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  1. Hey Darin loving the map so far just got started yesterday . Like the field lay out . 

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    2. Steve Kramer

      Steve Kramer

      Would it be alright if I change the soybeans to rows and change the corn diffuse and chopped straw diffuse for the corn ?  I do these for my own personal play edits loving the map . Getting ready to down load the new update. 

    3. Darin Cassell

      Darin Cassell

      Yours to do whatever you like........enjoy




    4. Steve Kramer

      Steve Kramer

      Thanks Darin . I played 6hrs on it Sunday evening . Just thought it would be only right to ask you first before I changed anything will be playing this along with rubberburner89's Crawford farms these really where what I was looking for like the lay outs on both of them . Thanks again . Did down load the update . 

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