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  1. I am looking forward to FS19 and cant wait for it to come out but what I have seen so far does nothing for me See my photoes
  2. Boots

    It's that time of year

    During a hot summer you get a lot of harvesters and round balers going on fire If it is a wet summer you get a lot of grain driers going on fire The above pictures are old ones and have to say there is a great improvement - Farmers are much better looking after their equipmend Oh by the way I am the lad with the white hat in the photoes
  3. Boots

    It's that time of year

    Why maintenance is important
  4. Boots

    Field Yield Test

    By the way Farmer Klein while you are there I have a question on the potato washer (I know I am a pest) See the photo
  5. Boots

    Field Yield Test

    The cat decided to get up at 03;30 this morning so I had to get up and feed her and let her out (I hate the light mornings) I could not get back to sleep so I thought I would try the test on Normal I started a new save game on Normal I found it strange that the Yield was more on Normal It is now 17;50 (ok I stoped for breakfast and dinner) I did not have the willpower to do the Poplar again at this time Here are the results so far
  6. Boots

    Field Yield Test

    The field is 8.87 ha I do not use seasons even though it is a good mod I used it for a while and got fed up with it I like to try and buy and work every field on the map I think that if the map maker takes the time and effort to to make the mod then it deserves to be played I like to look at every field and see the best way to work it - even with a hired worker I have started to use the compass mod (thanks to being recommended by someone) Using the seasons mod, I don't think I would have enough time to do all the fields on a map I did see that graph thing but I just wanted to try a field for myself I think people look at what the highest price is being paid for the crops and go for that not looking at the big picture I no longer watch anyone on you tube that play on seasons or are mostly in first person On seasons there is a tendency to work in the dark which is worth watching I hate watching someone in first person as the most you see is inside the cab I think its like watching a film and never seeing the star or going about with a box on your head with a small rectangle cut out so you can look through - you miss out on what is going on all around
  7. Boots

    Field Yield Test

    I did this just to see what was the best crop to do The grass and make silage bales was the best
  8. Boots

    Championship MAP

    I look forward to see how you get on I only play by myself so that's why single player I don't know if works with a wheel as I only use the keyboard As I am left handed I don't use the mouse My time is a wee bit better than my first attempt I think it was a lot of fun
  9. Boots

    Championship MAP

    Just watched RD Allan and the teams and it was great fun Well done www.youtube.com/watch?v=eJXNypLHoi8
  10. Boots

    Championship MAP

    Here is something to try I am not very good at this and I did not cheat the time so it should be easy for some of you experts to beat I would like to see some of you you tubers do a video on the map (Single player) and playing with your mates as a team effort Just have some fun
  11. Boots

    GPS Question

    Yes. Right again I have the compass mod but I never select it as I tend to use the mini map like a sat nav I like the better mini map mod and you can see the details like harvesting, ploughing and seeding etc. I tried the compass mod and it works (bit small at the top centre of the screen) I thought that this would have been built in to the GPS mod I have to say I use hired workers a lot and I never have a problem If you look at the field and use a bit of common seance you can work out the best way to do the job I usually put the hired worker on a straight line using the GPS first and then push the H and I then tidey up the odd parts and work away in the same field I like to work it out that we finish up in line with each other at the end of the job Thanks for your help
  12. Boots

    GPS Question

    Re the NEW button What I found with it was that if you are on a standard map it would go to (see my first picture) it would go to the N/S or to 45 Deg. what ever way the tractor is pointing nearest to. When you are playing on a map that has multi terrain angle and you select NEW it goes to the nearest angle to where the tractor is pointing and you can't be sure of the angle I have to go to the edge of the map and line up the tractor so that it is for example pointing say north and then select NEW Ok this works but it is a bit of a pest (just like me) having to do this when you are working on a field in the middle of the map
  13. Boots

    GPS Question

    Thanks for that but see my next picture I know I am not very good at describing things, that's why I use pictures (and I become a pest)
  14. Boots

    GPS Question

    The pest again with another question The Potato washer & steamer is still working great

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