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  1. OldBor

    Closing down

    Hi Wonko, sorry to hear you are leaving PC-SG. I have not been here much due to ill health myself, mine is just what happens when you become old and things breakdown (enough about me). I just want to wish you and your family all the best, and it was a pleasure to work with you. Good luck to you River, and thank you for taking over. This site has warm and friendly people but, watch out for mereman he can take liberties if not kept in check.😉 All the best. Mick (OldGit)
  2. OldBor

    Help With MapMaking

    Hi PsyberMind, as well as what has been mentioned above. editing a map is the best way to learn GE, but nothing is more satisfying as starting from scratch. However if you wish I give you permission to edit the crap (as Darin suggests) out of my Blickling map found here: All the best Mick (OldBor)
  3. Hi everyone one. I haven't been here for ages but thought I would share this: The Creyke Wheel Track Combi being trialled at Lodge Farm, Felmingham. The machine uses angled tines to break up the compacted tramlines, while a wheel-track roller creates heaps and hollows in the soil to capture rainwater and give it time to percolate into the ground – rather than creating a smooth channel which can direct water downhill in a damaging torrent. You can read about it here http://www.northnorfolknews.co.uk/news/water-sensitive-farming-soil-erosion-machine-trial-1-5475800
  4. OldBor

    Blickling V3 with Snow Mask for Seasons Mod

    Thanks for that BigMatt and sorry. Hi Mike thank you. I seem to be missing a lot recently, Just having a bit of a bad time.
  5. OldBor


    [ATTACH=full]3702[/ATTACH] Don't worry you wont die, we have a Nurse
  6. OldBor


    Ok Mike you can be the big Nurse who decides to shove a suppository up the never region. Sorry BJD blame Mrs D
  7. OldBor


    If you decide to make a movie, I would very much like to play the part of Ian (but I might look a bit old) I also have been told that I look like Al Pacino so I could gangster the part up well. I know merman would love to play the part of Mrs D. Take care BJD
  8. OldBor

    Blickling V3 with Snow Mask for Seasons Mod

    Hi Darin, thanks I know how to do it, but all hedges are in transform groups, and when I replace all it just does one hedge. I have a lot of hedges. If you know a better way then thanks. Mick (OldBor)
  9. OldBor

    Blickling V3 with Snow Mask for Seasons Mod

    Mike, I don't mean to sound down on my work but........ as you know I have spent months of Blickling for FS17. V1 was tested on FS-UK with gold standard even though there were at least five errors (nothing to do with your testing) V2 was silver standard even though I fixed errors. The reason for silver standard was because of a gap in a hedge which had a collisions. Also I received abuse and 1 bad rating, FS15 was just as bad with one person giving me a one star rating. FS15 took best part of a year to create. So sometimes I think sod it. winky face thing.
  10. OldBor

    Blickling V3 with Snow Mask for Seasons Mod

    Thanks Pat, its not perfect but workable. The seasons look great, the only problem is the hedges which would take along time to convert. All the Best Mick (OldBor)
  11. OldBor


    Doctors, Nurses, Consultants (gods), Anaesthetists (deputy gods) All are there for you. Even that big Nurse who decides to shove a suppository up the never region, without even asking. I know how that feels Take care BJD, I wish you well
  12. OldBor


    Hi Ian, you care about dad BJD, that is plain for all to see, and well done. As for getting a crimenal record I personally think that will not happen. I have had one, no big deal. (petty stuff fifty years ago, before you all start getting worried) But you have to remember that in places like hospitals etc now there is a Zero Tolerance Policy. This also applies both ways. Just try not to be angry with yourself, and lets all see a happy outcome. The last thing your dad needs now is getting worried and upset. All the best Mick (OldBor)
  13. OldBor

    Mereman's Youtube Channel

    At least we are not guarding the Suffolk border
  14. OldBor

    Mereman's Youtube Channel

    And Oh look at me I can jump a gate at 64. Well let me tell you I'm 66, and I can jump a tractor so there. On reflection that sounds really bad.
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