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  1. FarmerKlein

    Front Loader Gauge

    Oh thats a thing? Ill need to look more close in game.
  2. FarmerKlein

    Gameplay from gamescom

    Rome wasn't built in a day. I think with 3 months to release things look extreme well. Just home the tractor tires are not solid hard rubber like they appear in the videos too date.
  3. FarmerKlein

    Seasons animal feed calculator

    Updated to reflect lower Pig food requirements in Seasons I left both versions up in the event someone is playing with the older version and wants to use the old calculator.
  4. FarmerKlein

    The option to choose which microphone the game uses?

    In windows can you disable the mic(s) you do not wish the game to use? in the sound properties there should be a way to either disable it or mark which one you wish to be the default mic source.
  5. FarmerKlein

    Banco Island

    What, about MR and tractors of 150HP or less
  6. FarmerKlein

    Serenity Valley II The Rise of Industry

    frka, not sure why your having issues i just downloaded the map with no issues.
  7. FarmerKlein

    Rocky Mountain Farms

    Sunflowers can not be planted in the built in geo if playing with seasons. if you play with out then they will work just fine.
  8. FarmerKlein

    Potato Washer and Steamer

    The MCompany Graphics mod is enabled on the server correct?
  9. FarmerKlein

    W.I.P. New Map

    Geez. Map factories some of you guys are. There are times I wished I could live off the $2.75 a day that youtube pays me.
  10. FarmerKlein

    Field Yield Test

    sure it would be possible. you would need to do some modeling in a 3d modeling app and then some scripting and what ever it does to do animations. No clue myself.
  11. FarmerKlein

    Rocky Mountain Farms

    If you could upload your log file with the mods in you had earlier when barrels did not sell maybe we can see something in the log that would help pinpoint it.
  12. FarmerKlein

    Rocky Mountain Farms

    Did you have any mods in the mod folder that involved barrels?
  13. FarmerKlein

    Field Yield Test

    Ok. those yields are alot higher than the other info on steam. wonder if yields are higher on easy vs hard. know the prices are alot higher
  14. FarmerKlein

    Field Yield Test

    How many HA is that field? I would be interested in seeing how those numbers compare with the yields stated here https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=805367551 as I used that information when i built out my seasons animal feed calculator.
  15. FarmerKlein

    Mud and PDA

    Dynamic mud works in this way. If playing with out seasons then the mud appears only during rain. It might also be around for 30 min after the rain (ie the period of time you can not harvest). For playing with seasons it takes into account ground moisture levels. the higher this % the more mud you will get until it is at full mud effect. The lower the ground moisture the lessen the mud levels. Ironically the custom geo on Emerald coast which has a higher than average % of rain means the ground moisture is almost always above the level in which you have mud to deal with but it is clearly dynamic vs always muddy.

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