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  1. Placeable Fruit Trees

    These are a great idea. Thanks for progressing the game. great job
  2. Help Finding Buy Corn Mod

    I usually don't want to make list of things. but here's the mod. hope it helps http://www.modsls17.com/buyable-silo-v-1-1-for-fs17/
  3. Marc Dupont

    LOL. Get worried when I start leaving myself thumbs Downs
  4. Marc Dupont

    Time to head across the channel to France....
  5. The state of Farming sims

    I feel like we are in an Apples and Oranges situation here. Farm sim is at it's core an arcade game. Take the machines, make money, try not to kill the chickens. It's the modders who made it a Simulator. Seasons MR, Gearbox IC all these are Mod driven gameplay. and FarmSim has the longevity now to have a huge and active mod community. So along come the others. Real Farmer vs Farm sim is like Car mechanic sim vs GTA. you can play both. but it's not the same game. Yes I can drive a train in Train Mechanic sim but it ain't no Train sim world. All I am saying is that these other games that are coming along are not meant to compete with farm sim. They ride the coattails and make a buck and fade away. And those people who are intimidated by mods and scared to open a map will play them. They will play them for a week or two and poof. Gone. If Farm Sim wasn't a modded game I don't think it would have been any different. Who in this group drive a bone stock in game tractor? (rhetorical) But profits will be made. Cattle and Crops is a special case. A group of very talented people got together and wanted to re invent the genre. GOOD FOR THEM. But now the business of delivery is upon them. And eventually the pressure to deliver something will have them drop an Alpha game as complete. Inevitable. They have my money. Keep it. I really hope you make it. But don't pretend that my experience feeding Bulls isn't just that. Bull. Keep working on it boys. You have Giant's attention. That make all of us winners. Rant over. You may go back to your chips Marc
  6. Marc Dupont

  7. Marc Dupont

  8. saitek x55 wiring help

    So I was using my Saitek x55 stick in Farm Sim and the stick was fine but none of the buttons on the stick worked. Like an Idiot, I took it apart. I found a single white wire had come lose at the multipin connection from the stick to the spring mount on the base. No problem. got out the solder Iron and fixed it. BUT.... in doing so a blue wire has come loose. And I can't for the life of me figure out which connection it came from . So off I go to find a wiring diagram for the Saitek x 55 stick. Yeah. no luck. Anybody out there have one of these things who might be able to help out. I'm out of Ideas and feel like If I just randomly solder it onto a post that would be bad. BTW the build quality on this thing is shockingly bad.
  9. Marc Dupont

    That's great. love that old beast. couldn't find a role for it in the series but really wanted to show it off.
  10. Marc Dupont

    Iain Robson's got a new Job.
  11. Marc Dupont

    Thank you Landykid for the Cameo appearance
  12. Marc Dupont

  13. Stappenbach17

    First thank you so much for taking this map forward. Fantastic work. One question. How does seasons and it's mechanisms around reproduction of animal affect the new animal types? Do the prices vary in those industries as well? Thank you.
  14. Marc Dupont

  15. Marc Dupont