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Found 2 results

  1. Version


    This is the FS19 version of the K100 P.O.W. Tribute truck I did for FS17. I completely rebuilt it in Maya and GE in order to re organize the structure. I redid the interior and paint scheme and modeled new rear fenders as well. I spent over 4 weeks working on her and I hope you can enjoy driving her around your farm as much as I did creating her. Thank you all for your support! "PLEASE RESPECT THE MODDERS" Do NOT upload to any other site!!!!! *Rockhound* SPECIAL FEATURES: 1. 3 extra attacher joints for rear trailer, rear low trailer with PTO and front bumper trailer. 2. Dynamic hoses. 3. All the lights have been redone in LED or so to speak. 4. Rear backup camera. 5. Front hitch camera.
  2. rubberburner89

    Live Stream

    Howdy folks. Wonko asked me to create a thread for the ETS2 live stream separate from the FS17 Live stream thread... so here I am. I believe the live stream was originally created by Icelandic Farmer but he's away on vacation, so I'm hijacking it for this week. So, on Sunday nights we (members of the PC-SG community) like to get together for a Euro Truck Simulator multiplayer run. Simultaneously, @Icelandic Farmer live streams the session, as well as @Doughboy2913 and myself if we are available to join. We like to start the live streams at 21:00 gmt+2 or 21:00 eastern time (whichever makes it easier for you to follow along). Now... start time being said, we'd like to meet up about a half hour ahead of time so that we can all get into the same city and get organized. The ETS2/ATS multiplayer are technically a mod, however for the most part it is pretty stable and is used by thousands of players. If you don't have it yet, you'll need to sign up to https://truckersmp.com/, and then you can download it here: https://truckersmp.com/download. Unless announced otherwise we'll continue running on the Europe 1 server. We do run discord so that we can keep in contact with each other. Maybe @wonko or @Icelandic Farmer can fill in the blanks as to pointing users in the right direction for this. The multiplayer run is by no means mandatory, but it's a great way for us to get together, get to know each other, and have a few laughs. We hope to see you soon, Rubberburner89
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