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Found 3 results

  1. bdbssb

    A few fs19 tutorials.

    I have a few videos if anyone is interested. They vary from very beginner to a bit advanced. 1. FS19 Beginner guide. Make a mod out of in game equipment. 2. FS19 Color tutorial 3. I won’t include. It was involving pallets not unloading, I believe this was fixed in an update. 4. Giants Material/texture System UDIM 5. Rim/Wheel Color & Color Track Wheels
  2. I've started to edit an existing map. I've done this before and made massive changes, so I'm reasonably competent now. However in this map, if I paint down grass, or even over-paint grass where already grass exists, it gets replaced by a shorter grass, with no colored weeds in it. Thinking I had selected the wrong foliage layer in the drop down box, I tried them all. I don't seem to be able to paint the long grass with weeds, that exists in large areas on this map. Looking at the built in mods, I can see that this may well be a 15 map converted to 17. Is this the reason I can't put back grass as it was before? The lower picture shows the new grass, top the original.
  3. Wonko


    I would like to welcome Womble on to the team at PC-SG Womble is going to be team leader, helping to organize and run the modding group and the mods section and develop a similar group for EST2 which seams to lack a good central modding community, which could provide a good opening for us to grow into.
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