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  1. Boots

    Expanding Fields

    I think this is a great map here is a picture to show how much extra you can get
  2. I haven't seen any YT video on this tool I checked the Brucks web site and the tool is there It may have been altered to fit on front of a tractor but I like it The Rabaud Xylor is a great tool mod but you get no income The Brucks gives you income from the wood chips and you get a higher yield from the fields and areas you clear
  3. What do you think?
  4. Boots

    View Distance

    Hello Farmers I have tried to post this on the Giants forum place but there is a funny way they have to put pictures along with what you are trying to say. I find it easy when you have a picture (a picture is worth a 1000 words) As I have said before I am not very good with computers Oh and by the way I nearly **BadWord** myself when the pointer thing passed over the Christmas bulbs at the top of the screen - I though I had done something wrong
  5. What do you think - it is a bit of work but it gets the grass to grow
  6. Boots

    Landscaping in FS19

    See what I mean - I looked at what I did and something does not look right I don't know what I did or how to sort it not very good I should stop doing this ?
  7. Boots

    Landscaping in FS19

    Wonko - yes I know what you mean I only play MP with my grandson and when it came to setting up the farm I was surprised I did my one and when I went to my grandsons area I got a shock I put it down to a age thing (being almost 70 and not very good with computers) My one looked something like what the Beverly Hillbillies would have and his area was more up to date I think this is a good option but I feel that map mods should be split into 2 groups 1 - for maps like Oakfield and the like in FS17 or in FS19 Richport where you don't have to do much other than add something 2 - maps like Mercury in FS17 and the new maps we got in FS19 where you can do your own thing The bottom line is that this a great game (the only game I play)
  8. Boots

    Meadow Roller Help

    Re the roller - I have found it see forum.giants-software.com/viewtopic.php?f=963&t=135378 Thanks
  9. Boots

    Meadow Roller Help

    Where ? - I have looked but can't find it It is the Lizard R 5000 roller I am looking for not the meadow roller - (I don't like it)
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