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  1. adde

    Emerald Coast USA 2019

    Yeah,its the dryers u hear.I got nothing else to other then try to uninstall and reinstall FS19 but thats is a really longshot.Sry we couldnt do more for u,Kev749.
  2. adde

    Emerald Coast USA 2019

    Very strange but i to think u should try what Darin says,the last thing to load was the FS19_RazwoodFactory mod so try without it.But that doesnt fix the problem,if the bandit is Razwood(Hey Raz) then u cant play with that mod in the map and that mod is really good in the map.But try without it and let us know,and then maybe u should talk to Will(ccs101) about why Razwood crashes ur game.
  3. adde

    Emerald Coast USA 2019

    Hey kev749,try starting up with only the mods that comes with the map in ur modfolder(the map should be in there to) and if that works then ad one mod at the time until u get the crashes again.And u should really try to limit the amount of mods u activate,i to use to have 100+ mods in every save game but i never used them all in any game.Now i have 2 folders,one for US/Canada/Austraila maps and one for EU/Russian maps.I got another folder with placeables to,and some other stuff.But the point is,if u got fewer mods in ur mods folder,the game and maps will startup faster and mostly without problems.Sadly,i cant tell u from the log whats doing the crashing,but try the "load one mod at the time" thing and u will find the bandit.
  4. adde

    Emerald Coast USA 2019

    Great map,i loved the FS17 version and i love this FS19 version.Amazing that u got the Compost to work and all the other stuff,just amazing work.I cant thank u enuff.Thank you ccs101.
  5. adde

    Emerald Coast USA 2019

    I loved the FS17 version and have followed Farmer Klien´s YT channel(Hey FK 😉 )while he tested this version,and i got to say,amazing work.The map is awsome,im amazed that u got the Compost working and all the other stuff.I/we cant thank you enuff,ccs101,thank you for ur hard work.
  6. adde


    First,very very nice map,cant belive its a GC edit,very nice job.But im wondering if it got a custom GEO in the map? Thank u again for giving us such a nice and well done map.
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