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  1. In this article we are going to have a quick discussion about the YouTube Subscription Feed and the Notifications Bell. Not all is at would seem to be with these functions, so read on and see if you really do understand how it all works! You might be surprised! YouTube and its parent Google, quite sensibly, are all about maximising the bang for their buck, after all they need to make money and please their shareholders, while continuing to develop, innovate(??) and perhaps even annoy their content creators. Recently we saw the huge change in the YouTube Partner Program, where the requirements that were needed for Content Creators to have a chance at making just a small, insignificant in many cases, amount of money for the work they were putting in. Don’t get me wrong, we all know there were many abusing the system, either by essentially botting and re-uploading featured content from popular Content Creators to inflate their own numbers, or by other various and known tactics. Did the change fix this? No, of course not. Did it make the Content Creator community happy? No, by and large it alienated a lot of the ‘lower end’ community, with many having either quit or moved to alternate platforms, most notably Twitch. Well there is a couple of other things that the ‘wonderful’ YouTube does that many may not realise, so let’s talk about subscriptions and the Notification bell! With us still? Great Ok, so lets talk about the subscribe and notify functions in YouTube. So, you are wandering around the internet and you find a YouTube video or channel you like (Hopefully its www.YouTube.com/c/Duckzorly – yes blatant self promotion!) and you like the video or content so much you want to be informed of when there are new videos or streams. So firstly you will hit the subscribe button, and then YouTube will send you occasional notifications (from the YouTube help page). Now once you have subscribed, when you are viewing YouTube (as long as you are logged in to a registered user account in YouTube) you will have a list on the upper left hand side of the window with a list of all your subscribers. When you look at this section, known as the Subscriptions Feed, the latest videos sorted by newest to oldest of all your subscribed channels will be available, so you can readily see what new videos have been released in the last few hours, days or weeks. Back to the subscribe button metrics – remember we said (and quoted) YouTube as saying if you subscribe to a channel you will get OCCASIONAL notifications. Now, various areas of the YouTube help area have stated that the way to get notified of a Creators new videos is to click on the notifications bell.. which has a text popup that says something like”Receive notifications about every new video”. So Content Creators have been telling their subscribers, hit the Bell to make sure you don’t miss any updates to the channel… sounds easy doesn’t it? So you occasionally get notified as a subscriber that content has been updated, but you seemingly will get a notification for every video if you press the notification bell on a Creators channel. Right? That’s what it sounds like doesn’t it? The YouTube help pages couldn’t be telling you a false truth or anything, could they!!!! So in a video from the Creator Insiders a couple of weeks ago, it was advised that the actual mechanics of how the notifications work is not how everyone actually may have been interpreting it. Firstly, the Bell is only for push notifications via mobile devices or email, and does not have any direct relationship with the subscription feed. What it does do though is not send notifications to all that have subscribed and hit the notification bell. YouTube will send the notifications ONLY to your most active subscribers – i.e. ones that are active via chat, sharing etc, not necessarily just because they are a subscriber. Why don’t YouTube send notifications to all subscribers no matter what? Well, actually the reasoning behind it makes perfect sense, although it is in effect detrimental to smaller channels trying to grow, well at least it appears that way. In any case, the reason why notifications aren’t sent to all, is because when they did trial sending to all, they found that more people switched off all push notifications from YouTube, which then means they (YouTube) lose all revenue stream possibilities….. bad for them, but yes ultimately it could be bad for all of us as well. Due to the recent discussions and feedback over this issue, YouTube have advised that they are working on making both the Subscriptions and Notifications functions a lot clearer, and making it more easily discernible to work out whether a user wants notifications or not to get the push messages, or to just rely on the subscription feed. So while we all generally will remind our viewers to click the Subscribe and the Notification Bell, above is the reason why some will not get the notifications, and will only see the updates to your channel by looking at either your channel page directly or the Subscription Feed. So to me at least, it now makes more sense why I haven’t been notified, or why some of my subscribers haven’t been notified of content update. I hope this article has helped to open your eyes and understand a little bit more of how the YouTube system is currently working. If it did then please leave a comment, if it didn’t then hey just say Hello! Take Care and thanks for reading! View the full article
  2. In this discussion Blog, I will be attempting to delve into the various dreams/ideologies/fantasies that many people may/do have when entering the World of becoming a “YouTuber” when it relates to making money from the platform. Now let’s face it, there are a lot, and I mean a lot of people/businesses/organisations on the YouTube platform that make a lot of money, significantly more than what they may be able to achieve in ‘real life’ based on their life or academic skill-sets. Good on them! HOWEVER, in the scheme of things this is in effect the minuscule minority of YouTube users! Yes there is always the reference to the likes of Pewdiepie that reportedly makes millions of dollars (at least the reported figure in 2013 was $4 million), or DanTDM who earned $16.5 million from his YouTube partnership in 2017, the majority of the 1,300,000,000 YouTube users earn absolutely nothing from the platform. There are many Content Creators out there that are perhaps under a misguided impression, that they can create a YouTube account and post out a video or two (or re-brand someone else’s!) and make some money. Well the reality is that it is much more difficult than that, and perhaps many of these new Creators are coming in under very misguided, or uneducated/uninformed impressions. In it for the Right Reasons? One of the reasons (and again this is my personal opinion from what I have looked into and discussed with others) many YouTube creators fail to make an impression, OR moreover fail to (in their eyes) succeed by making millions of dollars in a short period of time, is many aren’t in it for the right reasons (again I reiterate and emphasis – MY OPINION). While, as we have seen, it is seemingly very easy to make lots of money from YouTube, there is an expectation from many that this success should happen almost overnight. I mean lets see, get game, get OB, record gameplay, upload and get paid $$$… easy right? Well in effect that is the process, except the last part. You see, I believe that while it may be the vocal minority, but in any case a lot (and in particular those affected by the change of the YouTube Monetisation changes – see below) were “YouTube sucks”, “I want my money”, “You can’t change monetisation like that” and it goes on, seemingly are not looking at their ‘investment’ the right way. Investment? Yes, investment! Essentially anyone that is a YouTube Creator is investing in themselves and their channel for the future. Many may not be looking at it as a primary source of income, but still the investment of time, money, skill-sets and learning are still a very tangible part of being a YouTube creator. Now in this investment, should you really be looking at the quick windfall, or the get rich quick scheme, or should you be investing in the longer term taking steps to ensure the longevity and security of your investment. Ok so some of you are thinking I have lost the plot, I am sure! But lets look at the way I personally look at YouTube and my channel. The investment of time and money into my miniscule YouTube channel is one underpinned by two core beliefs and aims. To provide a safe, family orientated set of Game-play videos such that I know that my young children (or indeed any other child or family) can watch without any fear of being subjected to themes, language or behavior that I would not like them to be subjected to, and To record and share my love of a hobby that I enjoy, and would be doing with or without the addition of recording/editing game-play and sharing with those that have a common interest. Now, lets look at both of those options – nowhere have I mentioned money, success by return of value, monetisation or anything. Now, that does not mean I would refuse any money at all, in fact far from it – it would be great if I could earn a little bit of money to help pay for the cost of doing so, hardware upgrades as needed, internet costs etc etc. And I have for instance created a Patreon account, where if individuals feel they would like to support me by donating money via that service, then they can do so, under no obligation nor expectation. BUT, in no way do I honestly expect to make money, nor do I need to make money from my YouTube channel. I will continue to provide content while I enjoy doing so – it’s a hobby – albeit one that almost equates to a full time job, but I enjoy it – so there is no stress, in fact it helps me de-stress by doing so. Of course the obvious and bonus side effect of doing this is the wonderful people you meet and interact with, and I am truly blessed to have made some very awesome friendships in my time on YouTube…which to me is worth more than any money I could make…. (OK if I made a few million from YouTube I may re-evaluate that statement! lol) Getting back to my point, I believe that many people are running their channels with the express purpose and mindset of making money and becoming rich and famous (or infamous!) but that’s for them to decide obviously. But I believe, if you are not doing it for the right reasons ( reasons for yourself that is) then you are destined to fail and fall over at some point. Thus not having the right mind-set or reasons for becoming a creator in the first place is what may be the cause as to why so many were annoyed at….. YouTube Monetisation You are most likely aware of the recent furor that erupted as YouTube modified the requirements to become a Verified Partner Program participant and thus have your videos monetised on the YouTube platform. This change in policy set the new criteria to be a combination of 1000+ subscribers and 4,000 watch hours (240,000 minutes) over the previous 12 month period. Now this change was required to ‘amend its policies in order to prevent abuse from “bad actors”‘. Basically this change, while YouTube stated that it wasn’t directly due to it, was brought on by the Logan Paul saga whereby he published a video featuring a suicide victim’s body hanging from a tree. While YouTube stated it wasn’t as a result of the huge fall out from Logan Paul, it was certainly VERY VERY coincidental that it occurred within two weeks of the video first being reported in main stream media. This essentially moved the requirements from 10,000 total lifetime views, which was honestly not that hard to achieve. My Channel (www.youtube.com/c/duckzorly) obtained this level in late October 2017 and went into the ‘awaiting review’ category, which once reviewed would have seen me earning around 1c a month based on the size and growth of the channel at that time, but subsequently due to the changes saw my Partner Program and any monetisation removed until I meet the new criteria. Obviously, the change to 1000+ subscribers and 4,000 watched hours hit hard to the smaller channel creators, personally I see it as a good thing, as it removes a lot of the channels that were perhaps just in it for a quick buck, particularly those that were rebranding/rebroadcasting other people’s content, and effectively being paid for it. These changes reportedly led to a lot of creators stating they were leaving YouTube and moving to Twitch, of giving up entirely. Now it us understandable to me, that if as a creator you were getting even up to $100 per month from your channel, while it may not be life changing, it would certainly help with the costs of creating content be it hardware or whatever. Many had said they would move to Twitch etc, which is obviously their decision to make, but is the amended policy really that bad after all? I am not going to delve into it too much, but suffice to say, while it has certainly made it a lot more difficult for the smaller ‘YouTuber’ to make a ‘success’ (when that success is measured about making a few dollars a month) of their channel, what it will equally do is remove and thin out those that are not looking after their growth, or those that are not doing the right thing on so many different levels, which may well mean once you do get to the level of monetisation being enabled, your fiscal gain would be better than it may have been if YouTube maintained its levels (10000 views). Conclusion While it may have been a little long and a little ;tldr, essentially I guess the point I am trying to make is fairly simple; If you are looking for the get rich quick success on YouTube you either need to have something very unique that will take off, or you are not looking at the right platform – or the right mindset, to achieve your goal. I think that YouTube can provide many a nice way to enhance their income streams, but not necessarily replace it entirely, but it will take time. It will require you to INVEST in your channel and your content you are providing to ensure that no only are you putting out content, but also evolving and adjusting and being open to making changes to assist in opening your content up to the potential millions of viewers using YouTube! View the full article
  3. Duckzorly

    Duckzorly's Youtube Channel

    Join us we continue this new Let's Play series on a wonderful new map - Sosnovka Not Extreme by Johnny Vee. This map has wonderfully unique elements that are found nowhere else in Farming Simulatr 17. And with help from Stevie and GTX, the map is a pleasure to play with its new and unique elements, along with those we are used to seeing on Stevie's maps. The map can be found here(you will need to be a registered member - registering is free):
  4. Duckzorly

    Duckzorly's Youtube Channel

    Join us on this new adventure on Valley View farm a map entered into the FS-UK Modding Mania 2018 Contest - built by Dusty Dave Modding. This series will be timelapsed and have music score background with little to no voice dialogue. We hope you enjoy this series. Map Download: https://www.fs-uk.com/fs-mods/view/39336/Modding-Mania-2018---Valley-View-mod-for-fs-17
  5. Duckzorly

    Duckzorly's Youtube Channel

    We continue to harvest on The Valley The Old Farm in this Let's Play in Farming Simulator 17. The new fields are ready to be harvested and so is the grass!
  6. Duckzorly

    Duckzorly's Youtube Channel

    Episode 6 of our reboot Beaver Creek Let's Play Series continues as we use the South Australian GEO Mod with the Seasons Mod. In this episode we continue with the Fertilizing of our fields...
  7. Duckzorly

    Duckzorly's Youtube Channel

    Join us as we delve into this new release, Pure Farming 2018 - and we jump straight into the tutorial campaign My First Farm, where we inherit a farm and have to revive and build and grow while learning the ins and outs of farming.
  8. Duckzorly

    Pure Farming 2018

    I have spent a fair bit of time in the game and I offer some different points of view on it, and some information. 1. Controller support is an issue - however the G27 DOES work - albeit the buttons mapping won't work as they are assigned totally arbitrary function id's as opposed to the G29, thus the issue is the button mapping causing issues. Wheel and pedals actually work fine (as long as you do not have any other joystick/gamepads plugged in at same time). To get the Xbox controller to work perfectly - you also have to make sure no other controllers (wheels/joysticks) are plugged in at the same time. Key Binding alteration is not available natively out of the box, which is the real stumbling block to getting the G27 working. Now the Devs have already committed that within the next month they will work to get Key Binding modifications in the game, and also to support the G27 seeing as it has been the most requested since release and prior. Controlling with the Xbox controller works perfectly fine, and tbh I have come to enjoy it as I can lean back in the chair and relax while playing, BUT if you are going to be forced to play with Keyboard and Mouse - you are in for a rough time, and ultimately you won't be able to give the game a fair go - as it is basically rubbish - too erratic and camera issue is terrible (Again though they have acknowledged the camera issue and have a fix coming for it already apparently). Lastly though, I will state that the braking/reversing is an issue, and the option to not have auto engine start/stop is not present. 2. Don't compare the game to FS17 as FS17 currently stands. Many reviewers out there have done so and it is unrealistic and unfair to do so. Why? Well remember FS17 has had two years of patches, hot fixes and development of mods - one of the big gripes from all these great YouTubers is things like "no seasons support", " no MR", etc etc - obviously forgetting that these were created by the modding community not Giants, and was not available as part of the game. Who is to say that this game won't have that in 18 months time and be better than what FS17 is now. 3. Some things it has that FS17 doesn't: Graphics - Better Performance - yes it does, now while some say its not, have a close look and it will surprise you. Depth of field is present, and their is no occlusion boundary like there is in FS17 Physics - Native in game physics much better than what FS17 offers without MR etc. Try pulling a 8000kg laden trailer up a hill with the small tractor - won't happen, everything feels heavy, but there are some inconsistencies - for example the Mitsubishi is a bit light by comparison. Crops - Better - the provided variety out of the box is great, having to learn to deal with Rice, Coffee and Hemp is interesting, and the fact you need to IRRIGATE THE CROPS - is so much better than FS17 in the terms of realism - Overall I think this is one of the best parts of the game - watching the irrigation system working on the Coffee fields is great fun. This obviously provides more varied game play, which does counter the lack of equipment etc at the moment in the game. Sounds - I think in many areas the sounds are much more realistic and better than in FS17, and in fact I think so far many aspects are far more detailed. There is more that I could say, but I need to leave for work. At the end of the day my advice is Compare the game to the vanilla release of FS17 and you will get a much better idea of where the game stands realistically. I watched a YouTuber for instance who said the game is crap the tractors don't have lights - well if some of these people actually spent a little time looking into the game they would find these statements are false.....which when you see my videos you will hear me rant about.... No I am not being paid to like the game, but I hate people that can't give an honest appraisal of something. I can't vouch to say go buy it you'll love it, but I can say that it is a good game - one that I am really enjoying with the Xbox Controller atm. After 2200+ hours in FS17 I think that it brings a new experience and is worthwhile - BUT if you are only going to be able to play it with Keyboard/Mouse and don't have a G29 or xbox/steam controller - then leave it for now. When they do provide key binding and further support for G27 etc, then definitely return and look at it. Here endeth my war and peace! Sorry! lol
  9. Duckzorly

    Duckzorly's Youtube Channel

    Join us as we delve into this new release, Pure Farming 2018 - and we jump straight into the tutorial campaign My First Farm, where we inherit a farm and have to revive and build and grow while learning the ins and outs of farming.
  10. Duckzorly

    Duckzorly's Youtube Channel

    In this FS17 Mod Review we check out the John Deere 7760 Cotton Baler brought to us by jdunn1019 and FSASMC.
  11. Duckzorly

    Duckzorly's Youtube Channel

    Sherwood Park Farm 24 Day seasons challenge continues with us moving through Winter and beginning to close down the farm slowly selling off our crops to maximise profits.
  12. Duckzorly

    Duckzorly's Youtube Channel

    Join us we continue this new Let's Play series on a wonderful new map - Sosnovka Not Extreme by Johnny Vee. This map has wonderfully unique elements that are found nowhere else in Farming Simulatr 17. And with help from Stevie and GTX, the map is a pleasure to play with its new and unique elements, along with those we are used to seeing on Stevie's maps. The map can be found here(you will need to be a registered member - registering is free):
  13. Duckzorly

    Duckzorly's Youtube Channel

    We continue to harvest on The Valley The Old Farm in this Let's Play in Farming Simulator 17. Shaking things up a little as we go in search of a funds boost to improve our farming capabilities.
  14. Duckzorly

    Duckzorly's Youtube Channel

    In this FS17 Mod Review we check out the Biomass Placeable brought to us by Slivicon.