. Flametamer

    Map & Mod Testing

    I would be interested. This is pretty much all I can do now days
  5. Flametamer

    Fs 17 Glitches

    no sheep yet but I did have the pig as well
  6. Flametamer

    Fs17 Seasons Mod

    I absolutely love this mod. I can only see it getting better in the future. I know everyone is about realism so why hasn't someone done something about gravity? I.E. when parking a loader on the side of a steep hill why does it not roll? In real life no one would be able to get that far without a rollover. I can strap logs onto the forks then it goes to shaking turning the loader over but when on a hill sits nice and pretty. Just curious not complaining.
  7. Flametamer


    would love to see those mod descriptions I am not a farmer so have no idea what most of them do until I use them then end up deleting them because they are not what I thought they were
  8. Flametamer

    C&c Competition Winners Announced

    congrats to the winners
  9. So far everything looks great. I would like to see the ability to clear a place for your cattle, sheep, pigs and chickens. Meaning that the player places them where they want to put them instead of relying on the map maker to place them. I think this would take the farming sim world to a higher level. Entered GrizzlyBearSims
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