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  1. What a great response to this insane idea

    Ditto on what Jerry said, I mean damn I even got two videos produced in one night... only problem is will take the next 8hrs to render and upload! lol Seriously, well done, while you sowed that seed (hmm pun!) it stirred the community into action and got a lot more than I am sure you bargained for to commit to it. The thing for me is that the varied ways of attacking and publicising it all is so varied.... Again well done mate, next one we will tighten up a bit though do you think? lol
  2. Starting/Joining the Seasons 24 Club

    While others may just leave a special brown paper bag package on your doorstep....
  3. Just make sure Billy Bob doesnt steal my Big M again... I tell ya it's off limits...
  4. Duckzorly Gaming Channel

    Today I have launched a competition for subscribers which will be drawn at random once I reach 100 subscribers. Check out the video for more details.
  5. Seeing as I prompted FK to do the list, I guess I syhould put mine up next! So I have decided to run my series on Stevie's Sherwood Park Farm map. The map shall be set to Hard mode, all starting equipment has been sold to provide initial starting capital, and all equipment that I want to have has been purchased and set in the farm (well after the two setup videos have been completed). I have decided that I will start with the purchase of 100 sheep and will look at purchasing Pigs and Cows once I have obtained the appropriate amount of field yields. My series is located on my YouTube channel, and the first can be seen as below:
  6. Latest Updates for ATS and ETS

    So today I noticed two updates for ETS and ATS (ie. one each) The ATS Patch was 191Mb while the ETS one was 435Mb. Now being on Steam I am sure that its not that I am behind in patching, but has anyone else seen or know what the patches were for? I have had a look and can't seem to find anything atm.... EDIT: DISREGARD - Change this to an update post that the new patches are now LIVE for the ATS and ETS games http://blog.scssoft.com/2017/08/ets2-and-ats-update-128-has-arrived.html
  7. Starting/Joining the Seasons 24 Club

    @FarmerKleinI think we will need a thread of all the 'official' challengees so we can keep track of everyone... Nice to see Darrin, look forward to it,, and now Grizzly is joining, come on Father Doughboy - you know you can't miss out!
  8. Volvo FH16 750 SWB

    I know @FarmerKlein I have just added it to the 24 Day Seasons map, and I will try and use it exclusively....
  9. Club Blogs

    My blog sits on a wordpress site (duckzorlygaming.org)... I will look and see if it has an RSS feed - I am sure it will... Thanks Jerry PS. Apparently this is the RSS Feed address (https://duckzorlygaming.org/feed/) @Wonko does that work for you?
  10. Volvo FH16 750 SWB

    Love the look of it - can't wait to use it ... cheers
  11. Club Blogs

    Hmm with trying to run Blogs on my own website (and linking here and 3Dudesgn) and doing play with video (and subsequent editing etc), not sure I could find time to do separate blogs on the 24 Day challenge as well.... I may post updates I guess, or tidbits of what has been done offline etc.
  12. Why play 24 day seasons. Are you crazy?

    Snettertons is great - but so is Sherwood!!! Damnit..... 4 Stevies maps underway at the same time...
  13. Duckzorly Gaming Channel

    Today I have started the 24Day Seasons challenge on Sherwood Park Farm. Come join me for a learning experience. P.S. Very disappointed with voice levels, not sure why it seems to lose level after uploading....pre and pst render levels are fine
  14. Why play 24 day seasons. Are you crazy?

    Hey Jerry I sort of asked FK this the other day, but essentially the only requirements that I understand is the following: Must be played on Seasons, with seasons set to 24 days Must be played at 15x speed as a minimum. That was it... essentially you choose to play in your own style and just work to that.... my criteria on top of this is as follows: Sell all equipment on farm (starting eqpt) and use this as basis of financial start. Buying all the items I want to use without using starting money. Buying fields to ensure enough area to utilise and keep busy initially.. eg I have 11 fields at start on Sherwood Using as many AI as I wish, but obviously keeping to minimum to keep costs down. Once gameplay has commenced (as apart from setup) it is effectively the grind, no cheating in eqpt/money etc. BTW - I hope it doesn't change - as I just finished recording my Ep 1 - which will be uploaded shortly! lol
  15. What to look for in a good 24 day season map

    My short list was as follows: Pine Cove Final Final, Snettertons, Sherwoods, Lone Star I ended up today choosing Sherwoods......

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