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  1. Thank you Darin,Have downloaded this map today and have been playing it for about 2 hours. It seems to me that it has an almost perfect balance between agriculture and production. So thank you once again and keep up the good work.Regards James


    1. Darin Cassell

      Darin Cassell

      Thank you James! I hope to expand it to 4x map for FS19.



  2. James t

    Serenity Valley

    The pallet movers are not auto sell. Regards James.
  3. James t

    Serenity Valley

    Dear Sir. Thank you so much for your updated Serenity valley map. I have (according to Steam)been playing FS 17 for 2,300 hours and have been getting a bit bored by some of the maps that are available . However you have re-kindled my interest and am now playing avidly on your new map (8 hours today non stop and no animals purchased yet). I also watched the live stream you took part in with Farmer Klein and enjoyed it immensely . Looking forward to your next map. Regards James.
  4. James t

    Snettertons Farm by Stevie.

    That is a very good idea Farmer Klein, Are you throwing down a challenge to all those brilliant modders out there to come up with this feature? . Regards James.
  5. James t

    Snettertons Farm by Stevie.

    Thank you Stevie am really enjoying this map only one tiny niggle I would prefer to drive on the left hand side of the road as i have been doing in real life for about 50 years. But apart from that I absolutely love it. Regards James

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