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Found 12 results

  1. Well finally it's here... The introduction at least! At what a journey it was - sigh... Anywhoooo... I present to you the Duckzorly Introduction video... [media] [/media]
  2. Mashinky Let's Play - Today I have decided that in diversifying a little for my YouTube channel, it needed to be something a little different to the current FS17 YouTubers..as many do ETS2/ATS etc.So I came across this great Indie game the other day, and being a lover of all things trains, and particularly looking forward to Kalypso Entertainments upcoming Railway Empire, I figured I would do a game review and Let's Play of this game that is currently in very early Alpha. The game itself is very good looking, and very addictive... and I am looking forward to a bit of a change. Join us as we delve into Mashinky, a Transport Tycoon inspired game in its current alpha release.
  3. The home of Duckzorly Gaming. An Aussie elder gamer, who may suck at games but enjoys them nonetheless. Sharing quackers gameplay since 2017 View full channel
  4. Duckzorly

    Duckzorly Gaming Channel

    The home of Duckzorly Gaming. An Aussie elder gamer, who may suck at games but enjoys them nonetheless. Sharing quackers gameplay since 2017
  5. Join us as we take on CanadianRob, Ak The Savage and Ragin'Gaming in a bale challenge.
  6. Duckzorly

    Snettertons Farm - Stevie

    Aerial view of the BGA on Snetterton Farm - Stevie
  7. Duckzorly

    Snettertons Farm - Stevie

    Having a late lunch at the lighthouse on Snettertons by Stevie
  8. Duckzorly submitted a new Article: Games With Mods - Part Two - Pros Read more about this article here...
  9. Duckzorly

    Mods In Games (part 1 Of 4)

    Duckzorly submitted a new Article: Mods In Games (part 1 Of 4) Read more about this article here...
  10. Duckzorly

    My Mowing Fascination

    G’Day everyone.. Whilst I have not yet made the transition into my debut on YouTube, those of you that know me via the 3 Dudes Gaming Network, would know that I have a predilection for mowing ….. and then going mad with baling, with my current record of approximately 15k bales on one map – until it crashed! So why is this so, what make Lord of the Grass – Duckzorly tick… read on to discover a perhaps scary insight… Firstly, let’s get one thing straight – I do not love mowing in Real Life (RL)! I am not sure whether this is after my father stick his fingers under a running mower many years ago to clear the catcher (yes he did – and luckily he didn’t lose fingers – just mangled them), or whether like many parents/homeowners it become such a chore that any meditative/relaxing effects are saturated by the mundane drone of household jobs. Don’t get me wrong I don’t hate it either, in fact, I am a bit OCD when it comes to doing my edges and stuff like that, and am enjoying getting my son into the mowing (as his chores) and spending some time with him doing so.. At the end of the day – it is something I have to do to keep the wife happy (well try) – and they say happy wife happy life…. oh I wish it was that easy! (I digress) So let’s come back to FS17 and mowing… Originally published at www.duckzorlygaming.org - Please read on at Duckzorly Gaming - HERE
  11. Gday All, Well, most of you should by now know that the reason behind Duckzorly Gaming coming into being, is based on the premise that I planned on becoming a YouTube content producer. In this article, I will explain my thought processes, and experiences in getting ready to Tube.. A little back history on YouTube First Firstly why and where did this phenomenon of YouTube creation come from? YouTube was created back in 2005, yes it is only just over 10 years ago in California, USA. Its growth exploded with over 100 million video views per day in 2006, pretty quick growth by all accounts! Google obviously sought to leverage off this platform and purchased it in 2006, and it continued to grow including globalisation in 2007 and this assisted in its growth to where it is today. Why become a YouTuber? What exactly is the draw of becoming a YouTube content provider, or otherwise being known as YouTuber? I am not sure you can pin any one main reason, particularly in respect to gaming YouTubers. Of course, those running a Business and using YouTube for mass marketing, information output and the like makes sense. With YouTube having a monetization feature, whereby the content provider can by simply turning it on can start to receive monetary income from Google selling advertising space/time to companies which will be seen on this content (I believe generally limited to small ads at beginning of videos – I could be mistaken!). So perhaps some do it to try and make some extra money, or a whole lot, depending on the success of their channel content! Or they may just like to share their experiences while doing something they enjoy (eg. gaming). Personally, I believe you can tell the difference between those doing it to make money as opposed to those who do it for the joy of doing so but get the benefit of making money along the way. Basically, once you do become successful (more on this later) then the monetisation option is quite common sense to support what may go from being a hobby to a full-time job. For me, why am I going to do it? Well – honestly I am not sure. Is it a whim? Hmm maybe? Whilst I never will be a pro gamer in any way, I do often feel that I may provide a different slant on any aspect of conversation/topic etc that I am involved with. Will I end up being that funny guy on the interwebs? Again, no idea, I certainly will try and entertain – well let’s face it if it’s not entertaining it won’t last anyways. They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery – and I think this may be where I am at. Having been drawn into FS17 pretty much primarily from Eustace and Grizzly with their videos, and then joining them in the 3Dudes Gaming Network and at PC-SG, I think my decision is more based on the thought of having some fun recording my gameplay and sharing these experiences with like-minded individuals. The flow on from this, being the interaction and social influx that can be gained. Read More here.... This Blog article originally posted on Duckzorlygaming.org

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