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Found 44 results

  1. Hey Guys... After a few requests from subs i have started a mini tutorial series on how to get cornbelt up and running... First episode is the seed factory...
  2. Article or Review Author Brummie Farmer Hey Guys... After a few requests from subs i have started a mini tutorial series on how to get cornbelt up and running... First episode is the seed factory... {title } Game version Star rating0 Log Errors Mod or Map Features Required mods Suggested mods Pros Cons Summery View full article
  3. GPS Mod Tutorial

    Article or Review Author Brummie Farmer Just made a little tutorial on GPS Mod if anyone need help using it... {title } Game version Star rating0 Log Errors Mod or Map Features,/strong> Required mods Suggested mods Pros Cons Summery View full article
  4. GPS Mod Tutorial

    Just made a little tutorial on GPS Mod if anyone need help using it...
  5. Article from this link Did you know that each time you installed a Geforce driver update the old files get left behind on your system? This phenomenon has existed for years. However, with the introduction of the NVIDIA Geforce Experience it has gotten even worse. There are now three locations that get filled with unused files. Then, How to clean up old NVIDIA driver files to save disk space! 2017 update: This guide was originally released in 2014. Since then Nvidia introduced a major update of the Geforce Experience software. Unfortunately new Geforce Experiences still clutters your storage device, it just uses different file paths. Therefore this update was created. Location 1 – installer extraction directory What is it? When you run the NVIDIA Geforce Driver installer it will extract all files to a temporary directory. Each driver version has it’s own sub folder. Reinstalling the same version just overwrites the same directory. Screenshot of the nvidia temporary driver installation folder. The impact: 5.2 GB As you can see I currently have 5214 MB of installation files on my C drive. It is actually a Samsung 850 Evo 500 GB so every MB does count! File size of the temporary Nvidia driver installation folder Removal instructions All of these files and folders files are 100% safe to remove. They are only used during installation of the Nvidia graphics driver. To remove them and save disk space simply navigate to: C:\NVIDIA Now delete all folders inside it and you’re done! Location 2 – Geforce Experience Download folder What is it? Geforce Experience also keeps a copy of all drivers it has downloaded automatically. If you decide to install the driver it will still keep a copy forever. These copies are not cleaned and will stay on your system until you take action. Eventually you will end up with dozens of useless files because Nvidia releases updates monthly. The impact: 3.7 GB In this example there are 3721 MB of unnecessary files. Removal instructions This is one of the directories that was changed in GFE 3.x. To remove these files and save disk space navigate to: C:\PROGRAMDATA\NVIDIA CORPORATION\DOWNLOADER Most subfolders contain installer executables. Simply remove all folders with a random name, only leave config and latest. For example on my system the folder 0cfd1195e705a478237a4db99f7ce77c contains GeForce_Experience_Update_v3.4.0.70.exe. Location 3 – Geforce Experience driver installation repository What is it? With the introduction of Geforce Experience NVIDIA has decided it is a good idea to build a library of files. In theory these files can be used in a roll-back and SHOULD be deleted when uninstalling or updating your driver. However in reality you usually update your driver without the “perform a clean install” checkbox. So guess what? You get a ton of files inside the actual driver installation directory that are completely useless! The impact: 4.4 GB The Installer2 folder is by far the largest folder in the Geforce Experience installation directory. In this example I have 4445 MB of useless files collecting dust in the Installer2 folder. Removal instructions To remove these files and save disk space simply navigate to: C:\PROGRAM FILES\NVIDIA CORPORATION\INSTALLER2 Now delete all folders inside this folder. Do not delete the Installer2 folder itself. Disclaimer: Removing these files means you can no longer uninstall the Geforce Experience regularly. However, do not worry. If you ever need to uninstall Geforce Experience simply download the latest geforce experience setup and re-install the latest version. Hereafter you can uninstall the Geforce Experience as if nothing happened. Bonus: Windows driver repository (14.4 GB) The final location is not something Nvidia can be blamed for. Ever since Windows vista Microsoft started to keep a copy of every driver that was ever installed by the system. This caused the annoying phenomenon that after a few years your 20 GB windows install was suddenly 60 GB. In those times most of us had no clue what was happening, we simply started to do a yearly reinstall of Windows. Microsoft kept using this system in Windows 7, 8 and 10. So today the same principle applies. Impact: 14.4 GB Do not delete these folders! Deleting them will mess up your OS. If you want to check your impact then you can find the driver store at C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\DRIVERSTORE\FILEREPOSITORY Again do not delete these folders or files inside! Summary In 2014 I managed to reclaim 4 GB of storage using my own guide: 1726 MB from the Geforce Experience Installer2 directory, 1002 MB from the Netservice directory and 1287 MB from the temporary Nvidia folder. A few years have passed and I have been using Windows 10 for about a year. Today I was able to reclaim a whopping 13.3 GB. Soon I will also clean the driver repository which will boost my personal savings to over 27 GB! Conclusion: cleaning up after Nvidia drivers is now more important than even. Especially now that SSD storage is becoming more expensive due to NAND chip shortages. How much did you save? Prom (save 23Gb) Testimonials Sharif Sircar • a month agoWith help of spacesniffer as well, I got around 50GB back on my 120GB ssd. Looking forward to instructions regarding this directory "C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\DRIVERSTORE\FILEREPOSITORY" goger. 18 days ago saved 36 gigs on my years old Windows 7 installation. Now if you could let us know how to clean out the old drivers from "C:\Windows\System32\DriverStore\" I'd save an additional 16 GB.
  6. This is a small tutorial on how map creators can customise their maps for seasons and which XML files, could the map creator include, to get the map "totally" adapted. CUSTOMISED SEASONS XML FILES: We have to look for customised seasons files included by the map creator. If we can not find any of those seasons_?????.xml files inside the map, means that the map is using the standard setup for seasons. Animals.xml ==> seasons_animals.xml daylight.xml ==> seasons_daylight.xm economy.xml ==> seasons_economy.xml growth.xml ==> seasons_growth.xml repairFactors.xml ==> seasons_repairFactors.xml textures.xml ==> seasons_textures.xml weather.xml ==> seasons_weather.xml You can find the template of these files in "\data" directory in the seasons mod: Part of this configuration created by map creator cwill be saved in the CAREERSAVEGAME XML FILE: Settings. This is the general settings for the mod <daysInSeason>6</daysInSeason> <loanMax>1500000.000000</loanMax> <baseLoanInterest>10.000000</baseLoanInterest> <snowTracks>true</snowTracks> <growthManagerEnabled>true</growthManagerEnabled> </settings> Weather [b]<snowDepth>[/b]-0.716850</snowDepth> [b] <soilTemp>[/b]6.371254</soilTemp> [b]<prevHighTemp>[/b]19.826660</prevHighTemp> [b]<cropMoistureContent>[/b]4.832955</cropMoistureContent> <[b]moistureEnabled[/b]>true</moistureEnabled> <[b]fahrenheit[/b]>false</fahrenheit> <[b]appliedSnowDepth[/b]>0</appliedSnowDepth> <[b]updateSnow[/b]>false</updateSnow> <[b]snowMode[/b]>3</snowMode> Forecast temperatures <day day="30" weatherState="rain" highTemp="16.021509" lowTemp="3.257215"/> <day day="31" ... > Forecast rains <rain startDay="30" endDayTime="67014264.000000" startDayTime="55298000.000000" endDay="30" rainTypeId="rain" duration="11716262.000000"/> <rain startDay="31" ... /> Growth Manager <willGerminate> <fruit fruitName="potato" value="true"/> <fruit fruitName="barley" value="true"/> ..... <fruit fruitName="oilseedRadish" value="false"/> <fruit fruitName="poplar" value="true"/> <fruit fruitName="soybean" value="false"/>
  7. There was a question asked about been able to tow a kotte tank behind a telehandler - Help/Question - Trailer Attachment For Telehandler This is what I came up with first I unziped the kotteUniversalPack to my desktop, then opened the folder and found the kotteUni_man.i3d (in the Kotte_Universal folder) Opened the kotteUni_man.i3d in GE Before you start select view then camera then work_Cam from the drop down menus at the top (this is in case you save it when you close GE) I found what i was looking for which was the rear hitch I exported it to its own directory (I have a separate hard drive for all my mods) so create a folder on your desktop and save/export Close GE - REMEMBER dont save kotteUni_man.i3d especially if you didn't use the Work_Cam as you will have upset one of the main game camera's If you want to delete to hitch open up your new file in GE and delete attacher_vis this will only take away the image everything else you need will be there. Extract your telehandle zip file to you desktop copy your exported Kotte hitch files over to your telehandler folder Telehandler Open your selected telehandler i3d file in GE FIRST step create a new camera and select it from the view/camera menu now move your view to the back of the handler import your new file (make sure you imported it from your telehandler folder and not the folder where you exported the file to) Position it at the back where the hitch is select the attackerBack and cut and paste it into the main directory Save Before closing make a note of Index Path yours may be different Next stage open kotteUni_man.xml and your vehicle.xml (This is xml file that should be the same as your i3d file) copy from kotteUni_man.xml (red area) and past it into your vehicle.xml Now remember the index Paths i mentioned you now need to change the index numbers(highlighted) so that they match with what is in your i3d and save All been well you now have a Telehandler that can tow Kotte tanks The telehandler i did this on is in the mods download section FS17 - Liebherr TL432-7
  8. File required: (original article translated) http://marhu.net/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=204&t=5311 So the files required are on the link above, SplinePlacement_Create.lua SplinePlacement_Delete.lua splinePlacement_v1.3.lua - latest version English translation of the SplinePlacement-ReadMe.txt SplinePlacement v1.0 by TracMax This GE script places objects along a spline. For example, Build fences. The GE must have a TransforGroup (TG) named "splinePlacement" (1) that must have the following subcategories: - The spline (2) along which the objects are to be placed - A TG with the object (s) to be placed named "objectsToPlace" (3). The objects may have subobjects. The translation and the rotation of the objects are not taken into account. - An (empty) TG with the name "placedObjects" (4). This is where the placed objects come. The figures refer to the figure "sceneGraph.jpg" In the "Example" folder, there is an example i3d to try. The fences used there are from Giants, only they are rotated by 90 °. The following parameters can be set: Local objectDistance = 6 --- distance between objects - distance of objects - Local noObjectAtStart = true --- no object at start of spline - no object at the beginning (at "S") - Local stayUpright = false --- objectsStayUpright - objects are always straight (y up) Local useDistanceTable = true --- use distanceTable instead of objectDistance - be careful - use table with distances instead of objectDistance - be careful! - Local distanceTable = {6,1.50,0,2} --- distanceTable, has to set for each object, too many entries do not mind - table with the distances for each object, too many entries do not hurt, too little lead to Mistakes Local randomOrder = false --- order of objects is choosen by random - The order of objects is random-controlled The script should be extended - see the ToDo list Have fun TracMax open your map click on window at the top and select Script editor which open the editor window right click User in the left column and select explore folder to open it and copy the 3 files SplinePlacement_Create.lua - SplinePlacement_Delete.lua - splinePlacement_v1.3.lua in to the opened folder Close GE and restart Back in GE you should now see a little green tractor icon create a TF (Transform) highlight it and select Scripts at the top and you should have 3 new options select Spline Placement Create this will creat the necessary bits you need within the TF Copy the object ie hedge tree road what every you want to use in to the objectsToPlace folder Create a new spline and create the route you want the object to following cut and paste the finished spline into the splinePlacement folder/tree Select the splinePlacement where you have just placed your new spline and press the tractor icon or select Scripts then Spline Placement Execute Within the Script Editor you can alter the orange numbers from line 9 to 31 [media] [/media]
  9. [media] [/media] I experiment with soil mod
  10. [media] [/media] This time we are still on Westbridge Forest v4. Checking the bales to see how Bale extension works and the silage bunkers. Plus a longer look around Johnny Vee's masterpiece. As a heads up now I have a new graphics card (one that can deal with Stevie's maps) I will be taking a look at more maps.
  11. Released both part together as it would be a shame to make anyone wait:: 1st part deals with Bales [media] [/media] 2nd part with silage bunker [media] [/media] Mod list to follow. and done
  12. mereman submitted a new Article: Getting Dressed Pt 3 Soil Mod Read more about this article here...
  13. This time I remember to show the types of files mods come in and how to deal with them. Plus some baling and show off a couple of mods. [media] [/media]
  14. mereman submitted a new Article: Getting Dressed Part 1 Read more about this article here...
  15. [media] [/media] At last we reach the end. This one on simple logging, has to be simple as I'm no good at logging. Will be starting a series on mods called "Getting Dressed" soonish
  16. [media] [/media] Almost at the end. This cutting Maize for silage.
  17. [media] [/media] The cows are sorted at last. Just chaffing and "Gulp" Logging to go.
  18. [media] [/media] More on Milk Cattle.
  19. [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PLFGlUBDdiVZfiO2IIkkiz4crWFGvCahzV[/media] This one on Milk Cows and a bit more on field work.
  20. [media] [/media] Silage work and more on Headlands
  21. Today compacting silage bunker, making a meadow and headlands [media] [/media] Ignore the sorry no longer available message It is there
  22. This time we sell a tractor, buy a front loader, buy some sheep and start some silage [media] [/media]
  23. [media] [/media] This time it's merging fields. collecting eggs and selling eggs.
  24. [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PLFGlUBDdiVZfiO2IIkkiz4crWFGvCahzV[/media]
  25. This part 2. It deals with selling and straw. [media] [/media]