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  1. PassLee

    Glen Isla Map Problem

    Well done on the fast work!
  2. PassLee

    Glen Isla Map Problem

    Now that 1.3 is official I hope there will be an update to this map to sort the issues out.
  3. PassLee

    Glen Isla Map Problem

    Now it's funny you should say that because I have used multiple maps with no issues ( usually after watching your map videos! ) and I have had no issues at all, except for this map.
  4. PassLee

    Glen Isla Map Problem

    Any update on this Don? Stopped using the map until we have a fix!
  5. PassLee

    FS19 Glen Isla

    Just updated and tried a new save game same result, I did try some texture mods previously before trying this mod, however since having the issues on this map I have tried various solutions such as restoring all original fs19 files and even deleting fs19 and re installing but no luck! If your saying it's fine for you then maybe it's something locally my end, just unsure what else I could do if even uninstalling the entire game and re installing does not help. As I said in my first post its no big deal to roll back to 1.2. Actually I might try with no mods installed, maybe there is a conflict. Update.. same result with no mods, so that's now fresh install and no mods but same result. Obviously an issue my end!
  6. PassLee

    FS19 Glen Isla

    Very strange, I have actually downgraded to 1.2 because I like the map so much, perhaps I will give it another shot.
  7. PassLee

    FS19 Glen Isla

    Seems if you update to the latest patch this map does not like it, silo cover missing and straw texture messed up, not a big deal but thought it was worth a mention, oh and the new grass painting does not work in it.
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