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  1. OldGuyFarmer

    Copyright and Claims Rant

    Not to start an argument or anything and please don't take this in wrong way this goes out to all map makers who think they have ownership and who make claims of copyright for everything they do, but I hope you do realize you have to actually file a copyright claim for any and all digital items with proof of creation which is a costly deal to do, plus the second you make a map public and is put on public websites all items contained therin ie: map and map objects unless copyright notice and proof is posted for public viewing all items are public domain and if said map is published on the giants website all item become the property of giants so pleas as a map maker stop making claims of ownership as it is just hot air being blown there is no copyright and if you don't want people using your items then why are you making them public? you should be happy that others find items within your map or maps interesting enough to put in their own maps provided correct credit is given. I understand that some of you work hard and long to create stuff but if you don't want it out there then I suggest you don't put it out. Ok so I am sure someone will now say that this **BadWord** them off and they will quite and never release anything again. Well my answer to that is if your gonna be a cry baby about it then so be it. I create maps also and anything in my maps is created by others. Ether that be giants or the many great moders out there. I know what kind of hours are put into creating a map but I do it for fun and for others to enjoy and never will you hear me cry if someone takes my map and makes it into a map they enjoy playing. They may add some stuff they may remove some stuff I don't really care as long as they are enjoying it and having fun. All I ask is that they maybe try and remember to give me credit for the base map and if they forget or don't so be it I had fun creating the map and have moved on to my next project it's no big deal it's a freaking game and everyone needs to relax and enjoy. Sit back and watch how many people will take your creation and make something new from it. Who know's maybe they will think of something or have an idea that you didn't think of and you could implement in a future update. Ok enough ranting time to get back to farming.
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    Just here to have a good time View full channel
  3. View File Mountain Valley Farm Xtra Hard Seasons Welcome to Mountain Valley Xtra Hard Ok so we will keep this simple so you can go and discover. The map is ment to be played on hard mode there are only cows and chickens on the map. This is a homestead style map and you start with nothing. You must build your farm by chopping down the trees and creating your own fields. There are several plots of land that can be purchased from local farmers but there are n missions so you will have to work hard in order to succeed at this map. This map is Seasons mode ready and has Chopped straw and Mulri angle terrain. This map is great for small to medium equipment and can also be played in regular mode without seasons. There is 1 main sell point along with a log sell point a cattle market that will accept lose silage and there also is a co-op in town to store your grain. This is and was a private map but due to request and demand I am making it public only through PC-SG and if it is found anywhere else no support will be given. Please this map is still a WIP / Beta so there is more to come and any problems with map please simply contact me and leave me a msg with screen shot so I can fix it for next update. I hope you enjoy. Submitter OldGuyFarmer Submitted 23/07/17 Category Maps Credits Credits go to Marc Dupont for putting bug in ear for doing this map Mr Mazzony Farmer John Jay Gary All those who helped through out with ideas and suggestions Mod Author OldGuyFarmer Features Chopped straw, Seasons mod ready and Multi angle terrain  
  4. OldGuyFarmer

    Old Guy Farms Beta

    I have an updated version with a few fixes and is now 64 angles in MT
  5. Welcome to Old Guy Farms Challenge You can watch at https://www.pc-sg.uk/multiyoutube/ BRT Gaming / Old Guy Farmer on YouTube. The Challenge At end of 3rd winter (may be extended depending on time frame) must sell everything highest total no debt wins DLC prize will be awarded to overall winner ALL official entries must be streamed (YouTube or Twitch) all progress. Play at your own pace to be completed by Nov 01/17 --Rules-- 1. Must use Season mod (running at 6 day seasons) 2. Game mode must be set on HARD 3. Can only Skip time (not a must) from 9pm to 6am (lft alt + N)(Time must run on x15 Only rest of time) 4. Can only use tractors 250 hp or less (Harvesting equip is exempt) 5. Can only use 1 helper/hired worker at a time (includes follow me) 6. Can not sell loose silage at any sell point or BGP 7. Can only do 1 mission per day 8. All streams must start and end on save game loading screen 9. Mods may be added or removed as u go (please check mod warning) 10. All placeable mods must have proper purchase price and no production style placeables (in game green houses allowed only) 11. If using Courseplay you must pay worker and you cannot edit amount in save game Absolutely NO editing of map or save game (ie GE editor or pre placing placables) MOD WARNING: Game Extension NOT allowed No money or equipment cheats will be allowed if caught you will be disqualified Personal mods will be allowed but purchase price must be reasonable Equipment and placeables must be of reasonable use (ie: NO 60 foot plows etc) IMPORTANT LAND SALE At very last day of challenge you can load the bank mod and it can be used the one time for purpose of selling your fields. This is a one time allowance and can not be used at any other time. Click The Button Below to get your copy of the map To enter must post entry with YouTube or Twitch channel on Old Guy Gaming FB page or send me a msg at the PCSG page my username is same as youtube OldGuyFarmer. Also join us on Discord and post your entry there Get Old Guy Farms Download Old Guy Farmer Challenge by GrizzlyBearSims July 12, 2017 / admin / 0 Comments So I return to work on Monday morning (10 July) after having spent 10 wonderful, relaxing days on vacation. Over half of this time off was spent near Estes Park, Colorado and the beautiful Rocky Mountain National Park. This was a much needed, highly anticipated and just honestly what any doctor could have ordered break for both my wife and I. The last few months have been tough on both of us and I honestly think we began counting the days down to this get-away back in the early spring timeframe. Between meetings on Monday morning, I decided to catch up on a few of my fellow YouTube friends and the videos they released while I was on vacation. My friend Farmer Klein was the first name that popped up in my list of video recommendations and I noticed the video title was “Old Guy Farmers Single Player Challenge”. Challenge??? What’s this about seemed to be thoughts that entered in my mind. Obviously I know who Old Guy Farmer is…that’s Mr. Jerry Ott who created the wonderful Mountain Valley Farm map which I’m currently running a “Let’s Play” series on. If interested, you can follow my progress on my Mountain Valley Farm series on YouTube. Anyway…back to this challenge. I watched with excitement as Farmer Klein started game day 1, episode 1 of the special Goldcrest Valley Edit map which Jerry Ott had designed specific for the challenge. As more minutes passed, I began thinking…I want to do this. I want to play this map and I want to participate in the challenge. I quickly read through the rules/guidelines of the challenge….”Must Use Seasons Mod” Ok…that’s good as I just simply can’t play (nor am I interested in playing FS17 without the Seasons Mod. “Game mode must be set on Hard”. OK..that is also OK as I’m playing on MVF set to Hard mode. “Game play time must be set to x15 speed and can only skip time from 9pm to 6am” That’s also just fine. “Game play must be streamed on YouTube or Twitch” This is also great because I’ve really been wanting to stream my FS17 game play more. Etc. etc. I’ll let you read the rules/guidelines at your own discretion. While I did say several months ago I had no interest in playing another GCV edit map, on Monday afternoon I downloaded the GCV edit challenge map and fired up OBS and kicked off episode one (of 72 total episodes) of this challenge series. Yes…you did read that correct. This series will consist of 72 episodes as each episode will be precisely one game day (6 AM ish to 9 PM ish). 72 days is what 3 Seasons Mod years, set to 6 game days per season calculates to. Yes, this is a major undertaking…but I have until 1 November. There’s a lot of time between now and 1 November! Right? Right???? I’ll admit, my game play during episode 1 certainly was not my finest hour. I must have appeared as if I was a nube to Farming Simulator 17 or perhaps even a nube to simulation based gaming altogether. I really do have over 500 hours of game play recorded in FS17 (and over 700 in FS15) and I’ve been using the Seasons mod since early January. The truth is, I completely underestimated the stress in knowing that from the moment you enter the game, time is ticking away at a fairly fast pace (game play set to x15). An entire game day (6 AM to 9 PM) passes by at near light speed in just over an hour. As most of my viewers know, I farm at a fairly relaxed pace and I may spend a few minutes painstakingly comparing tractor specs before making a decision (or no decision at all). In this challenge, TIME is definitely of the essence. Long Story Short….so yes…GrizzlyBearSims took the challenge and I’ll do my level best to not only survive the challenge, but also complete it and also try equally hard to win it. While the rules are clearly defined, I’ve made the decision to follow my own guideline of “If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right” way of doing things. Meaning even though time is quickly speeding by, I won’t take shortcuts…I’m not going to drive through my crops etc. I’m plowing fields, applying fertilizer, cultivating, seeding and then fertilizing again. Regardless of the outcome, FUN is the absolute number one priority for each episode. While I don’t believe it’s too late for others to take part in this challenge, if you are interested in participating…please visit this website for complete rules and information. But don’t wait too long as while on paper there are many days between now and 1 November…trust me, before you know it…summer will be over and just remember, time is of the essence. For my wonderful friends/viewers of the GrizzlyBearSims YouTube Channel, Are you interested in winning your very own copy of the Giants Farming Simulator 17 Platinum Expansion Pack DLC? I’m gifting a copy to three lucky winners of this expansion pack (via Steam) at the end of the challenge. All you need to do to enter, is watch my livestreams (either live or via YouTube recorded playback) and listen for me to provide the daily code word. Each episode will have a unique code word which I’ll verbally announce during the game play. Once you hear the code word, just follow the information I’ve outlined to enter. You can view these contest guidelines and how to submit the code word on the GrizzlyBearSims Discord Channel. You can enter up to 72 times, pending you watch (and listen) for the code word. Obviously, the more episodes you watch, the better odds you’ll have at winning. I’ll do the drawing and notify the winners on Sunday, 6 November. If you are interested in catching up with my progress, you may view my archived livestreams here. Thank you all for reading and thank you for watching. Jerry
  6. OldGuyFarmer

    Old Guy Farms Beta

    View File Old Guy Farms Beta Gold Crest Valley Re-Make With Personality This map features all the standard fs17 features also have added chopped straw and multi angle terrain. This map is Seasons Mod ready Special thanks to all the modders who's items I used in this map Submitter OldGuyFarmer Submitted 07/07/17 Category Maps Credits Mod Author Old Guy Farmer Features  

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