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  1. BigJohnnyD

    GrizzlyBearSimsWorldFlight 2018 GBS Tour – Leg 4

    Thank you Jerry for another insalment, I am finding them fascinating, especially the history of the destination and the details of the planes. Singapore is somewhere I would love to visit IRL. My uncle used to astonish and astound us with his tails of his time there, in the army, when we were kids. Unfortunately I'm just not fit to fly yet and have been grounded until I can be re-tested. On the good news front my brother and his wife are with me (a cheap once in a lifetime experience for them). He is licensed to fly single engined birds so as long as no-one checks he can get us home. Technically I haven't lost my license so if we get into any trouble I can say I'm giving him lessons. May your turbulances be minor and your sunrises spectacular. John.
  2. BigJohnnyD


    Hi Maverick 74, I have a question. When I want to make pallets, I have cut down trees and put them in the factory. I also brought tree chips and wool, but the board plates are not made. Can you tell me how, because I need a lot of pallets. Furthermore, a great card for many hours of game fun. Would like to share experiences with others. hope this helps, John
  3. BigJohnnyD

    GrizzlyBearSimsWorldFlight 2018 GBS Tour – Leg 2

    I delayed commenting earlier because I've decided to follow along behind you (carrying extra luggage for the tourists!) in a Bombadeer King Air 350 and it took a while to catch up with you Lol. I'm very rusty but, as they say, it's like riding a bike. Keep up the great work. John. P.S. I tried to watch your live stream but I must have fallen asleep not long after you said hi!
  4. BigJohnnyD

    Grizzlybearsims On Twitch

    I've followed you on Twitch Jerry and hope to be able to watch (at least part of) your stream but that late at night I'm likely to have had my meds and be very slightly out of my tree! Lol Having full ATC for the whole of the USA sounds like an awesome way to play, I've played on VatSim a few times and thoroughly enjoyed every minute. Everyone is so professional and I always found it amazing that so many people were happy doing ATC and ground, a few friends and I used to get on the old FSX multi-player and pick an airport to base from (usually St. Maartans(sp?)) then spend a good few hours flying into and out of that airport the only downside (for me) was having to take a spell at ATC 🙄 Well good luck and light wings Jerry. John
  5. BigJohnnyD

    GrizzlyBearSimsWorldFlight 2018 GBS Tour – Leg 1

    Nice one Jerry, a really good start. I'm kinda jealous of your tourists 😥 John.
  6. Thanks Ice, next I'll be taking over the multiplayer games Lol 🤣
  7. BigJohnnyD

    GrizzlyBearSimsFSLabs Making News–Once Again

    I'm really looking forward to your worldflight blogs and was even considering following your lead but in the smaller planes that I enjoy. Thanks for the DCS World tips, I'll definitely take a look at it and perhaps even get to blow shizz up (not my favourite hobby but still worth having a go Lol) John.
  8. BigJohnnyD

    GrizzlyBearSimsFSLabs Making News–Once Again

    Once again Jerry, you have provided a really interesting and informative blog which I've thoroughly enjoyed reading and have learned something new to boot. To be honest with you my passion lies with smaller single or twin prop birds so the chances of me buying these planes is extremely small. My personal favourites are WWll planes (from either side!) and I would love to find some "study ready" models from that era. I just think they give you a more "hands on" style of gameplay with less automated systems such as auto-pilot, auto-take off/landing etc. etc. Once again Jerry, thank you for a great blog. John.
  9. Apparrently he's never turned up for work since 🤷‍♂️ but to answer your question I didn't have to report him because the other nurse did it as part of his "nightlog". The firm were on the phone at like stupid o clock in the morning to apologise and to make sure I knew he was only on his probationary period so they weren't liable (it hadn't even entered my head to think about suing anyone??) No problems mate, just glad to know it works 👍
  10. Just a quick update on how things are going at my end, First of all I had to slap one of my nurses for being a bit forward! I wouldn't have minded so much if it wasn't for his beard!!! Lol I've actually managed to, kind of, play FS! Mrs. D. set me up (started the game and picked the map I wanted. She did some buying and selling of equipment for me and left me to it. Well several hours later I'm fuming mad because I left it on 15x speed (I've no idea how it got changed to 15x but Mrs. D. swears it wasn't her!) and all of my crops were withering because I just wasn't fast enough at getting things done so a quick restart and some minor adjustments saw me playing well into the night. I think I turned it all off at about 6am but I had been snoring well for a time before that. I mainly used CoursePlay and hired workers to do all the work and that teleport cheat to help get around. Ian reminded me of an older bit of tech I have from Logitech, it's a G13 which is basically a multi-function button box with a thump joystick. So with a little practice I've just finished another good couple of hours on two of my current fav. maps, MavericksFinal V4 (I think) and The Valley The Old Farm. I basically have a mini joystick and the choice of one button at a time from the main keys to control everything. I know what I wrote earlier (about slapping a nurse) sounds like a joke or something but it was actually true. About two weeks ago while "he" was settling me to bed his co-worker went to ask Mrs. D. what meds I still needed when, in a very unnerving voice he asked if their was anything else I needed (while slipping his hand under the quilt and onto my thigh) I have never screamed so loud in my life!!! I'm not homophobic or even a little put off by same sex couples but to suddenly be confronted with a predator type of guy who has just spent the last 20 minutes or so showering me, I was a little upset (to say the least!) Mrs. D. came running like hell not knowing what to think might be going on to find me almost falling out of bed and "him" crouched against the wall with his hands over his ears! He ran out the house and away and it took me two days to calm down enough to talk about it. I am sorry if this is not politically correct but I've never been in a vulnerable position like this before and didn't know what else to do, what's worse is I still don't really know what to do if it happened again? Well that's all for now. Keep Digging John.
  11. BigJohnnyD

    Promods 2.27 Available

    Thanks for the tip off Jerry, I can't play it yet but I like to keep everything up to date. John.
  12. BigJohnnyD

    Potato Washer Question

    **BadWord**..... I've spent all afternoon trying different combinations of maps and mods to try to figure out what was going wrong. I couldn't even get the display up even with it as the only mod in the folder. I did try to DL the mGraphicMod but the site was in German and I couldn't find the DL button. 😁 FYI, there is (what I thought was) the mGraphicMod built into the washer mod and I assumed I didn't need to have it again. DOHHH Oh well as long as @Boots has a working version we can all go back to sleep again. Has anyone got a cookie? I've worked up a real hunger today Lol. John the confused again! 🙃
  13. BigJohnnyD

    Potato Washer Question

    Can you let me know where you got it from so I can have a look see what is going on, as I said this is the first time I've heard of the mod. Seriously @Boots I love cunundrums like this and I know I'm not the only one here that does, you are neither a pest nor a problem and I for one will do all I can to resolve the issue. Firstly, obviously I want you to enjoy the game as best you can but the collective knowledge of the forum will grow and if anyone else comes asking about the same thing we will have an answer for him/her. Stay with us Boots my friend in your own way you will also be helping the community if and when we get to the bottom of it. John.
  14. BigJohnnyD

    Potato Washer Question

    One thing I do know for sure is, no-one who has a genuine issue with a mod would ever be considered a pest here. We just have to keep ruling things out until we find the answer. It can be a bit like the blind leading the blind at times but between us we usually solve it eventually. I wonder what would happen if you started another save of the same map with the same mods? I haven't used this mod because, as you pointed out, potatoes tend to be ignored most of the time (also I didn't know it existed 😁 ) I'm wondering if the info from the counters (items in and out etc.) are stored as an .xml file and it can only save one set of totals at a time? When it comes to "computer speak" I agree with you, it took me ages to figure out what people were saying to me. I do hope you get to the bottom of it soon, John.
  15. BigJohnnyD

    Potato Washer Question

    Hi @Boots, I'm wondering if where you place it (in the savegame where it doesn't work) it is interfering with another trigger such as a gate or door trigger? Have you tried placing it in different positions around the farm? Have you checked your log for any errors? you can find this in the same folder as your mods folder (usually at /documents/my games/ farming simulator 17) It is a normal text file that you can read with any text editor such as notepad although I would recommend notepad++ which is a free open source editor. This software recognises line breaks and will make it much easier to read. I'm sorry if this isn't of help to you but it's the only thing I can think could cause such a strange issue. John.

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