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  1. Papa Bear needs help

    I really hope and pray that times get better for you my friend
  2. Papa Bear needs help

    So a update and again a Thank you to everyone, I now reached 400$. Today i got the call from the Training Company giving me the Bus Information. On Saturday at 1:50PM i'm leaving for Springfield, MO. This will be a 700 Mile and 24hour journey, bringing me to my Hotel at 1:50PM Sunday. My Training start Monday the 15th. So fun fact when i told my Dad about what im doing he started laughing, then he told me that he started his Us Army Basic training many years ago, on January the 15th in MO. So same State and same day for changing a life, if that's not a good sign then i dont know.
  3. Papa Bear needs help

    My Family and I want to say thank you from all or Heart. We are humbled to have friends like you, The 350$ in this short time already helps so much, that i dont know what to say. I keep everyone updated as soon I start/ finish my School, depends on time i have. Thank you again.
  4. Papa Bear needs help

    Thank you everyone. Its good to have friends.
  5. Papa Bear needs help

    The decision to post here was not easy for me. But since each one of you has always been very understanding, I think that at least I have to try. Since last year im struggling Bad, at least in financial terms. First I lost my job and since then I have not been able to find a job in which I would have earned as much as before. I still go to work only for half of my previous salary. Due to the very long journey to work, I have very high fuel costs. Basically it's like this I work when I'm lucky 36 hours mostly it's less and when you compare it I just make $ 50 more after deducting the fuel like if I stayed on unemployment. All this means that I am not able to pay my monthly bills, and I have now appointed a lawyer to take care of all the unnecessary bills (negotiated with the companies, etc.). Nevertheless, it is almost impossible for me to pay my mortage, electricity and cost of living. Something has to change, and I understand if this post is not welcome here. Then please delete it.(approved by Wonko) Now I have gotten the offer to do an apprenticeship to become a truck driver, the cost of which is paid by the company where I can start on the 15th of this month. This company also pays for my accommodation and food, but this does not pay me the first month. From then on, however, it will be worth it, then I will be paid during training in a week as much as I now earn in 2 weeks. I didn't make this step easily but I see that it will secure the future for my family and myself, as truck drivers are always needed here in the USA and also in other areas you have job chances if you have your driver's license. I am writing this for two reasons to keep you informed as to why I will not here very often in the near future and to ask you for help. The part with asking for help is very hard, but every little thing helps me a long way to a better future. Gofundme Papa Bear Paypal
  6. Papa Bears's Youtubechanel

    Check out my Facebook Page for Updates where i was hiding Papa Bear My new Team Modding Welt improving LS(FS) My Project: Bear Country Text her is in German but the pictures say most of it im building on a Map
  7. Stappenbach

  8. Stappenbach

  9. Compos

    Awesome even Andy forgot about that because him i asked
  10. Compos

    You need to use the Pallet Maker and make a Pallet out of it then you can sale it
  11. Making First Mod Map

    Im sorry Andy never gives permission for things to be used outside his Map.
  12. Stappenbach

    I dont know how many of you still remember the Stappenbach Map for FS15. What i do know is that someone converted it in bad condition to FS17. Now the Team of the Stappenbach(what is now the LS-Modcompany) is working hard on a completely new Stappenbach. Why new? Because just taking a Map over from FS15 is not what we do at the Modcomapany, we take the good parts of or FS15 Maps and create them new and improved for FS17. It will still take some time till the map is ready, a little inside View- all the Trees that existed got deleted and replaced by new ones, what took a long time just placing trees and forest ways. There are many Forest Areas and K1ckz(the map creator) worked on all of them. What he didnt like in FS15 was the Forest roads, for him they looked like colored and not realistic. So he now made all does road uneven and more realistic like you would find them in real Forest Areas. Then he made the ground more uneven and with hills, that was another reason for replacing all the treas. Then a big differenc in FS17 is that Conifer Trees have 5-6 different shades, that he wanted to use for the Map. So every Forest Area takes allot of hours just to get everything the right way. So all this brings us to the point that there is no Date set when the map will be released. We at the test Team see that it is improving but K1ckz want release the map till hes 100% satisfied with everything. Release Date: When its done. Update February 2nd: All Building will be replaced with FS17 Buildings, because the look of the FS15 Building wouldn't fit the new map in any kind or shape. [media] [/media] Her one new Object for the Map in the Forest Area(february 18th): We gonna have a Pallet Production with the new Fabrict Script. Inputs: - Pallets with Planks from the Saw Mill Outputs: - empty Pallets (Main Product) - Woodchips More Information: - Animationen, Sounds - Doors can be opened closed, Lights can be turned on/off Update June 14th: - Pig Fattening and cattle Fattening will be on the map as addition to the normal Giants Cows and pigs. Update June 17th: 188 Fields the smallest one has 0.1032ha and the biggest one is 4.4225ha 1:1 copy of the Area Stappenbach in Germany Seasons Snow Mask installed. To make all the Field Boarders it took round about 11hours. No Missions because the Fields are realistic to this Area in Germany and the Giants Engin would not be able to create Missions on non rectangular Fields. More then one Farm because of all the additional Animal "Productions" [media] [/media] I will update this side from time to time, to get the newest Information faster head over to Stappenbach in Oberfranken 17 - LS-Modcompany her you get every Information as soon as it is avaiable and can see what the users think about the Map. Use Google translater and if you have question ask me. Or just wait till i post updates her.
  13. Hof Bergmann

    Liquid Fertilizer is coming to PC-SG
  14. Hof Bergmann

    I didn't try this myself yet because work was keeping me bussy, but you know theirs a storage Tank with the mod and thats how i overload. Atleast planning too
  15. Hof Bergmann

    Your Ok my friend? :-) lol