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  1. Day 4: Sliced Tomatoes and Milk

    I am tired just reading about this! It takes me about three days to recover from just one late nighter.
  2. A quick aside

    I have enjoyed the small farm game play in the past but this sounds painful. Looking forward to see how it goes for you.
  3. I am underway on Nagce Valley in hard mode at 15x speed. Day 1: I reviewed the starting equipment and sold about a third of it to raise some capital. Then I bought a beehive, the manure buy mod, and four greenhouses to place by the sheep/cow farm. The plan is to cover all daily maintenance fees with the income from the greenhouses. I also bought twenty sheep at very high prices. Hopefully the wool in spring will be enough to cover the high purchase price and maybe we can even breed a few early. Day 2/3: First mistake. I have never worked a field larger than about 8ha before but I decided to jump right in by plowing the largest field. Field #1 is 43.4ha. After about a day and a half plowing and being nowhere near done with the plowing with manure spreading, cultivation, and planting still ahead I decided to change the game plan. Day 4/8: I planted two smaller fields(8/10ha) with wheat and canola without plowing just to get them started as early as possible so I can double crop them with soybeans in the summer/autumn. Then I plowed, cultivated, fertilized, and planted the 15ha field with barley so I might be able to double crop that one as well. Day 9/?: Now back to Field #1. By the time I get that one ready for planting it may be warm enough for sunflowers or something. I think I may put workers on it while I do some missions on a field I want to buy. If I understand the changes in wages in the seasons mod correctly what I make in missions should be more than enough to cover the wages required with the extra benefit of bringing down the price of the field I am looking at. Lesson #1: Playing at 15x speed creates a natural break every hour or so and makes it easier to turn off the computer and go to bed on time instead doing "just one more thing". I am too old to be stringing late nights together and still be any good at work in the morning. Good luck all.
  4. Nagce Valley. The fields are big but I should have the time. I almost went with a map with more industries to keep me busy and keep the cash coming in but I just liked the look of it. It is different than anything I have played before.
  5. Why play 24 day seasons. Are you crazy?

    I was surprised that they took the sugar beets out of the Midwest GEO. Sugar beets are grown extensively in the northern third of the U.S. from Michigan west to Washington. Actually there is a fair bit of farming diversity in the midwest from north to south so I guess they just had to pick a spot in the middle to model. Back on topic. I am thinking of playing 24 day seasons on Nagce Valley (I still just sort of mumble the pronunciation in my head when I type that.) I have never played a map with fields that size before but I figure if I can't do it it in 24 day I just can't do it. I just downloaded it and it looks different that anything I have played before. Thanks for the map Chaseydog.
  6. Strategies in playing long season length

    A well thought out assessment FarmerKlein. I think some basic logging equipment may be useful to fill some slow time and for some fast cash when needed, however with the long seasons a sustainable replant and harvest is not likely. Depending on how many fields I try to farm I will have to think about the lease buy option for a harvester. I usually double crop my fields with winter wheat and soybeans so I may need the harvester for multiple days a year. Now to decide on a map. Good luck all.
  7. Why play 24 day seasons. Are you crazy?

    Which map are you using JrBrown1871? I have yet to decide on a new map. My last two maps have been Mountain Valley extra hard and Dusty Cove. I am looking for something a bit different.
  8. Why play 24 day seasons. Are you crazy?

    Do we have any idea if the maintenance cost on equipment is prorated over the year or if we will be stuck with the full amount daily? I can see leasing more items that only need to be used a few times a year if that is the case. With income opportunities spread out anything to cut daily expenses would be huge. Choosing a map with industry opportunities could be a difference maker. I have never done much with industries because running the farm has always kept me busy enough. I think I may have to try this.
  9. Irrigation?

    Thanks for the information gentlemen. Hopefully someone picks up the challenge on this. It seems to me that it would add some interesting dynamics and uncertainty to our farms.
  10. Irrigation?

    I am relatively new to farming simulation games but has irrigation ever been a thing? It seems like a good fit with the seasons mod. If you have X number of days in a row without rain the yield of a field would decrease unless some form of irrigation was used. It would be interesting to see what types of irrigation would be possible but from some of the mods I have seen I know there are some very smart people out there. In some parts of the world it is a critical part of any farming. Has anyone seen any discussion about this?
  11. FS17 Pine Cove - Seasons

    Could it be a summer thunderstorm with a lot of hail?
  12. Snowing in Summer - Biogas

    Do you have a regional add-on to your seasons mod?
  13. I have been running the seasons mod with six day seasons at 5x speed. I have recently had success with double cropping winter crops with soybeans. If I plant in the autumn the the harvest is usually ready on the first day of summer. Then if I can get the soybeans in by the second day of summer the harvest is usually ready by day 4 or 5 of autumn. The challenge comes in getting the harvest in and replanting the winter crops before winter. At 5x speed I only have time to do this for one or two fields. So far so good but I can see that a string of a few days of wet weather at the wrong time could cost me a crop. I did search the internet and found that this is a very real thing in some areas of the U.S. where the climate allows for it. So I am wondering if anyone else has been doing this and been burned by the weather?
  14. fsScreen_2017_07_31_22_07_53.png

    My logging set up for Old Guy Farmer's Mountain Valley Farm.

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