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  1. Bga Extension

    Not used it yet but adding it to the next series. Not super sure how it all works but know it needs start up money and steady feeding.
  2. This morning we where treated with a short and sweet Farming Simulator 19 video. The video is all CGI so there is no game play imagery so do not take much out of this for how things will look in game. For example compare the FS17 intro video when you start the game to real game play.Press release:https://www.farming-simulator.com/newsArticle.php?lang=en&country=us&news_id=82 Some things to note is the dog, there are horses which have been confirmed to be part of the game. How still unknown. Some other information related to the updated graphics engine have been taken out of the FS forums."You know what? Let me go into detail:Here is what we did:The Sky is dynamic now. Real coulds (3d objects) that turn grey before it starts to rain, so you can predict the weatherSun and Moon are there and movingWe added volumetric fog (it looks SO good)We added:Depth of FieldColor grading / Tone MappingHigh Dynamic Range RenderingBloomGlobal Illumination (SSAO)Dynamic Eye AdaptationLight ScatteringThat's a huge list for a engine update and the results will blow you away once we can show them."https://forum.giants-software.com/viewtopic.php?f=876&t=123774#p971783
  3. Pure Farming Poll

    I have batted this idea around in my head for a bit but am still unsure. Mostly because I have not seen enough really to know how open is the experience. Farmers Dynasty for example seems kind of linear in game play. I know there are three modes in Pure farming but I have decided that the big draw for me in FS is that its a full open world. You land in a map and you may or may not own fields and equipment from the start. There is no set goal or task list beyond what you as the player create. I am worried a linear play style would get old to quickly as it would feel like just going through the motions.
  4. FS19 What are you hoping to see?

    AI cars are lame. there slow and if you crank them up to a decent speed they will ram you unless you extend their frontal hit box detection. Traffic that could be a bit smarter like ATS although some will say that AI is fairly bad also. Random traffic patterns where the map makers defines all the roads and traffic can go any direction at an intersection rather than an exact path. AI farmers actually working fields. Right now AI fields transition during the day on non seasons game play. Seeing an AI farmer out in the field harvesting or plowing or other field work would be great vs just seeing the field change before your eyes. Maybe its a byprodct of mod maps but the AI traffic does not seem to be on the correct scale to our tractors and such. I would also like to see random in game tractors driving around intermixed with traffic.
  5. And HERE WE GO!

    Look forward to following.
  6. Official listing of those doing 24 day seasons

    Wow, 1X speed. Thats gonna take you quite a while. Enjoy. I had fun on that map for sure.
  7. Crop Yield

    Yeppers, seasons does not affect yield, yet...
  8. Game Speed

    Great, in the ends its what works for you thats important. For me I want to feel like I have the time I need to get things done but not so much time that I end up finishing everything and have nothing to do for days on end.
  9. Game Speed

    Oh man this explains why my ears where on fire yesterday. the general guidance i think of when i think about clock speed is something like this. 3 day seasons - 1X 6 + 9 day seasons 5X keep stuff smallish in size 12, 15, 18 day seasons i really wish the game would have a 10X speed option. i am running 10X speed on my 15day midtown play and find it good. 15X for 15day felt a bit rushed. 21 and 24 day seasons 15X all the way there are so many days to do most things you can work with With the guidance above all of it is very dependant upon number of fields, size of fields, size of implements and number of hired helpers. As chaseydog pointed out with his play using no hired helpers he is working every field for every stage by himself. If you used the same clock speed but used courseplay or standard hired helpers for many tasks to do multiple tasks at once you would indeed run out of things to do so its very much a balancing act.
  10. Bale Storage

    Great answer. it does help very much now I feel we all have a much better understanding of how it is working.
  11. Bale Storage

    This looks outstanding, I will preface this with I have not yet had a chance to personally try this mod but I know its created a bit of buzz on some discord channels I am in. The question came up would this mod help lag on multi-play servers when there are a huge number of bales? Can you clarify on this topic that would say 10 of these buildings all holding the full amount of square bales reduce the overall lag on a multi-play server by having all 1080 bales stored away vs simply stacked on the map? It seems some folks are saying that this mod is more like an auto stacking shed where the bales are still present and being rendered independently but being managed by the shed so when you deliver them they are placed in the shed in a nice stack and when you request bales they are moved to the load/unload point but unlike a storage silo vs heep storage the bales still physically exist vs becoming a stored value like a silo.
  12. Willow Creek Farm wip........

    Ym, apples
  13. Mp-management by kevink98

    This has me super excited. Eager to see its further development and eventual use on an upcoming project.
  14. Gps Conflict

    Yep, bad hardware is usually the last thing to be found. Unless of course you find problems with other games or with general computer use.
  15. Farmer Klein

    Posted archive of the live first impressions video.