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  1. Scuderia

    FS19 Glen Isla

    Hi PassLee.................no iam having this issue to....Oops sorry,i can only put the problem down to it being the Beta version? as the map was error free and working before,so iam going to wait until the none Beta version is released and see what happens,if it persists i will address the problem then and try and fix what has went wrong,please be patiant,thanks for keeping me in loopCheers Don
  2. Scuderia

    Glen Isla Map Problem

    Hello Iam aware that there is a few problems on Glen Isla since people have updated to the new Beta 1.3 version for FS19, You will now no longer be able to see your silo covers, also it appears grass and straw textures have went all weired,iam unsure what to do at this time or how to go about fixing this issue,so please be patiant until Giants release the none Beta version and if the problem persists i will sort it out as soone as i can, Thanks Don.................aka Scuderia
  3. Scuderia

    FS19 Glen Isla

    All good at my end.........iam using the 1.3 Beta,are you using an old save from before version,i suggest you start a new save. I will take a look into this,but i will wait until Giants release the 1.3, as this is just a Beta version
  4. Scuderia

    FS19 Glen Isla

    Think i said on the change log that i was unsure..........might be best to change it,could you edit that please Have you sold bales since you updated to v,i did test it at my end and i was able to after a new save:)
  5. Scuderia

    FS19 Glen Isla

    Yeh i thought so..................sorry.
  6. Scuderia

    FS19 Glen Isla

    Ah ok,i look foward to it,take it easy,any problems give me shout,touch wood it should be all good:).
  7. Scuderia

    FS19 Glen Isla

    Pain in the butt eh.........iam the same:(,just updated the map to,try to see if you can sell bales at the barn first before starting a new save,laters Don.
  8. Scuderia

    FS19 Glen Isla

    Ha.... its not in GE anymore you will find the line within the Items xml as its now placed like a placeable.
  9. Scuderia

    FS19 Glen Isla

    There will be another update coming your way very soon v to fix the barn trigger for the sale of bales,If Roy can keep you on your toes than iam going to help:) lol.
  10. Scuderia

    FS19 Glen Isla

    Ha ha...........I had to get Nathan to help me out but its now clean,enjoy.
  11. Scuderia

    FS19 Glen Isla

    Ive just uploaded another update v1.0.0.2 with a list of all changes,we now have a clean log,enjoy.
  12. Scuderia

    FS19 Glen Isla

    Thats good news,Sorry i have no experience with custom textures
  13. Scuderia

    FS19 Glen Isla

    The map is not multifruit,default crops only,switch crop destruction off in game settings menu,hope that helps.
  14. Scuderia

    FS19 Glen Isla

    Ive just uploaded v added the change log......................All game saves can be kept,Thanks again Mike,Enjoy.
  15. Scuderia

    FS19 Glen Isla

    Ah iam glad,i will upload an update v1.1 in the next few days after Nathan 6930 has helped me out, to address getting stuck in the BGA hopper when you visit that area,and also try & fix why fruit type1 is showing up twice in the menu,but i hope all save games will be ok:).

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