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  1. the.geremy

    Battlefield V

    I hope I find you I send you a friend request Is this you?
  2. the.geremy

    Battlefield V

    Hi, I tried to find you like RoCC wonko12, but no success. 😕
  3. the.geremy

    Battlefield V

    Hi, I cant find you on origin 😕 My nick is The3Geremy because, in time when I registered dot was not allowed character.
  4. the.geremy

    Battlefield V

    I am in My nick on the Battlefield is the.geremy (37) and friend of mine has nick lufftyluffty (36). We are playing Farming Simulator and sometimes also Battlefield, just for fun, no hard professionals :). We speak English and we are searching for other players for a long time. It will be our pleasure to create a full team. How can I find you in the Battlefield? B) Do you play also Battlefield 1? It will be great if you can join us, maybe this weekend.
  5. the.geremy

    Solid Fertilizer Directly to Trailer

    @Johnny Vee It is possible only for machines like spreaders and seeders, but to put solid fertilizer to trailer, you have to buy bags and then put their content to trailer wit loaders or with tractor with front loader. @Ken_2_farmer - thanks for advice, i will try.
  6. Hi all, I have to questions: 1, Is there any station for FS17 with solid fertilizer that can put solid fertilizer directly to trailer? 2, How it is possible to add to the traffic non standard vehicles, for example tractor like it is in Oakfield farm? Thank you.
  7. the.geremy

    I cant see the rain

    This is common issue on this map, will be fixed on next patch. https://forum.giants-software.com/viewtopic.php?f=936&t=119771
  8. the.geremy

    Found on YouTube

    I like Volvo BM and also that red one A-C 7080 ;)
  9. the.geremy

    Running after 4 is busy

    Hi, is that mod of JD harvester without errors? Where can i find it? Thanks
  10. the.geremy

    All's well now filling one motherbin into the other

    Funny :D and where is harvester? :D
  11. the.geremy


    Some strange things that happens.
  12. the.geremy

    Seeding Trees

  13. the.geremy


    Hi, what is the name of that mod?
  14. the.geremy


    I try this today. This is not ok, when second line of whole course will be performed, there will be no space between last line of first row and first line of second row :/
  15. the.geremy


    Too many :D

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