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  1. I cant see the rain

    This is common issue on this map, will be fixed on next patch. https://forum.giants-software.com/viewtopic.php?f=936&t=119771
  2. Found on YouTube

    I like Volvo BM and also that red one A-C 7080 ;)
  3. Running after 4 is busy

    Hi, is that mod of JD harvester without errors? Where can i find it? Thanks
  4. All's well now filling one motherbin into the other

    Funny :D and where is harvester? :D
  5. FS17_Errors

    Some strange things that happens.
  6. Seeding Trees

  7. 20170722142038_1.jpg

    Hi, what is the name of that mod?
  8. TreesSeedingCalculation.png

    I try this today. This is not ok, when second line of whole course will be performed, there will be no space between last line of first row and first line of second row :/
  9. SeedingPoplar_I.jpg

    Too many :D
  10. SomeScreens

    What i found interesting or funny.
  11. SeedingPoplar_I.jpg

    One course play course and 10 tractors. B)
  12. Seeding Trees

    Hi, Does someone know, how often the tree is seeded, when seeding trees? Every 3m or 4m or every 5 meters? Thanks the.geremy
  13. SomeScreens

    :D yes, milk is also great, i agree ;) And yes, makes one to fill them with everything possible
  14. Snettertons Farm by Stevie.

    Thanks for a great map. Can somebody find all nugets? I find 99 and i cant find the last one.
  15. I am little bit disappointed by this DLC, there are 18 tools, but 90% of them pc version already have. I was expecting new tractors maybe from another brand, or same new fruits/animals or some new awesome big machines. This Kuhn tools are nice, look great, some of them will be nice to try, but why they bring something that we already have. Maybe they should lower the price for pc version. :/ Because this DLS is only about baling square bales, that is nice, but... :/ I hope that C&C will meet my expectations