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  1. Mod submit to giants

    Still no word from giants.
  2. Mod submit to giants

    Haha been there. Is it ok for me to share the mod via a Dropbox link?
  3. More PC problems

    Did u have a lightning storm lately? Last time I had that happen I had some capacitors blown on my motherboard. It was shortly after a bad thunderstorm.
  4. Mod submit to giants

    Ok. Yeah I'm lost with it. Giants just responds with "preview only shows lights on PS4". I looked at the emissive texture and I think it is ok. The spec says you can't have a material with emissive and diffuse from the same file. In my last submital I gave every material it's own individual textures. My thought was maybe console doesn't like sharing the files sines it's mentioned per the emissive spec. That doesn't make sense though because of how many vehicles share multiple files (example pto). But I guess they would be the same material though? Sorry thinking out loud hoping something will spark an idea or memory haha.
  5. Mod submit to giants

    Could it be emissive textures in the lighting?
  6. I tried submitting a placeable mod to modhub/giants for console release and I have hit a wall. The mod passes every step up to console. I am being told that on the PS4 in the placeable preview only the lights are seen in the green/red. Since I have no way to test on a console (as far as I know I can't directly install my own mod), I am unable to troubleshoot. Any help would be appreciated. I would be more than happy to share a link to the mod via Dropbox if allowed.

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