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Found 405 results

  1. Hi guys, I spend a lot of my free time browsing farming related videos on YouTube, as YouTube is chock full of them, and they tend to be high quality. I thought I would make a thread to share the more interesting ones I find. The first one is about an interesting and unique tractor from the Czech Republic. I cant understand what is being said, but it is great to watch it in action. [media] [/media] Edited thread title - pixelek
  2. farmerbernie

    Simagri Update

    Oh how quickly a SimAgri year passes (84 real days if you recall). Started in season 50, but wanted to take a moment to show how my first two full years (51 and 52) have gone. Below is my comparative financial statements for the two years. As you can see I improved quite a bit year over year. Borrowed 50,000€ in 51, but it was worth it because it allowed me to add equipment and get into pigs and few head of cattle as well, but more importantly started renting plots to increase crop cultivation. SimAgri rolled out the idea of a commercial dairy (actually other players) buying your monthly milk production at better prices than normally offered. Entered into a 12 month contract for 500 liters a month of goat milk, which I have had no problem providing even with my small herd of 13 does. It is difficult to achieve any great economy of scale, since I have tried to be somewhat diversified in my approach. Still have numerous aspects of the game that I haven’t even attempted. Like contract work for other players, contracts for crop or animal sales, transportation of equipment or goods to name just a few. Just started the month of May of 53 and have added some additional plots this year and recently bought 10 more pigs to fatten up over the next few months. Come by and visit my farm sometime on http://usa1.simagri.com
  3. Wonko

    Cnc Tech Demo

    Tomorrow we are going to release a new version of our CnC tech demo. We would like to continue the current approach of improving the demo, that means: testing and analyzing together with the community. We would like to thank you again for your feedback at this point. Due to some unforseen bugs in the tech demo we unfortunately have to postpone the release of the Early access v0.1.0 for a bit. With the upcoming updates we will regularly extend the planned content through patches, which will not only include bug fixes but also assets, improvements and functionality of v0.1.0, though. With the new update two new machines are finding their way into the game. From now on you’ll have a Mercedes Benz Trac 1400 and a Lemken Juwel 8 at your disposal. This means that you are now able to not only cultivate, but also plow the fields! An additional feature is the editor, giving you the option to import objects like machines and buildings (Collada) and enhance them with functions. We’re not at a point where we’ll create tutorials, yet - for that features and functionality have to be finalized. So in the meantime use them with a sandbox spirit and rely on your fellow modders’ knowledge.We are planning on introducing an extensive documentation at a later time. We’d like to point out that the new features ‘editor’ and ‘save file’ are still work in progress and not final so we can’t guarantee that your save files and changes in the editor are still working after new updates. There will be a new section in the forum with the according categories for the topic of modding (assets, world, script editor, animation, miscellaneous). We will keep reacting to your feedback, read your posts and want to mark the respective fixes and changes (according to version) in the forum and file them in a separate area. We’ll provide a detailed changelog containing the new implementations, changes and fixes with the update tomorrow. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [DE] Morgen veröffentlichen wir eine neue Version unserer CnC Tech-Demo. Wir möchten die aktuelle Vorgehensweise zur Verbesserung der Demo gerne so beibehalten, das heißt: gemeinsam mit der Community testen und analysieren. An diesem Punkt auch noch einmal vielen Dank für eure Rückmeldungen! Aufgrund einiger unvorhergesehener Bugs in der Tech-Demo, müssen wir den Releasetermin der Early Access v0.1.0 leider noch etwas verschieben. Wir werden aber mit den nächsten Updates regelmäßig den geplanten Inhalt durch Patches, die nicht nur Bugfixing sondern auch Assets, Verbesserungen und Funktionen von v0.1.0 beinhalten werden, erweitern. Mit dem neuen Update finden zwei neue Maschinen den Weg ins Spiel: zur weiteren Verfügung steht euch ein Mercedes Benz Trac 1400 sowie ein Lemken Juwel 8. Das heißt, dass ihr eure Felder ab jetzt nicht nur grubbern, sondern auch pflügen könnt! Eine weitere Neuerung ist der Editor. Dieser bietet euch die Möglichkeit eure Objekte wie z.B. Maschinen und Gebäude (Collada) zu importieren und mit Funktionen auszustatten. Wir sind noch nicht soweit um Tutorials zu produzieren, dafür müssen Features und Funktionen noch finalisiert werden. Behandelt den Editor in der Zwischenzeit im Sinne eines Sandkasten-Modus und tauscht euch mit euren Modding-Kollegen aus. Die Einführung einer ausführlichen Dokumentation ist zu einem späteren Zeitpunkt geplant. Wir möchten euch darauf hinweisen dass die Features ‘Editor’ und ‘Speicherstand’ immer noch work-in-progress und damit noch nicht final sind. Wir können nicht garantieren, dass eure Speicherstände und Änderungen im Editor nach neuen Updates immer noch funktionieren. Es wird auch einen neuen Bereich im Forum mit entsprechenden Kategorien für das Thema Modding geben (Assets, World, Script Editor, Animation, Miscellaneous). Wir werden auch weiterhin auf euer Feedback reagieren, eure Posts lesen und wollen die entsprechenden Fixes und Änderungen (je nach Version) im Forum dementsprechend kennzeichnen und (wenn bearbeitet und gelöst) in einem gesonderten Bereich archivieren. Einen detaillierten Changelog mit Neuerungen, Veränderungen und Fixes wird es morgen mit dem Update geben. #cattleandcrops #cnc #farming #simulation
  4. Gary


    Anyone have the game ? want to do some co-op ? they have what seems to be a good mission maker, tons of mods. if you have not check it out give it a look, I like the game, i just not been able to find the right crowd to enjoy it with.
  5. I am pleased to say the whole website will be migrating to a new software on the 8th of July, while the migration is in progress the site will be unavailable, I can not predict how long it will be down but after a test migration has been completed I will have a better idea and will let you all know. We have been working on this for a while setting up the new software and creating cool stuff for the members to use. The reasons for migrating are partly backend management and partly front end usability, to create the site you use at the moment currently takes in excess of 60+ addons JawdropJawdropJawdrop and any functionality apart from the forum core is a hack of some degree. So to make my life easier in the back end management and give the staff and members improved functionality we decided to move to a better software. I will post some screen shots later of what you can expect and so you can get a feel of the new software before the change comes in to effect on the 8th of July.
  6. MoFoOTY

    Fishing Planet

    I just saw this on steam. Free to play Looks good from the video and screenshots. Fishing Planet on Steam
  7. PC-SG

    New Mexico: Roswell

    While working on the New Mexico DLC for American Truck Simulator, we thought it would be fun to include the city of Roswell, the site of the famed "Roswell Incident." Fortunately, it made sense to include it as a node in our road network layout. UFO enthusiasts and skeptics alike will celebrate and remember this year's 70th anniversary of the 1947 incident that many people believe involved an extraterrestrial spaceship crash-landing on a ranch in the Roswell area. This event led to many conspiracy theories and belief in the existence of flying saucers which persist until today. We're serving the first American Truck Simulator's Roswell appetizer in the form of a few screenshots. Here you can find several landmarks which local experts will surely have no trouble recognizing. Articles related to New Mexico: New Prefabs Places to Rest and Refuel The Land of Enchantment Continue reading...
  8. Proposed Testing procedure All testing to be done in a clean "mod folder” Assign tasks to testing team in case of maps by team leader. For mods assign two testers to cross reference results. Once map has been submitted Team leader requests volunteers available to carry out testing and assigns tasks as per testers preferences, a test log thread is created in the Private testing forum, as each test is completed the master log can be updated with completed tasks, each tester posts the result of each task and the lead tester pulls all the results in and complies the final score. After testing report to be complied by Team leader and passed on to mod author for errors to be fixed before publishing the map or mod if they want to. Retesting only sections that failed at request of author. Mod test time 1 week from submission. Map testing time 3 weeks from submission. Example score system Score can be calculated on so many points per section. Maps Crops Seeding & harvesting (10 points) collisions & map boundaries, floating objects (Use fly mode or GE, View -> Show ->Physics and press the PLAY button.)(10 points) Sell triggers, Fuel, fertiliser, gates, doors (10 points) BGA & Silage pit (10 points) Forestry (10 points) train, traffic at junctions, pedestrians walking on air or through ground (10 points) PDA, Map Description, adequate images, log, check credits mod origin(10 points) some maps have some scenic images but nothing that shows farm yard, sell points etc Animals, All triggers, buy, sell(10 points) Textures, missing, vehicle reset(10 points) Missions (10 points) Factories, input & output, triggers(10 points) Multiplayer test for 30 mins (10 points) An over all score can then be calculated and a star rating can then be applied based on the total score reached. Map Star Rating 1 Star total unplayable total below 12 points 2 Star basically unplayable between 12-24 points 3 Star just about playable but why would you? between 24-36 points 4 Star playable work in progress between 36-48 points 5 Star playable but needs improving between 48-60 points 6 Star Good between 60-72 points 7 star Very good below 72-84 points 8 Star Exceedingly good below 84-96 points 9 Star Nearly perfect below 96-108 points 10 Star Perfection between 108-120 points Mods 1) Load mod into game. 5 points 2) Buy mod & sell in game. 10 points 3) Analyse log file. minus a point for every error 10 points 4) textures 10 points 5) Shop description & price (realistic) 10 points 6) Statistics (horsepower, fill capacity, etc.) are adequate realistically or subject to gameplay) and the values match the .xml file ((ingame you can drive a vehicle or implement on a scale (goldcrest BGA) and see the weight, or you can open it in GE and sum all weights of the Main (1st level) components). 10 points 7) All basic and auxiliary functions work properly. 10 points a)Lights, working lights, braking lights, reverse lights and warn lights with function. 5 points b) Coronas are at the right location. 5 points c) Steering wheel is rotating (driver is animated). 5 points d) Driver is invisible in first person. 5 points e) Camera navigation indoor / outdoor is correct. 5 points f) fillVolume and animations are correct. 5 points g) Physical conduct is normal. 5 points h) Attach / detach is functional. 5 points 8) Multiplayer test for 30 mins optional 9) Polycount. Attachments: 40.000 – 80.000 for beta mods Trailers: 60.000 – 120.000 for beta mods Tractors: 100.000 – 200.000 for beta mods Harvesters: 150.000 – 300.000 for beta mods 5 points Mod Star Rating 1 Star very bad below 20 points 2 Star lots of errors between 20-40 points 3 Star work in progress between 40-60 points 4 Star good between 60-80 points 5 Star Error free working as described between 80-100 points This is for feedback and is not the definitive final testing criteria, please post any thoughts below.
  9. PC-SG

    Scs On The Road: Plan B

    It turns out that the paint hasn't quite dried yet. Unfortunately, the company refurbishing the shipping container for us - to turn it into a luxurious demo trailer - haven't managed to finish everything for our needs by this weekend. But we have not given up and improvised a solution that's almost as good. The motion seats have been transported to the event site. Our team is on the spot and ready for the visitors of this weekend's ETRC race. And we hope that some of our fans living nearby may stop by as well, as we have some merchandise to gift and discount coupons to distribute Follow us on Instagram, Related articles: SCS on the road: ETRC 2017 Twitter or Continue reading...
  10. PC-SG

    Better Light Flares For Vehicles

    We are working hard on addressing the remaining known issues before we can start the Open Beta process for the next major updates for both Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator. We thought that you may be interested in learning about one little visual improvement that we are planning to introduce as a part of the update... We have never been quite been happy with the way vehicle lights look, doing something about it was on our wishlist since the launch of Euro Truck Simulator 2. Our coders have actually improved the underlying system a while ago already, but finally, we have caught up with them and tweaked the "sprite" graphics, which in fact involved painstaking re-adjustment of a ton of various numerical constants that define light flare behavior. The light flares in our games have always been growing too big at a short distance, masking out the entire headlight and any interesting shape and detail. Our goal for the change was to make sure that the lamp mask can be seen during both day and night without the excessive glare. At longer distances, the new system adjusting the flare intensity still had to make sure that lights do not disappear. The eye is very good at catching the photons coming in even from a tiny source in the distance, and our system has to emulate it. You can see the results of our effort on today's comparative series of screenshots. Related articles: Doubles Continue reading...
  11. PC-SG

    Heavy Cargo Achievements

    A lot of fans have reminded us that the release of the Heavy Cargo DLC packs for Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator respectively would make a nice opportunity to introduce some new Steam Achievements for the games. We decided to heed the advice and just added 5 new achievements for each game, slightly different so that owners of both games can have a somewhat different experience hunting them down. Thanks to /u/rockandrole8 on Reddit's /r/trucksim who made a nice comparison of the two sets of achievements! The Steam sale continues and our games are on sale. Get some DLCs and surprise your friends! Continue reading...
  12. Wonko

    Ls Modcompany

    This is the original german statement:- Liebe LS-Modcompany Freunde! Wie von k1ckz versprochen, nehmen wir zu den Vorkommnissen der letzten Tage Stellung. Ihr habt unschwer in den letzten zwei Tagen feststellen können, dass das Design des Forums auf den originalen Zustand zurückgesetzt worden ist. Unser Forumtheme, welches in freundlicher Zusammenarbeit mit "ThemePoint" entwickelt wurde, war urplötzlich verschwunden. Auch auf Facebook war unser Logo leider nicht mehr zu sehen. Dies ist und war selbstredend auf den ersten Blick sehr verwirrend. Nicht nur für euch, sondern natürlich auch für uns. Klar fragt man sich dann: Was geht hier vor sich? Wird sich die LS-Modcompany auflösen? Wird das gleiche Personal weiterhin im Team vertreten sein? Um auf die oben genannten Fragen einzugehen, werden wir diese im Folgenden etwas genauer belichten: Was geht hier vor sich? Fakt ist, dass uns ein Administrator sowie Gründungsmitglied der LS-Modcompany (SyRoX) seinen Austritt mitteilte. SyRoX hatte die Namensrechte aufgrund der Teamgründung inne. Leider wurde aufgrund eines Kommunikationsproblems alles, was im Ansatz Logo- und Namenstechnisch zur LS-Modcompany zugehörig ist, gelöscht. Deshalb war das Design, sowie der öffentliche Discord-Channel und unsere Facebook Seite frei von unserem gewohnten optischen Auftritt. Wird sich die LS-Modcompany auflösen? Nein natürlich nicht! Es geht mit uns bzw. der LS-Modcompany gewohnt weiter. Alle geplanten und bereits veröffentlichten Projekte werden nach wie vor hier zu finden sein. Das Forum wurde bereits wieder auf sein altbekanntes Aussehen zurückgesetzt, um euch weiterhin ein ansprechendes Design anbieten zu können. Dies ist uns möglich, weil SyRoX im Nachhinein auf seine Namensrechte verzichtet hat. Er wird weiterhin als Partner der LS-Modcompany erhalten bleiben und persönlich seinem Hobby als LS-Fotograf nachgehen. Damit überein gibt es leider auch eine schlechte Nachricht mitzuteilen. Unsere bisherige Facebook-Page wird im Besitz von SyRoX bleiben, der diese für seine Projekte weiterführen wird. Dennoch gilt es auch hier nicht den Kopf in den Sand zu stecken. Deshalb starten wir in den nächsten Tagen mit einer neuen Facebook-Seite durch. kevink98 erklärte sich dazu bereit, seine bisherige eigene Seite uns zur Verfügung zu stellen. Über diese werden wir euch demnächst im gewohnten Design mit Neuigkeiten zu unseren Mods- und Maps versorgen. Um gleich ein "Schmankerl" vorweg anzukündigen, wird die Seite mit dem 2. Stappenbach Trailer starten. Wir würden uns weiterhin über euch als zahlreiche Follower freuen! Wird das gleiche Personal weiterhin im Team vertreten sein? Leider nicht ganz. Neben SyRoX wird uns auch 112tec Chris verlassen. Alle anderen werden gemeinsam den "Neustart" vorantreiben. Wir danken beiden für ihre Zeit und Mühen, die sie in das Projekt LS-Modcompany eingebracht haben und wünschen ihnen für die Zukunft alles erdenklich Gute! Liebe Grüße Das LS-Modcompany Team And this is the mangled google translation:- Love LS-Modcompany friends! As promised by k1ckz, we take the position of the last few days. In the last two days you can easily see that the design of the forum has been reset to the original state. Our forum theme, which was developed in friendly cooperation with "ThemePoint", had suddenly disappeared. Also on Facebook our logo was unfortunately not to be seen. This is and was self-confusing at first sight very confusing. Not only for you but also for us. Surely one then asks oneself: What is going on here? Will the LS-Modcompany resolve? Will the same staff continue to be part of the team? In order to address the questions referred to above, we will expose them somewhat more closely in the following: What is going on here? The fact is that an administrator as well as a founding member of the LS-Modcompany (SyRoX) informed us of his departure. SyRoX held the name rights due to the founding of the team. Unfortunately, due to a communication problem, everything that is part of the LS-Modcompany logo and name technology has been deleted. That's why the design as well as the public Discord Channel and our Facebook site were free from our usual visual appearance. Will the LS-Modcompany resolve? No of course not! It goes with us or the LS-Modcompany as usual. All planned and already published projects will still be available here. The forum has already been reset to its old-fashioned appearance, in order to continue to offer you an appealing design. This is possible because SyRoX has renounced its name rights afterwards. He will continue to be a partner of the LS-Modcompany and personally pursue his hobby as an LS photographer. Unfortunately, there is also a bad news. Our current Facebook page will remain in the possession of SyRoX, who will continue this for his projects. Nevertheless, it is not necessary to put your head in the sand. Therefore we start with a new Facebook page in the next days. Kevink98 agreed to make its own site available to us. We will provide you with updates on our mods and maps in the upcoming design. To announce a "Schmankerl" in advance, the site will start with the 2nd Stappenbach Trailer. We would continue to look forward to you as numerous followers! Will the same staff continue to be part of the team? Unfortunately not quite. In addition to SyRoX, we are also leaving 112tec Chris. All others will jointly push the "restart". We thank them both for the time and effort they have put into the LS-Modcompany project and wish them all the best for the future! best regards The LS-Modcompany team I am very pleased that they are continuing as I have been blown away with the high standard of their work especially Hoff Bergman and all the built in additional mods that all work with out errors even on multiplayer, a truly outstanding map (in my opinion ) long may they continue.
  13. Wonko


    Last week our friend @BigJohnnyD suffered a stroke, his son Ian made contact today to let us all know that @BigJohnnyD is now back at home but still unwell and not able to come on and talk with us, but hopes to soon. He asked Ian to make sure we knew he had not deserted us but just unwell, I think we all would wish him the very best and a speedy recovery because who else is going to keep us all in order;) I personally am looking forward to the first funny comment on his return:) If anyone would like to contribute to a get well card & pressie let me know and I will sort something out over the weekend. Stuart
  14. PC-SG

    Scs On The Road: Etrc 2017

    We are proud to announce our partnership with the European Truck Racing Association (ETRA). ETRA has been the promoter of the FIA European Truck Racing Championship (FIA ETRC) since 2016. They have been very kind to approach SCS Software with the opportunity to show our games to the visitors of ETRC racing weekends. Here is the plan - SCS Software will be a part of the show at several upcoming championship races in 2017, and possibly beyond! The very first event coming up is the third round of races, held in Germany at Nürburgring, July 1 - 2, 2017. And we are really pressed for time... You see, we have been thinking about building some sort of demonstration platform for our games for quite a while already; something that we could deploy to the various games industry shows, as well as transportation industry events, something that would make a lasting impression on visitors. The impulse from ETRA was the final inspiration to turn the vague plans into reality. The final go-ahead was given only a couple of months ago, and we started designing and working immediately under a crazy tight deadline. We are building something really special. The ETRC race series visitors will be the first to see it, but there are several more gaming and trucking shows in our calendar. Our team of specialists has been working on a unique exhibition platform. Its basis is a forty feet long cargo container, which is being refurbished with a custom-made interior. Our visitors will be able to experience a ride in Euro Truck Simulator 2 on an advanced SCS Software's On the Road Team is looking forward to the European Truck Racing Championship events, and we are excited to invite the fans of our games to meet us there in person. Oh, and you may happen to see a bunch of really cool racing trucks up close! 4DOF motion-sim platform with a three-display setup. We are packing in not just one of those high-tech simulators but two! We are still hard at work actually, far from finished. The special trailer will arrive at the first event still smelling of fresh paint! Continue reading...
  15. While we are still working hard on ProMods 2.20 which will once again introduce a wide variety of new landscapes, cities and other infrastructure, some undocumented modifications in the base game resulted in some incompatibilities of our mod and the most current ETS2 version. ProMods 2.17 only fixes reported bugs since the release of the previous version, and no new content. The flag pole issue in Scandinavia, caused by the Heavy Cargo DLC update, unfortunately was not fixable with a hotfix. And we are still receiving complaints about frequently reported bugs such as the hole on the E4 in Stockholm – which have been fixed in our hotfix release about 8 weeks ago. It seems to be the best way forward not to issue hotfixes but instead keep on releasing full release packs even for bugfix versions. This means longer downloads on your end, but a lot less support for us. So we can concentrate on fixing bugs existing in the most current mod version and working on upcoming versions. This is a full map release. So after updating the files in your mod folder, ensure to delete our previous hotfix files. Download ProMods 2.17 Continue reading...
  16. The engine is roaring. The town is behind me now, miles of the road stretch into the distance ahead of me. And all around there is just pristine nature. Land of Enchantment is New Mexico's nickname, and we are doing our best have it reflected in our new DLC. We’ve created a new set of local flora: new shrubs, coniferous trees and over forty new terrain materials (grass, clay, stones). There are tons of new rocks and stones shaping the scenery. Fantastic horizon panoramas created from scanned templates abound. Note the great-looking streams, the map designers are also very proud of the dry and muddy riverbed created with decals. A picture is worth a thousand words, enjoy the beauty of New Mexico in our screenshots, currently in development for American Truck Simulator! Articles related to New Mexico: New Prefabs Places to Rest and Refuel Continue reading...
  17. Simulation of suspension and weight distribution For well over a year, our programmers and testers have been spending a huge amount of time and effort with the goal of bringing more interesting cargo and trailer combinations into our games, adding proper support for one of the most requested features: doubles, heavy cargo, advanced and multi-joint You may wonder why this feature, in particular, should be so difficult and demanding to pull off. After all, we had reasonably working road trains in one of our earlier sims in the 18 Wheels of Steel series games. But the fidelity and accompanying complexity of our physics simulation has increased by an order of magnitude since then. Making sure all things are in balance and in sync is getting more complex as well. Efficient physics of the trailer where many wheels are touching the road is proving to be a tough task; we had to iterate a lot, especially with cargo weight distribution and accompanied suspension loads. Over its lifetime, a trailer will carry thousands and thousands of tons of cargo, ideally while operating with as little maintenance as possible. To withstand the harsh demands, and to deliver the load to its destination safely, it is crucial to observe the weight of the cargo. If you overload a trailer, or if you do not balance the weight right, it may cause damage to the trailer, its suspension or wheels, it may damage the road, and most importantly, it will make it unsafe to operate. With the never-ceasing demand to transport more and heavier cargo, the transportation industry has adopted new solutions to overcome the technical and legal limitations, in most cases centering around adding more length and axles to the tractor and semi-trailer . It is not just about the number of axles though, it is about where they are and how trailer as a whole behaves while under load. There are considerable differences between North America and Europe. In Europe, the legislative push is to limit the overall length of the truck and trailer combo, while making sure the total weight is distributed such that no wheel is pressing on the road surface too hard. Ultimately, this has lead to adding axles to the rear of the tractor as well as adding them generously under the relatively limited-length trailer. As engineers realized that putting more wheels next to each other causes problems with tyre scrub (due to high lateral friction, a paper about the topic here, chapter 2.1.3), a creative solution was adopted, making the wheels follow the turn or even steerable. On the other hand, in the USA, the regulation is a bit more flexible about total truck length. There are still tough restrictions regarding weight on each axle, but there is also legislation in place making sure that the weight is not concentrated over a short length, pushing to increase the distances between the axles. The engineers, in turn, made the trailers longer to spread the weight in such way that it will comply with Federal Bridge Formula ( source). To lessen tyre wear and to make it possible to make turns in reasonable fashion, trailers with multiple pivot points were adopted. The primary duty of suspension is keeping the wheel on the road. It is effectively pushing the wheel into the ground to make sure that friction caused by wheels is sufficient to either brake or to corner. It is also in place to absorb the energy of impacts from road bumps, potholes, uneven roads or unexpected shifts of weight caused by side wind. The suspension system has to be incredibly durable, each axle has its own suspension system which takes care of the load on each wheel separately, working as a dynamic system absorbing energy from the environment. There are several types of suspensions used in cargo transportation, but this may deserve a future topic of its own. Brakes are arguably the most critical part of a vehicle. Either from standpoint of safety of others on road, or safety of the cargo, we all want them to work as intended. With multiple axles on the vehicle, each axle has to have its own brake system. By far the most complicated problem we encountered was the distribution of weight along the multiple axles and pivots of new trailers. We had to rework weight distribution algorithms in order to make it work for new trailers and to make sure that old ones wouldn't be negatively affected. Our constant battle with the numerical stability of the suspension simulation code is far from over. During testing and tuning, we encountered many issues, some quite , especially when we had to (re)learn backing and reversed steering. We had a lot of fun debugging it. In general sense, it was all about making the behavior of the trailer appear to work correctly with the player's input. That proved to be the largest challenge for us, especially with steerable trailers for ETS2. We definitely enjoyed working on them immensely. In the end, our determination, grit, and dedication prevailed, and it was a very proud moment for us to share our experience and the final product of our tireless effort with all of you! Related articles: ETS2: Heavy Cargo Pack DLC is here!, trailers.Heavy Cargo Pack DLC for ATS is out! Continue reading...
  18. PC-SG


    Today we have an announcement that should make many of our fans happy. After quite some years of internal discussions and frankly some frustrations and struggles to have the gameplay as well as technical side of multi-trailer physics support ironed out, we finally feel ready to reveal fresh info about our progress on doubles. It has taken us a long time, but hope never dies! We are polishing double trailers for inclusion in the next major updates for Euro Truck Simulator 2 as well as for American Truck Simulator. We have a few pictures for you to prove that we are serious... Our games' fans have patiently (or not so patiently) waited for double trailers for a long time, and the wait should not be that long any more. The new trailers and physics improvements will be a part of the next big "point release" update of both games. Our hope is to release the updates in early summer. It's going to be a FREE update. Meanwhile, we are also wrapping up work on Heavy Cargo packs both for ETS2 and for ATS, which are going to be paid DLCs, comparable to our existing Continue reading...
  19. rubberburner89


    Servertest: We’re currently in the process of preparing everything; starting from about (!) 8pm CET (7pm UTC, 2pm EST) we’re going to begin our server tests (should nothing interfere). You’ll receive the corresponding invitation via email shortly beforehand. It won’t just be a test file, but rather you’ll receive a CnC tech demo, meaning you’ll be able to test Cattle and Crops for the first time! We would like to outline what you can expect and where the release of CnC is going from here: Release strategy EA: We’re dividing the Early Access Alpha release of Cattle and Crops into three phases: Planned: Phase 1: Launcher and tech demo incl. dev map v0.0.8 (June 9, 2017) Phase 2: Tech demo update: Editor v0.0.9 (June 2017) Phase 3: EA release as announced in Kickstarter v0.1.0 (June 2017) Using this approach, we have the option to check if, for example, there are problems with certain hardware configurations, the updates run smoothly via the launcher or if there are other severe bugs with the distribution. For you this is finally(!) the opportunity to experience Cattle and Crops for yourself, to look at it, drive around, play around but also to give feedback and constructive criticism. The tech demo will subsequently be improved and updated until we have a stable CnC version v0.1.0 alpha. After we have ensured stability we will release the CnC EA version via steam as planned. Until then, CnC will only be available with our launcher and server. What to expect today: The CnC tech demo contains the current developer DevMap where we carry out our internal tests. You’ll get the Claas Arion 530 and the Köckerling Rebell Classic 410 to work the harvested corn fields. Additionally you’ll be able to drive around, take a look at the farm and environment and acquaint yourself with Cattle and Crops. IMPORTANT: For the time being, the tech demo will only run on a 64 bit (x64) Windows system (Win 7 or higher); a version for 32 bit (x86), Linux and Apple will follow later. The Nvidia graphics error has been fixed with the current drivers (382.53 and above). Please update accordingly.
  20. Looks like 2017 is going to be a very exciting year for truck sim fans. Today we are here to announce the release of Heavy Cargo DLC for American Truck Simulator! Much like in our previous release of New Cargoes to haul We are introducing 9 cargoes for you to haul: Crawler Tractor Bulldozer Lift Truck Chassis Lift Truck Cable Reel Milling Machine All Terrain Crane Scraper Transformer All of these cargoes range in weight from 55, 000 lbs to 123, 000 lbs (25 - 56 metric tons), so there is plenty of work to be done if you want to get them to their destination. Trailers If you are wondering why these trailers look very different from the ones used in Europe, look up Federal Bridge Gross Weight Formula. The trailers tend to be quite long and multi-pivoted for a good reason. Let's familiarize ourselves with each part. The first part which is the closest to the tractor is called the jeep and it is connected to the truck via the normal fifth wheel. The second part is called the lowboy and that's where the cargo is placed. It's either in the middle or it's the last part, depending on the configuration. The third part is semi-optional in relation to the cargo that is transported. It's called the spreader (or the stinger or the axle booster as it is called sometimes) and as the name suggests, it is there to spread the weight of the cargo across more axles and greater length. All three have their own pivot point which makes backing really entertaining and actually generally not advisable. Our Heavy Cargo Pack comes with a mix of 2-part and 3-part (with spreader/stinger) configuration trailers, chosen to suit each particular cargo. New engines We have recently added new engine variants (with real behavior) to the game and we feel that this is the right time to remind you of that. All trucks now have a 600 hp engine option available and some trucks even have a stronger engine to choose from. There are of course still lower power engines available too - very sensible and economical choices for most transportation scenarios. See you on the road! If you happen to play both Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator, consider this link: SCS Cargo Addict Bundle. Related articles: ETS2: Heavy Cargo Pack DLC is here! Heavy Cargo Pack for ETS2, this DLC contains a set of new features that will enhance your gameplay. Let's see what you can look forward to in this heavy haul pack. Continue reading...
  21. This is the link to download the app you will need for discord Discord - Free voice and text chat for gamers install the version you need then return to the forum and click on the "Connect" button to join the server.
  22. PC-SG

    Your Orders Are On The Road!

    A few days have passed since we've started our new game merch E-shop. We just wanted to show you that the packages are indeed getting on the way! Based on your feedback, we have made some quick adjustments, like adding Brazil to the list of countries that we can ship to, we have also rebalanced shipping costs to particular territories. Thank you all for your opinions and feedback, we really appreciate it! Related articles: Suit Up in the Colors of SCS Software! Continue reading...
  23. PC-SG

    Scs On The Road: Jobs Dev 2017

    As you may have noticed if you're following our Instagram and Twitter profiles, a small team of our colleagues, along with our CEO Pavel Šebor, participated at a special "marketplace for developers" event last weekend. The organizer's stated purpose was to facilitate informal developer-to-developer dialogue and offer a place where companies from a wide range of IT industry can meet with skilled programmers, freelancers, developers, and university graduates. We are always looking for new talent, in fact, we are now making more room for it! We are in the process of fitting out a new place for SCS Software now, with some 1,700 square meters of office space. This is going to be a huge leap for us again, as we are planning to grow the team to over 100 people. We are well aware that our fans want us to do more for them - to improve and expand the games at a faster rate - so clearly we need to grow even more to have a chance to pursue all these opportunities. We prepared a small programmer-oriented quiz for the visitors of our booth ("How fast can you sort an array of floats?" - you can refer to this Wiki page if you are into algorithms). David, the lucky (and smart!) winner of our little contest has stopped by today to pick up his prize, an MSI Nvidia GTX 1060 graphics card, plus some goodies from We'd like to thank all visitors who stopped by to have a chat with us and to try our games. Big thanks also belong to the organizers of this event, and to Czech Technical University in Prague, which hosted the event. It is always an inspiring experience to show our games to the public. This event was in no way focused only on game industry, but we were pleasantly surprised to meet so many people who knew our games and were active players even among the hundreds of participants looking for all kinds of jobs in general IT industry. SCS Software's recently opened e-shop. Continue reading...
  24. BigJohnnyD

    I Have No Words!

    [media] [/media]
  25. Wonko

    Pc Sg App

    I have been sorting out a App for us here which should go live very soon, I will let you all know as soon as it's available for both Android and Apple, this is a free version so there will be advertising, if this is popular and we want a add free version then I will get a cost and see if we can raise the cash to pay for it.
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