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  1. FarmerKlein

    Migration Completed

    Whoo its back...
  2. FarmerKlein

    Emerald Coast USA 2019

    Interesting. wonder what makes the map not like the small bga mod.
  3. FarmerKlein

    Emerald Coast USA 2019

    its all good, glad you at least got it running ok. now you get to start adding stuff back in slowly you want to use to see if you can find the problem mod. One thing that alot of us do is run multiple mod folders. while not required it does help somewhat by limiting the mod folder for any given map to just the map and the mods you plan to use on that given map. just rename the folders to fit the map your playing before you start the game. For example i name this maps folder emerald_mods and when I play the map I rename the mod folder that i used for the previous game session to lets say oldstream_mods and rename emerald_mods to mods and then fire up the game.
  4. FarmerKlein

    Emerald Coast USA 2019

    The item that loads up after the razwod mod is the dog. did you change in anyway the in game dog? I have attached my log file where i opened the map with just the three files (the map the harvistore and the razwood building) with the DLC checked and unchecked. As you can see the dog loads after the razwood building I am thinking maybe the map is failing to load for you with the dog. The only reason i see this happening would be if you did something to the in game dog files. For fun I have removed the dog from the attached version of the defaultitems file download this and unzip the file as I could not upload an xml file. then drag this into your map zip file it will overrite the one that is there and remove the dog. see if the map loads up then. log.txt defaultItems.zip can you post your log file after one of these crashes. does it do this with just the map and the two mods in your mod folder?
  5. FarmerKlein

    Emerald Coast USA 2019

    If you dont mind please post your log file here so we can look at it to see if its giving any helpful info. Also one thing is to make sure your running the latest giants patch level.
  6. FarmerKlein

    Glen Isla Map Problem

    We saw this on the polish map were doing MP on as we had players that upgraded to 1.3 and they saw grass vs straw on harvest. and i saw this on a nick the hick mod review when he was tipping in a pigfood silo it was grass vs sugar beets and on a marc dupont video on the russan map he is playing.
  7. FarmerKlein

    Glen Isla Map Problem

    The grass textures is a global problem I have seen with every mod map and maybe even the base maps on 1.3 beta. I haven't updated myself but I have heard and seen others. There are some rather interesting youtube videos where you can see folks have updated to 1.3 as a result of the texture problem.
  8. FarmerKlein

    FS19 What do you think

    You have a different experence than I on the Kuhn combo baler. I haven't had any issues with it wrapping grass. Got folks on MP server using it for silage bales all the time.
  9. FarmerKlein

    Kenworth P.O.W. Tribute K100

    A wonderful tribute to those who gave the ultimate. I am glad to see this return for FS19 in even more beauty than in 17. Wonderful job.
  10. FarmerKlein

    W.I.P. Riverview V2

    I figured you would enjoy the spirit of the challenges difficulty. Affording all of the animal zones and that number of animals while at the same time clawing out of 500K debt will be rather interesting with the prices on hard on riverview. I felt somewhat bad that I had to give folks a wooded area with fairly easy trees since i realized you didnt give us any easy trees on the areas around the fields. Least I picked a small tree area and one a bit of a drive to the saw mill.
  11. FarmerKlein

    W.I.P. Riverview V2

    Looks very nice. we are about to embark on month long challenge on V1.
  12. FarmerKlein

    FS19 EC Farm Silo System

    No problem, it will help someone else out until the new version can be uploaded
  13. FarmerKlein

    FS19 EC Farm Silo System

    EvilEyes, download the attached file. remove the .txt on the end. say yes to the warning about it changing the file extension. then place this in the zip file for the mod. CCS101 left the following out of the modDesc.xml <multiplayer supported="true"/> which is what tells the server the mod can be used on the server. Once you do this you can upload the mod to the server and activate it. modDesc.xml.txt
  14. FarmerKlein

    John Deere 124XL

    I added the following linke to the moddesc.xml and it worked to upload to one of my servers. <multiplayer supported="true"/> I provided this update to Rockhound and I think he is going to update the mod here with that added. I have also added the edtied moddesc.xml to this post. just remove the .txt from the file and tell windows its ok to change the file extension and then drop that into the zip file and it should work for you. modDesc.xml.txt Well, to answer your question I pose you this question in return. If the Great Plans YP2425A in real life is a planter that plants soybeans and corn amonst other row crop type plants then why did Giants make it into a seeder for which it is not and there for does not exist. Seems if Giants can include in the base game equipment that does not exist then mods that don't exist could be made also.
  15. FarmerKlein


    More time is needed. the game has been out 7 days at this point. Giants has yet to release an offical giants editor. the only editor out there is what was included on physical game disks and that apparently is buggy as all get out. They have also yet to release any information related to how maps need to be prepared for 19 as it relates to terraforming, land purchase and custom placable items.
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