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  1. countryboy85

    Mills County

    Server sponserCountyBoy85 Mills County is a nice American style map with all of the normal map functions. 24 Day Seasons and set on Hard Mode! The goals for this map: 1) Own all the fields 2) Own 500 of each animal 3) Log most of the map 4) Have fun together! Map NameMills County Server NameCountryBoy Dedi Server Matchmaking ServerInternational Map Passwordmills Map download link https://www.modhoster.com/mods/mills-county-by-blueweb Mods required Farm ManagerCountryBoy85 View full server
  2. countryboy85

    You are all invited! This is the link to the entire mod list and you should be able to download straight from there. Thanks!
  3. countryboy85

    You are all invited!

    Howdy Ya'all! I wanted to let you all know I just started a new multiplayer. This is not an official PCSG multiplayer, hence the reason I posted this under announcements and not pcsg multiplayer. You can find my multiplayer as "CountryBoy Dedi Server" in the international section. The map is Mills County, and the password is "mills." Hope to see you there!
  4. Today I went shopping for some new equipment, since I had none to work with. I was able to pick up a couple of nice John Deere tractors, and I leased out a plow and manure spreader. Since it will be about 8 days before I can plant anything, I suppose I should take the time to prepare the fields properly. I also recorded my first vlog of this journey into agriculture! Hopefully folks visit my youtube channel to view it, and I hope they like it! I was able to meet Frank, the shop manager. I also was able to meet some nice folks who I could hire to help with the plowing. I am thinking that after we are done with the plowing I may actually trade in my tractors for some smaller ones. Or at least sell one of them. Considering the size of the farm and fields I don't need huge tractors. I am sensing it is important to find that balance between overpowered and underpowered! For instance, I tried to pull a low loader with a tractor and manure spreader loaded on it with only a pick up truck. Well, it didn't go anywhere! I ended up just returning the low loader and driving the tractors around. Perhaps someday I will get a pick up which possess enough power to pull a fully loaded low loader. But this is not that day! I am excited to get up into the mountain and do some logging, they say it is good wood up there. However, I also want to make sure I am preparing my fields well for planting. Tomorrow is another day, for now I'll hit the hay!
  5. countryboy85

    PC-SG Multiplay server challange

    How do I access this multiplayer?
  6. countryboy85

    Purchase Day...

    Well, I have always dreamed of farming and agriculture. After looking for many, many long months I finally found a great spread in the black mountain area of Montana! I have always liked the views in Montana, and now I can look at the mountain as I am drinking my coffee in the morning! I came by this property thanks to a gentleman named Farmer Klein. He did a great real estate video on the area and the farm, and so I decided to inquire. After taking out an Ag loan and conducted a successful Gofundme campaign (people will give to anything on the internet! Thanks Al Gore!) I was able to purchase the main farm plus some fields. The main farm comes equipped with outbuildings and cross fencing for cows and pigs! Plus, the property also comes with a sheep pen, although it is some distance from the main farm. I have had a chance to meet a few of the locals, they are quite nice indeed. The moving truck should be coming soon with my belongings, once I settle in I will make sure to create a video on my first day of real work! Of course, I will need to purchase some equipment first, as the farm only came with a truck for vehicles. At least I don't have to walk to the shop! I will have to get a GoPro so I can do some videos on youtube. People love farming videos!
  7. countryboy85


    You have been a great deal of help!
  8. countryboy85

    24 Days?

    I have worked in the "settings" for seasons, but I understood it only went up to 9 days. EDIT: I apparently didn't test the features of the days! Got it figured out, Thanks!
  9. countryboy85


    CountryBoy85 Youtube Channel here.
  10. countryboy85


    CountryBoy85 Youtube Channel here. View full channel
  11. countryboy85


    Silly question, and I posted it in another forum also. How do we do the 24 day seasons? Do you just change the xml file for seasons, or is there another mod altogether? Also, I read in a post by FK that animal prices had fluctuated. Is this another mod also? In all my games the animal prices stay the same all the time. Thanks! EDIT: I got the seasons thing figure out, I am now at 24 days! I am still not sure about the variable animal prices though.
  12. countryboy85

    24 Days?

    This may be a silly question, but I have not found the answer yet on this site. How do I make the seasons mod do 24 days? I guess I assume I change the xml file, but I am not totally sure how you have done this successfully. Please advise!
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