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  1. Shakey

    GrizzlyBearSimsWashington State – I’m Excited

    In case you have not heard Promods is going to release an addition to ATS part pf Canada here is a link to their site for it. https://promods.net/viewtopic.php?f=59&t=28751
  2. Shakey

    GIANTS Feedback Request - Sound in FS19

    So far 42% say it's bad and 25% say it's not good i think the motor sounds of the tractors sound more like coffee grinders.
  3. Shakey

    FS19 What do you think

    It's been over a month since it's release and a lot of people still cannot use their wheel and pedals they say a patch is coming to fix that but i have not seen it yet. The pedal problem is for pedals that are usb and not plugged into the wheel. As for my wheel i have to go into my control panel every time i play the game and set the gain setting to zero or the wheel is so stiff cna't turn it. Never had any problems with FS 17 . This release has more bugs in it than a cheap hotel.
  4. Shakey


    After doing some research FS does not support telemetry which this app uses so all it can be used for in FS is a button box.Which still is nice to customize your buttons.
  5. Shakey

    Wheel and Pedals

    As i said in the above i needed to set my FFB gain settings to zero in the thrustmaster control panel that got my wheel woorking but have not been able to map the pedals yet.
  6. Shakey

    Wheel and Pedals

    Since day one of the release of FS 19 i have not been able to play as my wheel which worked perfectly fine in 17 is to stiff to turn finally got it fixed had to turn down oy gain ettings in thrust master control panel. Now to the pedals have not gotten them to work at all. Yhe game recognizes them in the controler menu gut when i go to hap them in the game it will not recognize any of the axis I use a thrustmaster t500 RS wheel and Fanatec Club Sort Elite pedals, Right now i am stuck playing 17. I am sure if one of Giants designers bought a new BMW and he could not steer or brake and accelerate he woild be a little upset.
  7. Shakey

    Where's the buzz?

    I can go into the input settings and change things then when i star the game it changes everything back to default. Also looked in the log and force feed back is disabled and the wheel and pedals are not enabled. But they show in game settings i'll just wait till they get it fixed back to fs 17
  8. Shakey

    Where's the buzz?

    Still have problems with wheel and pedals. Remapped my controls still could not get it to work then this am started the game and checked my controls and the game reset them back to default. There is a saying if it's not broke don't try to fix it. I guess Giants never heard that one before. I'll just wait for the patches i guess.
  9. Shakey

    Where's the buzz?

    I just installed it and am having same issues with controller set up it will accept my buttons on the wheel but will not accept the inputs for the accelerator and brakes steering was accepted but with the force feed back is way to stiff. I stick with 17 till some of the issues are worked out. Not a very good start to a new game launch.
  10. Shakey


    yes i am working on it right now it will be mostly buttons till i can work out the hud.
  11. Shakey


    Got the app have it installed and it was easy to set up and really nice will add a lot of immersion to any game you use to use it with. Nice thing is even if the game you want to use it with is not supported you can make your own .
  12. Shakey


    Saw this on you tube it is an app that you can put on your phone or tablet and set up a dash board it's fully customizable with ATS or ETS2. Also with a lot of other games. Here is a link to their web site. https://www.stryder-it.de/simdashboard/
  13. Shakey

    FS19 Crop Icon Cheat Sheet

    Yes i am going to get it and thanks for making this available.
  14. Shakey

    FS19 Crop Icon Cheat Sheet

    It would have been nice if there was one like this for FS 17 if there was i missed was hard to figure out some of the icons.
  15. Shakey

    Grle Converter

    I got it to work a forum member at FS-UK had the answer here is what needed to be done. It works, but now it needs to be in an old 8+3 format folder I think (the old DOS format, where folders and files could only be 8 characters long plus the file extension). For example make a folder in the root of a hard drive (C:\) and call it something less than eight characters long (eg grle). Copy your GRLE files in there, plus the converter and cmd (batch) files. Drag your GDM or GRLE file onto the convert.cmd file and it should convert.
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