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  1. FarmerKlein

    Please keep Doughboy2913 in your prayers!

    He was released yesterday and should be resting at home at this very moment. I suspect the ride yesterday was terrible giving the long ride back home, about 4 hours he said, and the nature of a car that it will be bumping around and such no mater how easy you try to drive.
  2. FarmerKlein

    Please keep Doughboy2913 in your prayers!

    I visited him yesterday. He is going well, was up and about disconnected from all the various lines and such they want to tie into you. There was even talk of a potential discharge this weekend if things looked well with his lung.
  3. Many of you know Doughboy2913. He has not been online much as his job has him away from home a lot. You may or may not know he is a truck driver and for many months has been hauling cows and other animals up and down the east coast. Today Doughboy2913 was taken to the UVA Medial Center here in VA due to an accident he suffered while loading a load of cows. The following are his own words. "I was flown to the trauma center today... while loading cows I had two trample me in the trailer. I just got brb out of one of many surgeries. 4 broken ribs and a collapsed lung. Far from out of woods. Have a chest tube in. Will be in hospital for a while if I make it out. Was told I died on table and was brought back and I actually remember that... scary.." If you are of the praying type, please take a few moments tonight and for the next several nights to pray for his recovery and for his family. I know he has at least two kids and a wife in PA which is two states away. I plan on visiting him as he is about 45 min from where I live once he is out of critical care and can receive standard visitors. While he has not asked specifically for financial support if you are willing and able here is his Paypal link. https://www.paypal.me/Doughboy2913
  4. FarmerKlein

    Closing Days of FS17

    Be careful with MP. I know some folks that wont do single player anymore as a result of enjoying MP to much. 😉
  5. FarmerKlein

    W.I.P. New Map

    Ah, I see upon a closer look the play area now in the middle.
  6. FarmerKlein

    W.I.P. New Map

    2X or 4x cause that is alot of fields.
  7. FarmerKlein

    Dedicated server

    not had that issue with GPS myself on a server. maybe it relates to other mods your using. for example if you use drive control and text chat on the server hitting the m key can really mess up your steering which you may not run into on SP cause you would not hit the m key for anything.
  8. FarmerKlein

    Dedicated server

    There are two main ways to run a dedicated FS server. The easiest method is to rent the server from one of the game server hosts. I personally use GameServers but others use a company called VeryGames and depending on your global location there may be others that are more local to you. For companies like this you typically pay either monthly or yearly and you will pay for a server with x slots. Typically the slots range from 6 to 16 and each slot is one player that can be on concurrently. So for example I have a 10 slot server so I can host upto 10 players at once playing on the same map. As to DLC's I can only refer to my experience with GameServers but all the DLC's are listed in the FS17 dedicated server web interface for me to activate should I wish. Typically companies like this give you 4GB of storage to upload mods or mod maps to the server for the use on your game. The other way to run a server is to do it locally with a copy of FS17 and a spare computer. This would require you to own two copies of the game and to have a decent internet connection's upload capability so players can connect to your local server. In that case you may need to also own a second copy of any DLC you should choose to use. In this case you have the most control as you would not have that 4GB limit most likely. Any player connecting would need to own any DLC that is activated on the server as well as have a copy of any active mods as well as the active map if you are doing a map that is not included in the base game.
  9. FarmerKlein

    Serenity Valley II The Rise of Industry

    disable straw harvest addon if you have that and seasons enabled.
  10. FarmerKlein

    Front Loader Gauge

    Oh thats a thing? Ill need to look more close in game.
  11. FarmerKlein

    Gameplay from gamescom

    Rome wasn't built in a day. I think with 3 months to release things look extreme well. Just home the tractor tires are not solid hard rubber like they appear in the videos too date.
  12. FarmerKlein

    Seasons animal feed calculator

    Updated to reflect lower Pig food requirements in Seasons I left both versions up in the event someone is playing with the older version and wants to use the old calculator.
  13. FarmerKlein

    The option to choose which microphone the game uses?

    In windows can you disable the mic(s) you do not wish the game to use? in the sound properties there should be a way to either disable it or mark which one you wish to be the default mic source.
  14. FarmerKlein

    Banco Island

    What, about MR and tractors of 150HP or less
  15. FarmerKlein

    Serenity Valley II The Rise of Industry

    frka, not sure why your having issues i just downloaded the map with no issues.

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