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    Blog FeedFS17 – Failure DLC Promotion?

    "Following his long-term partnership with GIANTS, HORSCH has decided to develop an exclusive partnership with the innovative game developer, the 2017 agricultural simulator. The collaboration has resulted in a project that has been so complex and future-proof. The HORSCH Agrovation extension."(http://www.horsch.com/agritechnica/landwirtschafts-simulator/). From what I read from the comments on the facebook page and Horsch's website it is a project between them and VertexDezign and not a Giants product just using their game as a base. "For HORSCH itself the project is much more than a game. It is the bridge between applications in the virtual world and real benefits! In the first approach, HORSCH will work with the Mod Pack to train its own employees on its operations in order, for example, to further improve the transport routes and to optimize the logistics between the fields and the operating stations.But even new employees are able to learn much more quickly how agricultural processes are in operation. As the next step, real GPS data from the tractors and the HORSCH technology will be imported into the game in order to simulate in the future, for example, how plant development develops at different sowing times. Players are thus approaching even closer to real farming than is currently the case."(http://www.horsch.com/agritechnica/landwirtschafts-simulator/). The fact that they are giving it to us for free (my impression from what i read is a limited hardcopy if you go to their stall at Agritechnica convention in Hannover, Germany next month which is only one month from 2018.(https://www.agritechnica.com/en/) and will then be a free download maybe on Modhub as VertexDezign have used this already (https://www.farming-simulator.com/mod.php?lang=de&country=de&mod_id=89162&title=fs2017) one of their many mods on there.). I have seen no meation that their will be a charge for downdoad anywhere. As it is not a Giants DLC, I don't see why it can't be released early next year. Farming Simulator shared Horsch's post. the start of Farming Simulator post on Facebook. Stegei GIANTS Software | CTO Posts: 1216 Joined: Sat Jun 09, 2007 10:51 am Re: Horsch AgroVation DLC Postby Stegei » Wed Oct 25, 2017 10:30 am We will see what we can do to make it available on consoles as well. The map might probably be released as a mod as it is not using any scripts (although other blockers might exist that I'm not aware of yet). Also we're thinking about releasing the vehicles as a DLC on consoles, which does allow us to use the scripts they're using. But it still needs to be decided on our side, and it needs to be discussed with Focus and Horsch, especially since this Horsch pack has primarily been developed as a marketing and training tool for Horsch. (https://forum.giants-software.com/viewtopic.php?f=893&t=118765&start=15) As for Consoles not getting it there are many mods that they do not get. this site for example has mods that are not available for Consoles and their is no big outcry about that. i would think that the Season Pass for Consoles covers Giants DLCs not third party releases, or are Consoles getting https://www.aerosoft.com/de/weitere-simulationen/landwirtschaft/2079/landwirtschafts-simulator-add-on-strohbergung as part of their Season Pass. Kevin Hender Will the add on us consoles addiction also delight or only the pc faction Creative Mesh A consoleversion is currently not planned.(https://www.facebook.com/CreativeMeshUG· 14 July at 13:24 ). From reading through comments it would seem that it may be included in FS19. Vertexdezign We would also like to thank you once again for this unique opportunity, which has resulted from the ModContest through GIANTS Software and Horsch ! We are looking forward to the future cooperation and wish the players luck that they can get one of the cool boxes at Agritechnica!See translation Horsch And we look forward to what we are going to do with you # vertexdezign and # Giants software in the future!See translation
  2. Farmer_Dad

    Blog FeedFS17 – Failure DLC Promotion?

    https://www.facebook.com/HorschMaschinen/?hc_ref=ARSXu9GhYZA3Mz_Hbe4HtrUk4-h61te7F4Vs5l6Q9tOL9EHd9wUqhGaBPOZ4AqjkqgM the original post by Horsch. a project by Horsch and VertexDezign after modding contest. complex scripts so only on pc/mac same as any other mod. good to see such a big company get involved. and it's all free. Horsch Thomas Adolf So there will not be any money. It's free. For the consoles there is not the extension, because currently the scripts are too complex.See translation Horsch So first, there will be the pack on AGRITECHNICA as a DVD box. After that, we will also provide it as a download. It should be everyone's enjoyment of the addon!See translation
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