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  1. Darin Cassell


    Where I got the working liquid trailer from : Farmer_Andy lsfarming-mods.com
  2. Darin Cassell


    Version 1.0.0


    Placeable Silos to store and use seeds,fertilizer,lime,herbicide and liquid fertilizer after you have bought these items in bulk. Before loading liquid fertilizer or herbicide stand in front of small engine to get prompt on F1 menu to open the pipe.
  3. Darin Cassell

    Emerald Coast USA 2019

    sorry to hear this.....there is a strange noise like a grain silo dryer halfway through the loading screen
  4. Darin Cassell

    Emerald Coast USA 2019

    try it without the RazwoodFactory
  5. Darin Cassell

    Emerald Coast USA 2019

    You may need to lower your graphics settings as this map is very high on textures not unlike the same thing with the Windchaser map. I tested this map with a ton of mods and some were sloppy but never had an issue, I run a 1080ti nividia card.
  6. Darin Cassell


    Sorry, just noticed this.....try default in game mowers and do not have greenmowing mod in your mod folder as it is embedded in the map.
  7. Darin Cassell

    Placeable Tent Spawn Point

    Yes ........We showed that last night at the very end of Farmer Kleins Live stream....and Thanks
  8. Darin Cassell

    Placeable Tent Spawn Point

    Version 1.6


    For: FS19 A cheap alternative to place a spawn point and the the ability to skip night.
  9. Darin Cassell

    Placeable Tent Spawn Point

    View File Placeable Tent Spawn Point For: FS19 A cheap alternative to place a spawn point and the the ability to skip night. Submitter Darin Cassell Submitted 23/11/18 Category Other Credits Mod Author Features PC-SG Tested?  
  10. Congrats on Willow River taking the number 1 spot as PC-SG's most download mod. Well deserved and an excellent example of taking map making to the next level. 

    1. Darin Cassell

      Darin Cassell

      Thanks chaseydog, I did not even know it was even close to your fine map in downloads. But to be honest it is from Farmer Klein's latest youtube exposure I'm sure....Thanks again!

  11. Darin Cassell

    A certain Tractor

    yeah this may take some research.....lol
  12. Darin Cassell

    A certain Tractor

    OK we got a FS13 mod the only one I could find still having a working link. I got the foundation of the tractor finally error free when loaded in GE, still thanking God I found a work around to get binary triangles to become id3.shapes. And this is what I will be using to learn blender. Already had it in and seperated parts so there might be hope for a Field Marshall sometime not soon ...lol
  13. Added Board Storage by GtX. Added textures and files so alfalfa can be mowed and baled with in game equipment, some third party equipment does not work. You will need this file for it to work: https://farming-simulator.com/mod.php?lang=en&country=us&mod_id=111333&title=fs2017 . People and non-functioning chickens at the museum.
  14. Darin Cassell

    Help With MapMaking

    I would just edit the crap out of one of giants maps so nobody knows what it was if you plan on releasing it. Everything I needed to learn came from this link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCivTZftwyHXOa710d0JdbZQ Goodluck,Darin
  15. Darin Cassell


    lol........I uploaded the new update with my starting equipment....so you must have sob's johnny in your mod folder. Hope you enjoy anyways!
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