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Found 27 results

  1. Hello you all. So yesterday was the release of Pure Farming 2018. And I decided to give it a go and live stream at the same time. For me it did not start wery good the game crashes the first 6 attempt to start it. But I did not give up and we were of playing the game. For me I like the story and some of the features of that game. But I am having a big problem with the key bindings in the game. You can’t make your own key bindings because the game developers decided that we are not going to have that in the game. And you can only have the G29 steering wheel program to the game at the moment. And a x box controller. So if you have G27 steering wheel you can’t use it sadly or any other wheels. But from all of that I enjoy the game because it has some nice features. Like the machines can brake down on you and you need to fix them. And the do get dirty so need to be cleaned. You do work for other farmers to but for that you use your own machines to do that. And that is what I like most about it. So so that is how far I did get yesterday. I will add more to this as soon I have played the game more and tested the animals and green houses and more. Is the game worth buying I cannot answer that for you. Take a look at my live stream and make up your own mind ?. BR Ice
  2. Article or Review Author Brummie Farmer First look of the new The Valley The Old Farm map by Blacksheep Modding for Farming Simulator 2017 . {title }Blacksheep Modding Game version Star rating5 Log ErrorsNo Download Link http://farming-simulator.com/mod.php?lang=en&country=us&mod_id=94266&title=fs2017 Mod or Map FeaturesChopped straw Seasons Mod Required mods Suggested mods Pros Cons Summery A mixture of small and large fields, 92 in total. The map looks really good and i had 60 fps except around the forest area, but that is expected with the amount of trees. May be a good map for multiplayer as it has 4 separate farms. View full article
  3. First look of the new The Valley The Old Farm map by Blacksheep Modding for Farming Simulator 2017 .
  4. Phil Brown Farming

    Bga Extension V4.00

    Phil113d submitted a new Review Item: BGA Extension v4.00 Read more about this review item here...
  5. I finally found some free time to record a short (30 minute) video introduction of the new Flight Sim World (FSW) by Dovetail Games. Since announcing I plan to include some flight sim content on the GBS YT Channel, I've had many ask questions regarding my thoughts on FSW. While we still don't know the direction FSW will go with regards to add-on availability etc., I do feel the current price of $24.95 is worth the money (especially if you are brand new to flight sim). The missions and flight tutorials are actually very good and equally as challenging. Even if FSW never evolves into the level of sim as P3D or X-Plane, the experience you'll gain and learn will help you. I will continue to keep my eyes and ears open to Flight Sim World news and will discuss it on my blog (which gets distributed here on PC-SG. [media] [/media] Jerry
  6. BigJohnnyD

    Crown Meadow Farm Beta 1/3/17

    BigJohnnyD submitted a new Review Item: Crown Meadow Farm beta 1/3/17 Read more about this review item here...
  7. rubberburner89

    Rubberburner Gaming John Deer Review

    With the sheer number of John Deere mods that become available on the mod sites, I for one found it ever frustrating to locate "Quality" JD mods. And that's exactly why I've decided to create a mini-series called "John Deere Tractors: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly". In this series I'll look at as many as 3 John Deere tractors per episode to sort out the good from the bad, so that you --->the gamer, don't have to waste your time searching. Check out our first installment here: [media] [/media] On another note I've created a multitude of templates for video thumbnails. I never thought that was a good enough reason to create a forum post but this seems like the perfect time to incorporate the two notes.
  8. What I tested this with: CPU - AMD FX8350 Graphic card - Asus GTX970 8Gbs memory I ran the game everything set to maximum except I turned blur off, far too annoying for me. The game has four farms all with square fields and different starting money/equipment. A few real companies are in. Main thing that I found was it has been released far to early. It needs some patching. The idea of doing it all is great as you can see from my ploughing frame rate around 45-50fps. This is ok but I noticed the furrow was moving about as I was ploughing not good. The ploughed field I liked the look of this but there was sometimes green showing as if from grass in the field. Then comes cultivating I cultivated the other direction from the ploughing. From behind the cultivator. I ended with some seeding I bet you can all name this seeder if you played FS15. Main problem here was only one marker would show a mark and the other only now and again. The starter tractor after a hard days work. The tires and wheels don't get dirty. It ran on my system between 40 and 55fps. I expected better. But more of a concern is the slight lag jumps when on the road and the awful jumping and bouncing on the road at high speed. The game has tutorials but for some reason you have to quit the game when you finish one then reload a real pain. No crashes or game breaking problems but as it stands it's still Beta. One other thing I found was the people will move but not if you are near them. Almost forgot you can hire workers but if you do don't save until they have done. I had one hired ploughing on another save, I saved the field, after it was saved the ploughing was done but the deep furrow was still at the point I saved. I would recommend waiting until the game is in a more finished state before buying. It has the base of a very good game but a long way short at the moment. Score 6/10
  9. BigJohnnyD

    Rattlesnake Valley

    BigJohnnyD submitted a new Review Item: Rattlesnake Valley Read more about this review item here...
  10. BigJohnnyD

    Sosnovka Not V3

    BigJohnnyD submitted a new Showcase Item: Sosnovka Not V3 Read more about this showcase item here...
  11. farmerbernie

    Simagri Review

    farmerbernie submitted a new Showcase Item: Simagri Review Read more about this showcase item here...
  12. farmerbernie

    Simagri Teaser

    Ok. In this fast paced season of new release anticipation, I can't help but post a teaser for an upcoming review of SimAgri. Yes, that's right I'm almost done with my SimAgri "year" of farming so figure it will be a good time to look back and see how well I fared. I will need some time to download and sort the spreadsheets (yes, you read that correctly "spreadsheets"), but when I'm done I will post a review. So, I can't compete with the animated trailers or CGI rollouts of FS17, Farm Expert 2017, PureFarming17, or C&C and no I didn't have a booth at Gamescom, but here is the graphic I can present. My current farm layout. Please note, I just recently added the pigsty. Stay tuned for the future review.
  13. Dirtracer00

    Notes Mod V1.0

    Dirtracer00 submitted a new Showcase Item: Notes Mod V1.0 Read more about this showcase item here...
  14. Ye Olde Enquirer

    Ventonwyn Map

    I have just tried the above map sadly it has issues Glitching out on grain loading markers the silage clamp on dairy farm texture break up blanket only part covers auto save wont work on this map and the case air flow flipped into another field this is showing on vehicles and in walking mod
  15. Wonko

    Roc Rt1000

    Wonko submitted a new Showcase Item: ROC RT1000 Read more about this showcase item here...
  16. Wonko

    Example Review

    Wonko submitted a new Showcase Item: Example Review Read more about this showcase item here...
  17. Wonko

    Smokedown Farm

    Wonko submitted a new Showcase Item: Smokedown Farm Read more about this showcase item here...
  18. Wonko

    Smokedown Farm

    Wonko submitted a new Showcase Item: Smokedown Farm Read more about this showcase item here...
  19. Wonko

    Smokedown Farm

    Wonko submitted a new Showcase Item: Smokedown Farm Read more about this showcase item here...
  20. Ye Olde Enquirer

    Isle Of Man (map)

    I have just had a quick look at this map by TotalFarmer here are some screenshots and brief contents. JawdropEnough to keep everybody busy (Its left me standing openmouthed and for once) I am just finishing off my present map and hope to start this soon folks watch this space.
  21. mereman submitted a new Article: A Short Look At Perfect08 Wickham Farm Map Read more about this article here...
  22. Wonko

    Squirrel Dose Ats

    [media] [/media]
  23. Any member can post their own mini reviews of any 2015 mod contest mods in this thread, I start with the baler Krone Ultima CF 155 XC by Jackaroo, rafftnix, BlackJack, fendt2000, fireandice, Mofi Door's all open down the nearside, you can see where you load the wrappers (net & plastic) Rear view with doors still open. And the drivers side, yet more plastic wrapper storage, you can get nearly the whole pallet of plastic wrapper loaded in one go. note the interior lighting Doors closed now and the other 2015 mod contest baler in the for ground which I will have a look at later. The Krone Ultima in action baling grass, I love the rear bale camera. I think this is a great mod, the attention to detail is very high, I could see no bugs or problems of any kind and it looks just great, I will be using this on my farm. Forgot to say the sound effects are pretty awesome and the hand prints in the dirt are a great touch.
  24. Wonko

    Review & Testing Teams

    Review Team Lead Reviewer Shaunyb Reviewers Mereman FarmingSimJT Wonko JohnDeere1952 Scoops Mod Testing Team Lead Tester ?? open to anyone Testers Bipolarprophet Mereman Scoops Stevie JohnDeere1952 Dirtracer00
  25. shaunyB

    Poplar Valley

    shaunyB submitted a new Article: Poplar Valley Read more about this article here...

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