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  1. Stevie, I was wondering if you would convert an fs17 mod to fs19, I am willing to donate for it, I have tried many times to convert it. But I just don't know what I am doing.


    If you can help with this I would be very grateful.


  2. I was wondering if someone could port a mod from FS17 to FS19, I am willing to pay for the work. I just dont know how to do it.. Thank you Mrpookz
  3. mrpookz

    Sosnovka Not Extreme

    Hi Johnny, Just here to report another problem I have found for you to look at for the next fix, the sheep and cows, the cleanliness speed is way to fast, you clean up the mess and about 5 min later they are back to 0% again, the pigs are not so fast, but could use a little slow down, but the sheep and cows are instant 100 to zero in a split second on cleanliness. Just reporting bugs as I find them have a good day Dennis Harmon
  4. mrpookz

    Sosnovka Not Extreme

    Hi Johnny. here is a problem I am having not sure if anyone else is having this problem but the cows manure is not showing up in its spot, the manure count is going up, but no manure there, here is a few screen shots of the game.
  5. mrpookz

    Sosnovka Not Extreme

    Ok got the chicken coup figured out, but have no clue with the bale shed, that one is a mystery to me, but what is the control key to pull the bales out of the shed? and where do I need to stand? I see the markers on the ground, but not sure of the control key to bring them out. thanks for your attention to this Johnny. mrpookz
  6. mrpookz

    Sosnovka Not Extreme

    Ok Johnny, here is a few screen shots of the areas I am having difficulties. as you can see with the 1st shot There is plenty of straw, the 2nd shot shows the markers are on. and the 3rd show shows the chicken straw is empty, the 4th shot is for is for FarmerKlien showing him where I put the the straw that I cant get back out. I need to know where to get the Log from and I will have no problem getting that for you. Just let me know and I will have that for you. Thank you for such a fast response.\ Mrpookz
  7. mrpookz

    Sosnovka Not Extreme

    I am having problems with the straw for the chickens, and the bales at the bale storage,, when I put the bales in storage I cannot retrieve them, they are solid objects. For the chickens there is not straw drop point, and I have tried both bails and loose straw for chickens, I currently have a big pile of straw in front of the straw sign at the chicken coop
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