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  1. BigJohnnyD

    GrizzlyBearSimsGetting Started with YouTube

    Really enjoyed reading this Gerry @GrizzlyBearSims, I must admit that while I was recuperating in hospital I did a lot of reading and your blog was a regular haunt for me. I think I've started to read just about all of your posts but I'm not sure how many I finished, (Well there was a lot of medicating going on at the time and I would be reading from the laptop one second and then the next thing I knew it was 8-12 hours later and they were waking me up to give me more!). 😃 John.
  2. BigJohnnyD

    Johnny Vee You Tube

    I've just realized I wasn't subscribed to you on Youtube and guess what??? I'm your 100th sub John. P.S. I couldn't figure out how to edit my post (above) so I had to do a new one (sorry )
  3. BigJohnnyD

    Johnny Vee You Tube

    Awesome video @Johnny Vee thoroughly enjoyed listening to you explaining how the game works and how you play it. You have a very relaxed style that I like and while I can't play FS something like this will fill the gap. Thanks very much. John
  4. BigJohnnyD

    12 Hour Live stream on Saturday

    Good luck guys, I'll be watching. Errrr who's livestreaming it? Lol John
  5. I would love to be able to join in with you all but I think we might be on FS19 or even FS21 before that happens lol. I was sad to read you have been ill yourself @Icelandic Farmer but equally pleased to read you are making a good recovery. 👍 John.
  6. BigJohnnyD

    What Are You Listening Too

    Can't beat a bit of UB40 once in a while.
  7. Thank you all for your kind wishes and the warm welcome backs. I doubt I'll be number 1 poster any time soon but you'll never know when I am lurking about Mwahaahaa. John
  8. Well guess who's back, back again? I guess some explaining for my absense is in order, I still don't know everything that happened but here's the gist of where I've been. As most of you know I've been disabled for a number of years now but recently my health deteriated quite drastically with me suffering a number of strokes and a minor heart attack. Before all of this I had tried to keep myself as fit as possible but afterwards I was basically bed bound and this led to me catching an infection called "Cellulitus" (sp?). This is for most people a minor condition that is treated with anti-biotics but because of my circumstances it didn't get caught until it had gone deeper and caused me to contract sepsis/septisemia. Now this little beauty is lethal if not treated quick enough so I was rushed into hospital and put straight into an induced coma while they fixed me. Now this is where things get a bit confusing to me, all I really remember is waking up in hospital and feeling really hungry (I have lost 4 stone in weight since this all began) Now I had piled the beef on lately so losing that much hasn't harmed me any, in fact if you need to lose weight quick I can thouroughly reccommend a few weeks in intensive care. Anyway to cut a boring story short I'm slowly recovering and am now out of bed (with the help of two nurses) and can move myself around in my wheelchair quite badly but at least I can get about. I have been practicing my typing and can now do about 1 word every 3 minutes or so but I'm getting there. Obviously I haven't been able to play any games as yet but I have been following the live streems as best I can even though it drives me mad not being able to join in. Well that's about it really, Ian got his papers (finally) and has gone to be a soldier for a while (12 years) I'm so proud of him and he looks awesome in his uniform but I have lost my right hand so to speak. I'm coping fine without him and he talks to my as often as he can but I do miss his off the wall ideas for helping me (like the glove he designed to allow me to use my G27 without touching it!) Unfortunately this has broke and I'm going to have to wait until he gets some leave to fix it for me. I can't think of anything else to write and Mrs. D. is waiting for me to change the dressings on my legs (result of the Cellulitus is big open wounds on my legs (it's a skin infection!). John.
  9. Well wasn't last night eventful and full of "fun"? Mrs. D. and myself were sitting doing our thing when there was an unexpected knock on the back door. I say unexpected because there is no access to our back from the street and for anyone to get to knock on that door would mean a 7 foot climb over the gates or they would need to come over the garages that form the rear boundary to our garden so it was with more curiosity than any sense of forboding that I went to answer it. Fully expecting to find some semi drowned teenager trying to rescue his football it came as quite a shock to find my newly erected shed trying to get in to escape the horrendous winds and rain. I kid you not, the shed that Ian and his mates had recently spent ages erecting and securely fastening to the concrete base had dislodged itself and was now wedged between the back door and the corner of the house and daintily tapping on the window in the wind. Now normaly if anything like this was to happen then a quick phone call would bring Ian and his pals a-running to the rescue but unfortunatly he was away at a "gig" watching a couple of his old school friends and their band who are doing quite well in the music scene so I was basically on my own. If you don't know by now I am confined to a wheelchair and am slowly recovering from a couple of quite serious strokes so this was going to take more mental power than physical muscle strength (basically because I don't have any of the latter). Unable to get past the shed from this side of the house I was going to have to go around the front and thankfully I could just get the gate open enough to squeeze through. Thinking furiously I decided that if my ancient garden tractor would start I could hook it to the back corner of the shed (which is metal by the way and is 10 foot by 8 foot and is there to house Chicka D's garden toys, our deck chairs etc. and a freezer). So this is what I did. After some choice words, a few preyers and a kick or two my aging Westfield gave up ignoring me and spluttered complainingly into life. On peering down into the fuel tank I realised there wasn't a second to waste if I wanted to get this done without it giving up on me again so I grabbed a couple of ratchet straps ( the kind of thing you use to tie down loads onto trailers etc.) and headed back down the garden. I had barely got out of the workshop when the lights failed (probably due to the torrential rain lashing down on it, and me) but thankfully Mrs. D. had had the sense to turn on the garden lights which at least told me I was heading in the right direction and gave me some view of what I was doing. I backed right up to the rear corner of the shed (which by now was about 6 foot in the air and threatening to leave at a moments notice) and managed to tie a strap to the mangled ground plate which had until just recently been responsible for holding everything grounded and with the other end of the strap hooked to the back of the tractor I started to pull it back away from the house. With much screaching and tearing sounds I slowly dragged it back until with a sudden lurch it tipped over and bacame upright again, literally inches from my head but thankfully covering the freezer and what was left of the garden stuff so I secured the straps between the shed and the tractor and hoped it would be enough to hold everything together until the storm passed. This morning I went out there expecting the worst but other than a few dented panals and the missing deck chairs (which we have since recovered from a neighbours garden) there doesn't seem to be to much damage at all. Ian is here and is currently using the biggest drill you have ever seen to create some anchor points and then I'm going to have to teach him how to weld the shed to them. The old Westfield is the hero of the night and is now safely tucked up in it's workshop but repairs to that are going to have to wait....... Who am I kidding I'm going to have to go out there and at least sort out the electrical problems and make sure I have some fuel handy just in case I ever need to use it again in the middle of the night. So that's a "typical" night in our household, how was your night? John.
  10. BigJohnnyD

    Pink Tractor

    Well I've changed the colour of the default Valtra S series in GE to pink and exported it as a mod but it seems that was the easy bit Now I only need to change just about every bit of the .xml file to actually get it in game. I've made a start but being totally honest with you I wouldn't hold my breath if I were you (it was much easier in previous versions of the game) I know there are custom coloured mods out there so I know it can be done, I'll just have to keep nosying at other peoples mods to see how they did it. If anyone else knows how it's done feel free to step in and sort @Grandthumb out as it might take me waaaaaay to long to do it.
  11. BigJohnnyD

    Pink Tractor

    I haven't done it myself but I'm sure it wouldn't be to difficult to add a colour to the colour picker for a particular tractor (or anything else for that matter) Let me have a look see how it works and maybe I can do something. Do you have a particular tractor in mind or is it as long as it's pink you don't mind?
  12. BigJohnnyD

    The state of Farming sims

    I take great stock by what my grandma used to tell me as a kid, she would oft recite the phrase "if you have nothing good to say about something then it's better to say nothing at all". So with that being said, Daggerwin ............ Anyway moving on, I agree with just about everything you say @mereman There is nothing that comes close to FS either available now or in the works and that is what is surprising because, lets face it, it's not really a difficult game to create. Giants aren't a team of super-genius developers, they don't, I presume, have access to alien technology and they have never really had the funds for huge teams of people to iron out the problems/bugs so if they can do it why can't others? CnC is a very big let down in my eyes, Pro Farmer is, well ...... (Thank you gandma) and Real Farm is as you say Mike "dead in the water".
  13. BigJohnnyD

    PC-SG Dedicated Members Server

    I've just downloaded this app and it connected straight away. I downloaded "dedi app 17" from Giants software if that makes any difference? John.
  14. BigJohnnyD

    Does this mod work?

    I am so proud of Ian (my son), he must have read these posts last night and has turned up here this morning with a fairly useful 10 inch tablet that I can use for now until I can afford a replacement of my own! So right now I have my G27 pedals, a G13 controller and this "Power-Grid" system. Obviously the pedals are accelerate and brake, I am using the G13 buttons with my left hand to control steering, shuttle control and the mini joystick to look around then this Power-Grid gives me just about everything else I need and I use my right hand to control it. @Duckzorly I see what you mean about it not wanting to go into landscape mode also not all of the buttons are visible at the same time. I have to scroll/slide up and down to access the top or bottom ones. Now I have set everything up and had a chance to use it I think it would only be fair of me to say I give this a resounding thumbs up, 5 stars and a hearty clap on the back. Not only can I thoroughly reccommend it to anyone wanting to know if it works or if it's useful I think this has saved me from having to give up my fav. game..... Although .......... If anyone fancies making one of these for me I would be delighted John.
  15. BigJohnnyD

    Does this mod work?

    I will do mate, as soon as I get used to using it I'll add another update hopefully with more images/screenshots etc. A 10 inch tablet sounds about right and I'm thinking I'll use when I get one. I've got my G27 set up but only use the pedals at the minute. I still finding it a struggle to co-ordinate the wheel also I keep letting go half way through a turn which is very frustrating. I am using my G13 for steering and the majority of the key presses I need but even that is problematic and I often find myself jumping out of the tractor instead of tipping the trailer or whatever I'm supposed to be doing. I'f I can keep my left hand almost static for steering and the little joystick for looking around and use this for the rest of the controls, the bigger buttons will make it much easier for me. John.